Why This May Be the Best Tactical Shotgun Ever


Kel-Tec’s new KSG-25 rewrites the book on defensive scatterguns with extended, dual tube magazines that hold 20 rounds of 3-inch, 12-gauge shotshells.

While it’s probably not a shotgun you’ll go pheasant hunting with, the KSG-25 is perfect for home defense offering massive firepower. It’s also fun to shoot.

Most gun companies regularly offer new models, but only rarely do these designs represent a total departure from the familiar. There are “new” model 1911s, new ARs, new bolt-action rifles and new pump shotguns, but functionally they are similar in design and layout. Only rarely does a firearm come along that is something completely new – and revolutionary.

Kel-Tec offered up one of those rare out-of-the-box products with its original KSG, a pump shotgun that defied the traditional rounded-receiver, single-magazine-tube design that has been a hallmark of pump shotguns ever since Winchester offered up the Model 1912. It only took a century,

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