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Happy Saturday, Crooks and Liars! We made it to the weekend, and for a while there it looked touch and go! I know we are heading to the end of the year as I am already seeing the listicles for best and worst of the year! Amazing how many categories Comrade Trump falls into, huh?

Hunter at Random notes that the press—by trying to be fair and balanced—is neither.

Scripting News makes a simple suggestion that could make a difference in journalism. It reminds me of why (once upon a time) we were taught Civics in high school!

Because we’re all about the music, Big Bad Bald Bastard eulogizes Pete Shelley of the seminal punk band The Buzzcocks, who passed away about a week ago.

Bonus Track: Old Jews Telling Jokes tells us a holiday joke in the Age of Trump.

Round-up by Tengrain who blogs at Mock, Paper, Scissors.

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