WTF? Naomi Wolf goes for ‘mental gymnastics’ GOLD explaining why US might skip Olympics


The IOC made this announcement recently concerning Russia and the upcoming Winter Games in South Korea:

South Korean Olympic organizers have expressed shock after Russia was banned from taking part in the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Games.

The absence of one of the world’s major winter sports powers from the competition adds another stress for the hosts, who are already dealing with lackluster ticket sales in the shadow of the ongoing North Korea crisis.

Meanwhile, as would be expected, the U.S. is assessing the security situation as the Games near. Naomi Wolf believes not only that the U.S. will not send athletes, but that it won’t be due to North Korea threats:

Of all the news I’ve read this scares me most. Obviously we are not not going to Olympics b/c of ‘North Korea threat.” We are not going because Russia is not going. If you understand chess of

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