Who is Q?

Who is Q?

On October 28, 2017, someone calling themselves “Q” began posting a series of cryptic messages on a web forum called “4chan” in a sub-category under politically incorrect (pol). They later went to “8chan” where moderators created a place titled “Calm Before the Storm” (in reference to that mysterious Trump quote from early October) for an official area for these drops. Q, aka Q-Anon, claimed to be a high-level government insider with special “Q clearance” (hence the name) tasked with posting “crumbs” for the purpose of covertly informing patriots about Donald Trump’s master plan to rout the “Deep State” and other bad actors that are embedded in governments across the globe.

What is “The Great Awakening”?

What is “The Plan”? 

What is “The Storm”?




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