New Red-Dot Sight: Awesome Quality for Under $200


Sightmark’s Wolverine CSR 1×23 Red-Dot Scope is proof that inexpensive optics don’t have to be cheap

Lenses on the Wolverine are very good and offer scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lens coatings that transmit light well and limit distracting reflection.

Increased interest in AR-pattern rifles over the last decade has prompted optic manufacturers to offer more options to black gun shooters. Many of those new optics are 1x red-dot sights, which are lightweight, parallax-free and provide a clear aiming point in any light conditions — so long as you remember to change the batteries.

The red dot sights currently on the market vary in many ways, especially in price. Depending upon your needs, and budget, you can top your AR with  red-dot sights that range in price from $40 to north of $800.

There’s an old axiom that states: “You get what you pay for.” My personal experience with optics has demonstrated just

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