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Part 4—At the Times’ showcase school: It can be amazingly easy! Especially if you almost surely don’t know what you’re talking about, and if you don’t gigantically care.

These award-winning thoughts popped into our heads as we read these letters in today’s New York Times.

The Times published four letters about Mayor de Blasio’s newly-announced plan—his plan to increase diversity at the city’s “elite high schools” by eliminating the use of admission tests.

Is that a good idea? Not necessarily, no. But we’re speaking here about reactions to the plan, not about the high-minded proposal itself.

Our basic thought is this: It’s amazingly easy to improve public schools if, perhaps like some letter writers, you don’t know much about such schools and you don’t necessarily care!

The first letter writer “is the parent of a student at a specialized high school.” In his letter, he says the city

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