IDTS 3-D Targets – A New Dimension In Target Systems


Firearm training needs to be realistic. Competent instructors tailor their courses to induce a degree of stress in students, forcing them to make proper decisions as well as hit their target under some sort of time constraint.

Ironically, even most top-​level instructors are way behind the times with their unrealistic, two-​dimensional targets. Enter ID Target Systems (IDTS) and owner Tatiana Whitlock.

Tatiana is a NRA Certified Firearms instructor, Refuse to Be a Victim instructor, and Range Safety Officer. She’s also well spoken enough to be an NRA commentator. Tatiana travels the country not only as an instructor, but also as a student in order to keep her skills sharp. But Tatiana isn’t just a shooter.

In addition to being a proficient martial artist, Tatiana happens to have a background in fine art, industrial design and business management. The culmination of Tatiana’s design experience, passion for shooting and commitment to

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