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As shooters and hunters were very familiar with the modern centerfire cartridge, and it seems to be a study in simplicity. A metallic case that holds the powder and the bullet, fired by primer in the base of the case. Simple. But getting to that simplicity is nothing short of one of the most fascinating stories in history.

Gunpowder was probably invented in China in the 9th century, and not for the reason you think. Chinese alchemists had been experimenting with salt peter and sulfur, two of the three ingredients of gunpowder for centuries as medicinal concoctions, looking for the mysterious potion of immortality.

Gunpowder and the handgun spread west across Mongolia into the first great Muslim empires. The handgun seems to have arrived in Europe in the late 1300s. In fact, the first use of the phrase handgun is in English history records from 1386.

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