North American Arms Guardian .380 ACP


Said to be Inspired by the Seecamp LWS .32, the Guardian first appeared in 1997 with a chamber for .32 ACP. And then came NAA’s proprietary cartridge, the .32 NAA, which was a .380 bottlenecked cartridge loaded by Cor-Bon that pushed a 60-grain jacketed-hollowpoint (JHP) bullet to 1,200 fps. These pistols are still small enough for pocket-holster carry by today’s standards and are inherently safe enough for the task. They lack an exposed hammer and feature a 12-plus-pound, heavy, long-stroke double-action (DA) trigger. If the trigger is pulled on a Guardian, it’s because the person pulling the trigger wants the pistol to go bang.

Even before concealed carry became as popular as it is today, the Guardian earned a loyal following for its reputation of being well-made and reliable. However, the limited availability of .32 ACP and NAA’s own .32 left a demand for a new model. In 2001, before

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