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The Walther P99c AS is a well-designed carry pistol, as evidenced by the way it performed during offhand firing at 10 yards.

In the 1997 film “Tomorrow Never Dies,” James Bond ditched his trademark Walther PPK for the new Walther P99. While there’s nothing wrong with the PPK (especially in the capable hands of an agent like 007), it’s befuddling that the master of high-tech gadgetry was seemingly the last on the block to update his carry pistol. In any event, the crime-fighting Casanova clearly went through women faster than he went through pistols.

The P99 was released in 1997 as a law enforcement sidearm and enjoyed moderate success, being the issued duty pistol of police agencies in Europe, Asia and North America. The full-size P99 was available in 9mm, with an ammunition capacity of 15 rounds, and the .40 S&W version held 12 rounds.

Although the P99 earned

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