New EPA head introduces himself to staff by announcing he’s “proud” of his work as a coal lobbyist


The EPA’s new acting administrator, Andrew Wheeler, said Wednesday n a his first address to EPA staffers that he is “proud” of his work as a coal lobbyist — work which included selling the industry’s wishlist of regulatory rollbacks to the Trump administration.

“I did work for a coal company and I’m not at all ashamed of the work that I did for the coal company,” Wheeler told the assembled group of EPA staff members and reporters. “The press — I think it’s been used by some people in a derogatory manner, but I’m actually proud of the work I did.”

In his address, Wheeler stressed his work on the Miners Protection Act, and noted his efforts to shore up pension plans and healthcare coverage for retired miners. But what he didn’t mention was that work also included advocating for a 50 percent cut to the EPA staff,

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