Handgunning: Programming Your Brain


Ever watch a good shooter in a match? You might miss the reloads. How did they get that fast, that smooth or that good? Practice, yes, but what kind? Some practice models prove to be not just distracting, but also counterproductive. One is the medical school model. Aspiring physicians learn by the method known as “see one, do one, teach one.” And then they go on to the next one. Which is fine if you have the particular knack that med schools sort for, but that doesn’t necessarily work for the rest of us.

The analogous method would be learning the basics of a reload, then spending many hours doing reloads at the fastest speed possible. Let me save you some time: You’ll be awful, and you’ll get frustrated.

A great quote from the misty dawn of IPSC shooting: “You spend your first 100,000 rounds learning how to shoot.

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