TAR-21: Israel’s Tavor Spreads Its Wings


The Micro Tavor makes an already short rifle into an effective PDW.

When I heard that Israel was going to be fielding a new rifle to replace its M4s and M16s, my first reaction was, “What’s wrong with our rifle? Israel buys all of its military equipment from the United States,” I thought.

The truth is, Israel buys much of its military equipment from countries other than the United States, including France and Germany. It buys whatever it needs, from wherever it can be gotten, because let’s face it: Israel is surrounded by countries that do not wish it well.

In addition to purchasing whatever they can get, the Israelis are not strangers to small arm design. Their Merkava IV tank is perhaps the meanest-looking tank in the world, but they know small arms as well. The Galil assault rifle and the Uzi submachine gun are both very successful Israeli

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