Shooting The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun


850 Puddin Ridge Road is not a tough sounding address, but I have a nostalgic connection with the world-​class training facility now known as Academi situated at the end of that road. However, the tempo of the Beretta event I was attending didn’t leave a lot of time for reminiscing. For two days we participated in blocks of instruction and practical range exercises on Sako rifles and Beretta pistols, shotguns and carbines.

Early in the event, I commented to a colleague about my lack of enthusiasm for the shotgun. You see, prior to my tenure as a security contractor, I worked as a law enforcement officer in the era when the 1997 North Hollywood bank robbery initiated a migration from shotguns to patrol rifles. By the early days of the 21st century, I’d developed my agency’s less-​lethal munitions training program and was instructing hundreds of officers that the shotgun

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