Tested: New Light Shows Objects at 200 Yards


The Optical Dynamics Long-Distance OD40 Illuminator provides a new way to light up at 200 yards—and it mounts on a rifle.

The Optical Dynamics Long-Distance OD40 Illuminator uses a Collimated Amplified Lens System that projects a narrow and adjustable column of light to illuminate a target, not the entire area, or the user.

Optical Dynamics has introduced a new illuminating device, called the OD40 Illuminator, that is revolutionizing long-range lighting.

Judging by the 40mm diameter and length of the OD40 lens housing, it’s easy to assume that the OD40 is yet another high-output flashlight. Peer into the lens, however, and you’ll notice there is no shiny reflector, just the black insides of the housing. Point the lens at a wall, press the tail cap switch and you’ll get a tightly focused spotlight. Throw it down a field and the spotlight grows with distance, yet it maintains a tight circular disc of light.

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