Joe Biden Joins the Goofy Brigade: In Lieu of More Gun Control for Colorado, He Calls the Offering of Prayers ‘Outrageous’




Just days ago, Joe Biden became the latest politician to castigate the offering of prayers in response to tragedy.

Speaking at a lunch with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Wednesday, the 2020 hopeful referenced the terrible Colorado shooting, in which student Kendrick Castillo was fatally shot while charging a gunman and throwing him against a wall. For more on that situation, please see here.

Joe claimed it’s “outrageous that we still only talk about offering prayers.”

Of course, when a Democratic politician uses such words regarding a crime involving a firearm, what they really mean is that it’s inexcusable for the world not to enact left-wing legislation, aka gun control.

Therefore, the statement is actually, “It’s outrageous that we’re not all Democrats.”

Here’s what he had to say:

“[I]t’s outrageous — it’s outrageous that we still only talk about offering prayers. Look, I don’t know enough detail

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