Review: The Savage MSR15 Recon And MSR15 Patrol


When Bill Dermody, Savage’s director of marketing, told me that Savage Arms getting into the AR-15 game, my first thought was, Why? The nation is already awash in AR-pattern rifles. Do we really need more? Don’t get me wrong, I love the AR-15. It’s simple and reliable. We’ve been in some tight scrapes together, and it has always been a good friend to me. But enough is enough.

After spending some range time with Savage’s new-for-2017 Patrol and Recon models, I’m glad they went down the AR road because Savage customers can win big with either model. These rifles stay true to the 60-plus-year-old Eugene Stoner design, but Savage gives the AR-pattern rifle the most accuracy for the least amount of cash.

Don’t disregard an AR’s barrel. The single most comprehensive reason why one AR-pattern rifle will perform well and another will not is the barrel. This is the

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