WHERE HAS ALL THE LOGIC GONE: Acolytes aped Wittgenstein!



Years later, The Horwich Conjecture: At the start of his 1973 book, Professor Kenny offered a quick overview of his subject.

Kenny was a ranking player in the world of academic philosophy. His book, which bore a one-word title, was published by Harvard University Press.

The book was simply called Wittgenstein. In his opening paragraph, Kenny offered this:
KENNY (page 1): “The philosopher,” wrote Wittgenstein, “is not a citizen of any community of ideas. That is what makes him a philosopher.” Throughout his life Wittgenstein stood outside philosophical schools and despised contemporary fashions of thought; by his own work, whether he wished to or not, he created a new community of ideas. He published very little and avoided any kind of publicity; but the problems he discussed with a small group of pupils are now aired in universities throughout the world. “Philosophers who never met him,” Gilbert Ryle wrote

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