The Best Gear For The Hardcore Carnivore Hunter


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My father-in-law sat on his patio, reading the paper and drinking a hot cup of morning coffee when it caught his eye. The coyote was hunkered down less than 100 yards on a tee box of the golf course that butts up to the back of his home. Around a dozen squirrels scattered the backyard, filling their bellies on fallen acorns from a large oak. It was a bountiful feast…for the coyote.

The wild canine belly-crawled towards his quarry until he was close enough. The rodent didn’t stand a chance. He pounced, trapping one of the squirrels by the tail with his paw. For several seconds, he toyed with the furry snack, smacking it around until he had finally had enough “playtime.” The squirrel delivered a final squeal before being devoured. The spot and stalk was complete.

Typically, predators are not foragers or grazers—sans bears—they’re killers, and

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