GAPS AND THEIR DENIAL: Why not open more high-powered schools?



Part 4—Plus, more about “advanced classes:” How many of New York City’s kids attend their city’s eight (or nine) prestigious “specialized high schools?”

Quite possibly, more than you think! In last Saturday’s New York Times, Jim Dwyer said the current fight about admission procedures at those schools “affect[s] just about 2 percent of the city’s students.”

We’re not sure what Dwyer meant. But a healthier chunk of New York’s high school population seems to attend those eight (or nine) challenging, high-powered schools.

Four of the prestigious nine are actually quite large. Others are quite small. Here are the approximate enrollments of the eight schools currently in question, the schools which base admission on one lone admission test and on nothing else:
Approximate enrollments at eight specialized high schools:
Bronx High School of Science: 3100
Brooklyn Latin School: 560
Brooklyn Technical High School: 5800
High School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering: 440
High School of American

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