US and UK: The end of progress

Without belief in progress, the US and the UK have little chance of retaining their global leadership Full Story Here Salon March 25, 2019 2:11 am Support Us

Guns and Liberty

Editor’s note: This month, 50 people were killed in New Zealand when a gunman with two semi-automatic rifles and other weapons opened fire in two mosques in Christchurch. Almost immediately, the New Zealand government took steps to tighten gun control. In contrast, the United States, despite its many shooting massacres over the years, has long… Read More

Second Parkland Student Dies By Suicide In A Week

Tragic news on the anniversary of the March for Our Lives event. A second student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has committed suicide. The student, whose name has not been released, killed himself one week after Sidney Aiello, another Parkland shooting survivor, committed suicide. Her mother, Cara Stein-Aiello, told CBS’s Miami… Read More

The Wilbur Ross I know

Based on his effort to influence New York politics, it’s no surprise he’s now condemned for arrogance & dishonesty Full Story Here Salon March 24, 2019 7:56 pm Support Us

Harris Sends Message to Democratic Old-Guard: Every Era Has Its End

ATLANTA—California Sen. Kamala Harris sent a subtle signal to the old-guard of Democratic politics that every era has its end. At an Atlanta church service dedicated to youth Sunday, the presidential candidate compared leadership to a relay race in which each generation must ask themselves “what do we do during that period of time when… Read More

Mueller Finds Trump Campaign Did Not Conspire With Russia, DOJ Says

WASHINGTON—The Justice Department said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation did not find evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign “conspired or coordinated” with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. Mueller also investigated whether Trump obstructed justice but did not come to a definitive answer, Attorney General William Barr said in a letter to… Read More

It’s March Madness, Unionize the NCAA

When Zion Williamson’s foot broke through the sole of his Nike shoe on February 20th, the sporting world stood still. The consensus number one player in college basketball was playing in the biggest game of the season — North Carolina versus Duke — and suffered his startling injury in the opening minute. Williamson’s sprained knee… Read More

Bernie Draws Massive Crowds in California

Generating comparisons to his 2016 insurgent run for president that saw overflow crowds in nearly every town he visited, Sen. Bernie Sanders drew a “yuge” crowd to a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday as the 2020 presidential candidate made his first swing through the country’s most populous state of California over the weekend. The Los… Read More

As Uber Gets Ready to Turn Public, L.A. Drivers Prepare a Strike

As Uber prepares to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, many drivers in the Los Angeles area hope their colleagues will join them in a strike Monday. Last week, Uber slashed per-mile pay from 80 cents to 60 cents in Los Angeles County and parts of Orange County. In response, the group Rideshare… Read More

Judiciary Chair: Executive Privilege Can’t Be Used To Block Mueller Report

House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler explained why the Trump administration cannot use executive privilege to block portions of the Mueller report from being released to the public on this Sunday’s Meet the Press: CHUCK TODD: All right. Well, that brings us to this ambiguous phrase, right? “Executive privilege.” And I’m just curious. Who gets to… Read More

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Is Still Revolutionary at Age 100

Legendary poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who turns 100 years old on Sunday, can be described by nearly enough epithets for every year he’s been alive. Just take a look at three-time poet laureate Robert Pinsky’s recent description of the centenarian in the New York Times: Poet, retail entrepreneur, social critic, publisher, combat veteran, pacifist, poor boy,… Read More

Second Parkland Student Commits Suicide In A Week

Tragic news on the anniversary of the March for Our Lives event. A second student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has committed suicide. The student, whose name has not been released, killed himself one week after Sidney Aiello, another Parkland shooting survivor, committed suicide. Her mother, Cara Stein-Aiello, told CBS’s Miami… Read More

Jim Jordan Says FBI Is A ‘Cabal’ Out To Get Trump

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) charged on Sunday that a “cabal” within the FBI had tried to take down President Donald Trump. During an interview on ABC, host George Stephanopoulos asked Jordan if the entire report from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation should be released to the public. “I’ll tell you this morning, if he’s going… Read More

Sorry, Folks, We Have To Cancel Barbra Streisand

This one hurts, because it was just so unnecessary. Barbra Streisand, in the twilight of her career, decided to make a statement so callously evil, so horrendously tone-deaf that it takes one’s breath away. Asked about her impressions of the “Leaving Neverland” documentary that premiered last month on HBO which detailed sexual abuse by Michael… Read More

Hannity Urges Prosecution Of Trump’s Political Foes

Not content to just declare Donald Trump vindicated by the unseen Mueller report, Sean Hannity weaponized it as an excuse to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and “deep state operatives” via a rant undoubtedly meant as a message to the Fan in Chief. In his 20:38 monologue declaring the left’s “favorite conspiracy theory is dead,” Hannity… Read More

Brit Hume Tries To Defend Trump On Twitter, Owns Himself Instead

I genuinely cannot wrap my head around the conservative mindset. It’s almost as if they think that every day is a blank slate and no one remembers what they said yesterday that is 180 degrees opposite of what they’ve said today. Case in point: Fox News’ Brit Hume. Hume made the classic fatal error of… Read More

Mark Levin lauds Fox News opinion shows for attacking the Mueller probe

MARK LEVIN: Let me ask you a question. Did the president withhold a single dollar from this investigation? Did the president stop any aspect of this investigation, which went worldwide and went into everything you can possibly think of? Was the FBI thwarted in any respect? No. The only person who was thwarted was [former… Read More

Mike’s Blog Round Up

Good Morning, fellow Crooks and Liars. As we predicted yesterday, blogtopia is weighing in on the release of the Mueller Report to Attorney General William Barr. Over at my place we note that the conclusion of the Mueller investigation is only the end of the beginning, not the end of Prznint Stupid. Let’s see what… Read More

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Carly Simon – Anticipation So at some point today, we will theoretically get Bill Barr’s summary of Robert Mueller’s SCO report. I’ve had to shut down all social media because I was tired of seeing pundits and “journalists” –with zero actual information– giving hot takes on what this means for Donald Trump and the Democrats… Read More

C&L’s Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Prime Cut (1972)

Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman and Sissy Spacek (in her film debut) in a meat-packing industry noir crime thriller that you’ve never heard of. This time, Marvin is the Big City gangster hired by the head of the meatpacking syndicate to bring Hackman — a sleazy country boy who rips off the packing plant and runs… Read More

White Nationalism, Born In The USA, Is Now A Global Terror Threat

Art Jipson, University of Dayton and Paul J. Becker, University of Dayton The recent massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand is the latest confirmation that white supremacy is a danger to democratic societies across the globe. Despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion that white nationalist terrorism is not a major… Read More

The End Of The Beginning

I want to note that today we know as much about the contents of the Mueller report as we knew last week or even last month. And so we’ve going from the Pot into the Pan. (See what I did there?) Axios has a bit in their morning email thingie, that while not exactly a… Read More

Cruise Ship in Trouble; 1,300 Passengers Being Evacuated by Helicopter

HELSINKI—A cruise ship with engine problems sent a mayday call off Norway’s western coast on Saturday, then began evacuating its 1,300 passengers and crew amid stormy seas and heavy winds in a high-risk helicopter rescue operation. The Norwegian newspaper VG said the Viking Sky cruise ship ran into propulsion problems as bad weather hit Norway’s… Read More

16-Year-Old Belfast Teen Cuts All The Brexit Bullshit In Devastating Fashion

Appearing on the BBC program Question Time from Northern Ireland, a Belfast teen in the audience cut through all the nonsense surrounding the UK’s disastrous decision to leave the UK, and laid the blame squarely at the feet of inept and cowardly politicians. 16-year-old Amelia’s response has since gone viral and viewed millions of times… Read More

Fox Already Weaponizing Mueller Report After Misleadingly Suggesting Trump Exonerated

Before knowing what’s in the Mueller report, Donald Trump’s unofficial Media Monitor Mollie Hemingway smugly suggested Dear Leader was found innocent and that reporters, Democrats and government officials who have suggested otherwise be “held accountable.” It has been revealed that the Mueller report does not recommend new indictments. However, that does not mean that no… Read More

Hannity and Maddow: Across the Street but Worlds Apart

NEW YORK—For Sean Hannity, the “witch hunt” was finally over. Rachel Maddow considered it the start of something. The diametrically opposed opinion hosts, who vie for the distinction of the most popular in cable news, were the windows through which many Americans digested Friday’s news that special counsel Robert Mueller had concluded a nearly two-year… Read More

We must hope for indictments by somebody else!

SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2019 The propaganda war moves on: The Mueller report has been dropped! The Mueller report has been dropped! Last evening, a wave of Paul Reveres rode through the streets of cable news making this announcement. In our view, the gang at New York magazine got one part of this episode right:HART (3/22/19):… Read More

Anti-Brexit Marchers Swarm London Streets, Demand New Vote

LONDON—Anti-Brexit protesters swarmed the streets of central London by the tens of thousands on Saturday, demanding that Britain’s Conservative-led government hold a new referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union. The “People’s Vote March” kicked off shortly after noon and snaked from Park Lane and other locations to converge on the U.K. Parliament,… Read More

Ari Melber Puts The Conclusion Of The Mueller Report In Perspective

Ari Melber had a terrific hour of his MSNBC show, The Beat, on Friday night. His was the first hour-long news show following the breaking news that Mueller had submitted his final report on the wide-ranging investigation into Donald Trump and his Russia connections (among other things). His guests ranged from legal minds, scholars, Mueller… Read More

Air Force JAG Opinion Appealed To US Civil Rights Commission

Last month, as I reported for Religion Dispatches, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation went public with a leaked opinion from the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force, purportedly legalizing religious expression at change of command and promotion ceremonies, in violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, as well as existing Air Force regulations intended… Read More

The 1942 Internment of Japanese-Americans Holds Lessons for Today

With detention camps along the U.S. Southern border and the president’s revised Muslim ban upheld by the Supreme Court, Karen Korematsu thinks it’s important for people to know the history of 120,000 Japanese-Americans, two thirds of them native-born citizens, who were incarcerated during World War II without due process. Korematsu, director of the Fred Korematsu… Read More

‘Terrible News’: US Supreme Court Rules for Indefinite Detention of Immigrants

Eoin Higgins, staff writerA Supreme Court ruling Tuesday stating undocumented immigrants with criminal records can be detained at any time after their arrest—even years later—generated outrage and disappointment from advocacy groups around the country.   Full Story Here Common March 23, 2019 7:26 am Support Us

US Killing Civilians With ‘Impunity’ in Hidden War on Somalia: Report

Eoin Higgins, staff writerA human rights group is accusing the United States of waging a shadow air war in Somalia that is killing civilians with abandon. “The attacks appear to have violated international humanitarian law,” Amnesty International said in a report on the attacks. Full Story Here Common March 23, 2019 7:11 am Support Us

Speaking the Unspoken

This Woman’s WorkPurchase in the Truthdig Bazaar “This Woman’s Work” A book by Julie Delporte Julie Delporte’s raw and devastating graphic memoir, “This Woman’s Work,” chronicles the 35-year-old author’s struggle to decipher what befell her as a small child. She often seems to be still swallowed whole by grief. Delporte was assaulted as a little girl… Read More

The U.S. Deserves Its Own Nuremberg Trials

Are Americans capable of committing atrocities on the same scale as Germans did under Nazi rule? That is the question that University of San Francisco ethics professor Rebecca Gordon and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer grapple with in the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence.” Gordon, author of “Mainstreaming Torture” and “American Nuremberg,” posits that… Read More

Fox News Reporter Quotes QAnon Tweet On-Air

On the one hand, it’s just a tweet. On the other, Fox News is giving voice to far-right conspiracy theorists. Again. A few days ago Trump himself retweeted another one of these QAnon @ssholes. Coincidence, or a pattern? Source: The Daily Beast A Fox News reporter cited a major promoter of QAnon on-air Friday morning,… Read More

Mike’s Blog Round Up

Happy Saturday, Crooks and Liars! As regular readers know, If I Were King of the Forest, I would ban guns faster than you can say New Zealand, but alas! No one has offered me the crown! Today we take aim at the gundamentalists. Infidel753 writes a thoughtful post about Wingnuts, rage, and guns. Electoral Vote… Read More

White Nationalism’s Most Powerful Accelerant

This article has been adapted from an essay originally published on Substack. Some years ago, the summer after college, I had a job at a small airport shuttling rental cars. One of my coworkers was a guy my age with whom I was friendly. He was modest and nice, and I enjoyed processing cars with… Read More

What’s in the Mueller Report?

The following is an adapted excerpt from “The Mueller Papers: Compiled by Strong Arm Press with an Introduction by Ryan Grim.” It was the firing heard round the world. With one move, on the advice of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Donald Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017. It would change the course of… Read More

Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone should be pardoned 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Roger Stone is facing life in prison. He was indicted by an investigation designed to find collusion, indicted on minor charges. He was dragged from his own home in a morning FBI raid.They put an amphibious vehicle outside his house and pointed an automatic weapon in his face, all to find collusion.… Read More

White Nationalism’s Primary Accelerant

This article has been adapted from an essay originally published on Substack. Some years ago, the summer after college, I had a job at a small airport shuttling rental cars. One of my coworkers was a guy my age with whom I was friendly. He was modest and nice, and I enjoyed processing cars with… Read More

Mueller Concludes Russia Probe With No New Indictments

WASHINGTON — Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday turned over his long-awaited final report on the contentious Russia investigation that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump’s presidency, entangled Trump’s family and resulted in criminal charges against some of the president’s closest associates. The comprehensive report, still confidential, marks the end of Mueller’s probe… Read More

Mueller Not Recommending Any More Indictments

WASHINGTON — The Latest on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation (all times local): 5:58 p.m. Special counsel Robert Mueller is not recommending any further indictments in the Russia investigation. That’s according to a Justice Department official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the confidential recommendation. Mueller… Read More

Progressives Refuse to Back Down as DCCC Moves to Kneecap Primary Challengers

Jake Johnson, staff writer”Don’t think for one second that it’ll stop us—or the grassroots army we stand with—from backing bold, inclusive populists who will better represent their districts in Congress over neoliberal corporate Dems.” Full Story Here Common March 22, 2019 4:27 pm Support Us

Boeing Values Profits Over Lives—By Design

The fatal crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft on March 10 shows us in stark terms just how deadly unfettered capitalism is. Boeing has pushed the legal limits of how far a corporation can manipulate a system to maximize its profits, even if it means risking lives. Just a few months… Read More

2020 Candidates Skip AIPAC!

After MoveOn members asked candidates to skip the AIPAC conference, no 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are yet publicly committed to attend the AIPAC conference in DC this weekend! The story comes after a number of leading candidates—Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Mayor Julián Castro, Governor Jay Inlsee, and Mayor… Read More

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Marxist Plot For Equality

New Zealand news anchors wore headscarves in solidarity with the country’s Muslim community after the Christchurch massacre left more than 50 Muslims killed at the hands of a white supremacist. The Gateway Pundit declared those anchors had “bowed to Sharia law.” Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham told her viewers that journalist Talia Lavin was a… Read More

Right Wing Round-Up: More Like ‘Fox Q-ews’

Will Sommer @ The Daily Beast: Fox News Promotes Pro-Trump QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Marina Fang @ HuffPost: Ex-Rupert Murdoch Executive Quit Over Fox News’ Racism And Islamophobia  Aaron Rupar @ Vox: Fox News has normalized a lie about the origins of the Russia investigation Nick R. Martin & Hatewatch Staff: The Infowars Crowd Finds Common… Read More

Mueller Concludes Russia Probe, Delivers Report to AG William Barr

WASHINGTON — Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday turned over his long-awaited final report on the contentious Russia investigation that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump’s presidency, entangled Trump’s family and resulted in criminal charges against some of the president’s closest associates. The report, still confidential, marks the end of Mueller’s probe but… Read More

HUD’s Inspection System Gets a Poor Grade in Congressional Watchdog’s Report

by Molly Parker, The Southern Illinoisan The federal government’s system of inspecting taxpayer-subsidized housing is fundamentally flawed, and leaders at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development haven’t taken adequate steps to fix it, according to a congressional watchdog report released Thursday. The findings of the Government Accountability Office mirror those of an investigation… Read More

Potential Recession Signal: A Key ‘Yield Curve’ Has Inverted

NEW YORK — One of the most closely watched predictors of a potential recession just yelped even louder. The signal lies within the bond market, through which investors show how confident they are about the economy by their level of demand for U.S. government bonds. It’s called the “yield curve,” and a significant part of… Read More

Who gets to cruise on the trustees’ yachts?

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019 We’re just an extremely dumb nation: A ridiculous fellow named Peter Singer organized a very limited college admissions scam. Recently, he got arrested, along with a few dozen parents. This scam featured gruesome behavior, but it was very limited. That said, the scam involved Hollywood, wealth and admission to Yale, the… Read More

Kurt Schlichter: Liberals Want To Ban Meat Because Doing So Sparks Joy

Kurt Schlichter, a right-wing pundit and the author a book reminiscent of the “Turner Diaries,” cited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” proposal and the fact that Sen. Cory Booker is vegan to allege that Democrats want to remove meat from America simply because such exercises of power are “their joy.” Schlichter recorded yet another… Read More

Trump Reversing New Sanctions on North Korea

WASHINGTON — The Latest on the United States sanctions on North Korea (all times local): 2:25 p.m. President Donald Trump says he is reversing his administration’s decision to slap new sanctions on North Korea, ordering them withdrawn. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says Trump “likes Chairman Kim and he doesn’t think these sanctions will… Read More

Donald Trump is ‘The Perfect Shepherd’ for Scared Sheep, Says ‘Seven Mountains’ Advocate Lance Wallnau

Charisma magazine is promoting an interview with Trump-prophesying author and speaker Lance Wallnau, in which he calls Donald Trump “the perfect shepherd” for Christians who were feeling anxious because of the “aggressive,” “intimidating” and “belligerent” left. The interview was conducted by Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes. Wallnau said that “when the sheep get… Read More

Billionaires May Pose the Single Greatest Threat to American Democracy

The union I lead, the United Steelworkers (USW), believes in unity, that “all working men and women, regardless of creed, color or nationality” are eligible for membership. That was the guiding principle of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) when it formed in 1937. I return to that statement in times like these, times when… Read More

Talia Lavin could teach Laura Ingraham a lot about journalism

Melissa Joskow / Media Matters Ordinarily, it would not be considered newsworthy that a private university hired a journalist with extensive experience covering the far-right to teach an undergraduate journalism course based on her expertise. But because said journalist is right-wing outrage target Talia Lavin, Fox News aired multiple segments about New York University hiring Lavin… Read More

EU Takes Charge, Forces Brexit Deadlines on U.K.’s May

BRUSSELS — Isolated at home and abroad, British Prime Minister Theresa May was laboring against the odds Friday to win backers in Parliament for her unloved Brexit deal — to a timetable dictated by the European Union. Almost three years after Britons voted to walk away from the EU, the bloc’s leaders seized control of… Read More

White House: Islamic State Territory in Syria Eliminated

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — All Islamic State-held territory in Syria has been eliminated, President Donald Trump announced Friday, though officials said sporadic fighting continued on the ground between coalition forces and the group’s holdouts. The complete fall of the last IS stronghold in Baghouz, Syria, would mark the end of the Islamic State group’s… Read More

Is the Democratic Party Finally Standing Up to the Israel Lobby?

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg and Julian Castro, among candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for president, have all announced that they will not attend the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) The powerful grassroots organization of center-left Democrats,, has called for a boycott of the annual AIPAC conference. It… Read More

Pompeo Is at Odds With Lebanese Officials Over Hezbollah

BEIRUT — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday blasted Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which he vowed the U.S. would continue to pressure, and called on the Lebanese people to stand up to the Iran-backed militant group he said was “committed to spreading destruction.” His harsh comments in Beirut were in strong contrast to those of… Read More

Sandy Rios: ‘Perpetrating Violence and Death is Totally Islamic’

Sandy Rios, governmental affairs director at the anti-LGBT hate group American Family Association and a Religious Right radio host on American Family Radio, holds two separate standards for Christians and Muslims who commit violence. During her radio program yesterday, Rios read a listener comment from someone claiming to be a history student, who had written to Rios that… Read More

Sean Hannity hosts Tucker Carlson to thumb nose at advertisers 

TUCKER CARLSON (FOX NEWS HOST): A very surprising appearance tonight from the Empire State, 215 miles to the North, Sean Hannity, in tonight at 9 o’clock.  SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, I am really proud of you because you have been a champion of speaking out for freedom of speech. And you’ve never been better, and everybody’s got to understand… Read More

CNN and Fox News contributors are appearing in numerous Trump campaign videos

Melissa Joskow / Media Matters President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has been producing news-style videos featuring numerous media figures, including commentators for CNN and Fox News. The president’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump has been hosting the video series “Real News,” which includes guest interviews and campaign propaganda. The videos, which are posted on the president’s Facebook… Read More

Fox’s Charles Payne says the Green New Deal is “a smoke screen” for “redistribution of money and power and a socialist agenda”

JON SCOTT (GUEST CO-ANCHOR): In the meantime, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making some news, still continuing to promote her Green New Deal. … SCOTT: How does the proposal invest in working class Americans? CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): You know honestly it’s a wide ranging document that has been revised, it’s vague. You know, so that part… Read More

MATHEMATICIANS GONE WILD: Livio’s magical mystery tour!

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019 Things that go bump in the night: Was man [sic] ever “the rational animal” is any essential way? This morning, right in his opening paragraph, Paul Krugman helps answer that question. Don’t let your children read this:KRUGMAN (3/22/19): We’re now in the silly season of the Democratic primary—a season that, I… Read More

Let’s Not Whitewash or Mythologize Obama

With former Vice President Joe Biden seemingly ready to join the presidential race, a Washington Post reporter recently wrote: “Biden and his allies picture an election that poses a choice between four more years of Trump disruption and a chance to restore the Obama administration.” Ah, the hope of an Obama restoration! But is a “return… Read More

Aborted Cells in Vaccines May Have Blocked Anti-Choice Prayers, Says IFA

Recent measles outbreaks have had public officials in some states thinking about limiting non-medical exemptions from vaccine requirements in order to boost sagging vaccination rates, but at the same time, some anti-abortion activists are encouraging people to view vaccination as participation in evil. Intercessors for America, for example, has published “Immunized Against Effective Prayer,” a… Read More

White Supremacist Terror Threats Close Charlottesville Schools For Second Day

Anonymous posts on 4chan’s “politically incorrect” subsection have caused schools in Charlottesville, Virginia, to close for a second consecutive day, The Daily Progress reports. On Wednesday, a threatening message a digital forum is believed to have led the Charlottesville City Public Schools to close yesterday and today out of caution while police investigate the situation. Charlottesville Youth Council member… Read More

Hate Endures in America, and With It Our Effort to Document the Damage

by Rachel Glickhouse Since the start of 2019, in places across the United States, there have been no fewer than five killings in which victims’ race, ethnicity or national origin appears to have been a factor. Arthur Martunovich allegedly walked into a Chinese restaurant in New York City in January and killed three men with… Read More

Doctors, EMS Leaders Call for Changes to Rhode Island’s 911 System

by Lynn Arditi, The Public’s Radio PROVIDENCE, R.I. — As Rhode Island lawmakers consider ways to improve the state’s 911 emergency system, the head of the state police on Thursday pledged to conduct a thorough review of procedures and training provided to 911 call takers. The moves follow a report by The Public’s Radio and… Read More

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The End of Pre-Trump Conservatism

Lance Wallnau reports that he met with Glenn Beck yesterday and that he will be back at the White House next week. Tim Barton of WallBuilders is obviously preparing himself to one day take over his father’s role as the Religious Right’s favorite pseudo-historian: “We just don’t recognize the influence of the Ten Commandments or… Read More

Right Wing Round-Up: Nihilist in Chief

Alex Pareen @ The New Republic: Nihilist in Chief: The banal, evil, all-destructive reign of Mitch McConnell. Kayla Gogarty @ Media Matters: Extreme anti-LGBTQ groups Family Research Council and American College of Pediatricians were on Capitol Hill fighting the Equality Act. Aaron Rupar @ Vox: Trump’s untruths about Veterans Choice illustrate the sheer audaciousness of… Read More

BREAKING: News from the Platonic realm!

THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2019 Natural numbers gone wild: In response to this morning’s report, comedian [NAME WITHHELD] has emailed us with an anecdotal further report. “I’d not sure if 3 lives next to 4,” he admits, but he’s “heard that 7 ate 9.” We’ve received partial confirmation of this unusual breaking report. According to Future… Read More

BREAKING: News from the Platonic realm!

THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2019 Natural numbers gone wild: In response to this morning’s report, comedian [NAME WITHHELD] has emailed us with an anecdotal further report. “I’d not sure if 3 lives next to 4,” he admits, but he’s “heard that 7 ate 9.” We’ve received partial confirmation of this unusual breaking report. According to Future… Read More

Fox News’ audience believes its “deep state” attacks

Melissa Joskow / Media Matters Fox News host Sean Hannity opened his show last Friday by accusing the FBI under former Director James Comey of engaging in a criminal conspiracy aimed at preventing President Donald Trump’s 2016 election through a purportedly illegal investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia. “And according to my sources, tonight,… Read More

Frank Gaffney Sounds a Lot Like The Christchurch Shooter’s Manifesto

Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the anti-Muslim hate group Center for Security Policy, joined Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow this morning on SiriusXM Patriot’s “Breitbart News Daily.” Less than a week after the Christchurch massacre, he resumed his scaremongering that Muslims are trying to take over their societies—something expressed repeatedly in portions of the Christchurch terrorist’s… Read More

A chance to review such actual facts!

THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2019 What college enrollments look like: Very few seats at a handful of schools were involved in the current “college admissions scandal.” Despite this fact, the scandal has been getting maximum play. That’s pretty much the basic way we rational animals roll. The coverage has involved a fair amount of obvious inanity.… Read More

Extreme anti-LGBTQ groups Family Research Council and American College of Pediatricians were on Capitol Hill fighting the Equality Act

Melissa Joskow / Media Matters Extreme anti-LGBTQ group the Family Research Council (FRC) brought American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) Executive Director Michelle Cretella and ex-trans activist Walt Heyer to meet with members of Congress to advocate against the Equality Act within a day of the bill’s introduction on March 13. The bill would add “sexual… Read More

Fox host asks “why not” have the CIA overthrow Nicolás Maduro

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Staying on Venezuela, earlier this week John Bolton on this program said all options on the table when it comes to getting [Nicolás] Maduro out. Doug Bandow with us now, senior foreign policy adviser at the Cato Institute. I know where you’re coming from Doug, you don’t think we should use military intervention, I got it,… Read More

If the Southern District is so ferocious…

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2019 Why didn’t they go after Trump? Several weeks ago, Donny Deutsch said it again. He’d said it on Morning Joe several times. On February 27, he said it in prime time, speaking to Lawrence O’Donnell, on the evening of the day when Michael Cohen testified in public. Deutsch has said, many… Read More

Right-wing media distort Gillibrand’s call for immigration reform, saying she wants to give undocumented immigrants “Grandma’s Social Security”

JEDEDIAH BILA (CO-HOST): Democrats like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who is running for president, comes out and says illegals must have the right to — STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Social Security. BILA: Social Security. Yup, Social Security. Take a listen. … BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): We have no idea who they are letting out. But we know this,… Read More

El Salvador Considers Amnesty for Those Accused of Crimes During Its Civil War

by Raymond Bonner for ProPublica Legislators in El Salvador are considering granting amnesty to those accused of crimes committed during the country’s brutal civil war in the 1980s. The legislation would drop all ordinary criminal charges arising from the war, and it would shield anyone convicted of war crimes from imprisonment. The move by conservatives… Read More

MATHEMATICIANS GONE WILD: Fields Medal winners get tons of respect!

THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2019 Mathematicians gone crazy: Friend, do you believe that the numbers 3, 4 and 5 can be said to “reside” somewhere? Does the number 3 “reside” next door to the number 4? Do Newton’s laws of motion inhabit a larger residence in this same immutable “world?” We ask these questions after perusing… Read More

<em>Fox & Friends</em> guest: Anthony Kennedy re-wrote the “laws of marriage, which predate the United States by thousands of years”

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Democrats are talking about getting rid of the Electoral College, they’re talking about term limits for Supreme Court justices. They are talking about packing the court. And we have played this morning several times a montage of Democrats talking about, “OK, you had five, then you had six, whatever.” Interestingly enough, when FDR did… Read More

Tucker Carlson demonizes immigrants because they support families overseas

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Not every immigrant is like every other immigrant. Now don’t tell Kirsten Gillibrand, but they’re not all the same. Our current immigration system treats them like they are. It treats people like widgets. Our government does virtually nothing to separate the good from the bad. A system like that is not designed… Read More

PHOTOS: Amazing Fake Trump Emergency Protests

277 events. 48 states. At least 50,000 attendees. That’s what power looks like. Donald Trump may control the White House for the moment, but we are not giving up on what this country can be. And on Presidents Day, tens of thousands of MoveOn members and allies hit the streets to build a vision of a country where all people—including those seeking… Read More

Right Wing Round-Up: Trump Didn’t Even Get a Thank You

Adele M. Stan @ The American Prospect: The GOP’s Crocodile Tears for the Victims of Mosque Massacres. Andy Campbell @ Huff Post: How A QAnon Conspiracy Theorist’s Claims Of TSA ‘Mind Control’ Made Trump’s Twitter Feed. Cristina López G.@ Media Matters: To attempt to make sense of QAnon, Politico turned to Pizzagate conspiracy theorists. Alex… Read More

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: He’s Not Orange

Gerald Lameiro, who predicted that the Democrats would “shut down” before 2020 election and not even run a presidential candidate, is now predicting that the Democratic Party will “shut down in its entirety in 2021.” Liz Crokin was invited to last night’s premier of the anti-choice movie “Unplanned.” Don Feder says that while the massacre… Read More

ProPublica Wins Overseas Press Club Award

by ProPublica The Overseas Press Club announced ProPublica’s “Fuel to the Fire” as the winner of the Whitman Bassow Award, which recognizes the best reporting on international environmental issues. “Fuel to the Fire,” by ProPublica senior reporter Abrahm Lustgarten and co-published with The New York Times Magazine, exposed how U.S. laws intended to reduce dependence… Read More

ProPublica’s A.C. Thompson Wins Walter Cronkite Award for “Documenting Hate”

by ProPublica The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism announced this week that ProPublica reporter A.C. Thompson is the winner of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism in the category of Individual Achievement by a National Journalist. Thompson was recognized for “Documenting Hate,” a two-part documentary made in partnership with… Read More

How Rhode Island’s Emergency 911 System Failed Baby Alijah

by Lynn Arditi, The Public’s Radio Barbara’s son had just gotten out of the shower and gone back downstairs to where his 6-month-old son was napping when she heard a scream. Then came the pounding of feet on the stairs of their home in Warwick, Rhode Island. Conner handed her Alijah, who was limp. Barbara… Read More

Rhode Island, Have You Called 911 for a Medical Emergency? Talk to Us.

by Karim Doumar, ProPublica, and Lynn Arditi, The Public’s Radio Somebody collapses — in a restaurant, public park, sports stadium or even right at home. Sudden cardiac arrest strikes seemingly at random, and when it comes to survival, seconds matter. Last year, EMS agencies in Rhode Island responded to nearly 1,200 people experiencing cardiac arrest,… Read More

MoveOn: 2020 Presidential Candidates Should Not Attend AIPAC Conference

NEW SURVEY: Over 74% of MoveOn Members Believe 2020 Presidential Candidates Should Not Attend AIPAC Conference AIPAC conference to be headlined by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Vice President Mike Pence, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Chuck Schumer & Rep. Kevin McCarthy A new survey from MoveOn Political Action asked members if they… Read More

Ann Vandersteel: The Fact That Trump Has Not Denounced QAnon Is Proof QAnon Is Legitimate

On Monday night’s episode of her “Steel Truth” program, right-wing conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel argued that the fact that President Trump has not denounced the QAnon movement is evidence that QAnon is legitimate. Vandersteel, who bragged about being a spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign until she was unceremoniously disavowed by the campaign, is an ardent… Read More

Berkeley and Harvard and Stanford oh my!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2019 Top schools admit no one but white kids: When the current “college admission scandal” broke, the New York Times swung into action, doing the one thing it knows. The New York Times began working from script. In this circumstance, this meant that the New York Times began telling black kids that… Read More

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Calls His Election a ‘Miracle,’ Sides With Trump Against ‘Fake News’ and ‘Gender Ideology’

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s right-wing president, visited President Trump in the White House on Tuesday and followed up his official business with a Christian Broadcasting Network interview and meeting with conservative religious leaders, including CBN’s Pat and Gordon Robertson. U.S. right-wing leaders had supported Bolsonaro’s campaign and celebrated his election as an answer to prayer. At a Rose Garden press conference… Read More

Hispanic Evangelicals & Allies Hold ‘Justice Summit,’ Cheer Mike Pence

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference hosted what it called a “Justice Summit” at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. last week. Among the speakers joining NHCLC President Samuel Rodriguez for the March 13 gathering were Daniel Garza, who runs the Koch brothers’ LIBRE Initiative, and Alfonso Aguilar, a board member of the Alliance Defending Freedom who runs the… Read More

Bill Mitchell: God Is ‘Guiding Donald Trump’s Hand’

On Monday night’s episode of his “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell once again declared that President Trump is being guided by the hand of God. “We are up against evil right now, but God is on our side,” Mitchell declared. “The media was against Trump. Never Trump was… Read More

MATHEMATICIANS GONE WILD: "When language goes on holiday!"

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2019 Hardy and Godel gone wild: Just for today, let’s be fair. Professor Livio didn’t invent the cultural phenomenon which is, in fairness, on full display at the very start of his well-received 2009 book, Is God A Mathematician? As we noted yesterday, the cultural practice is on full display by page… Read More

Right Wing Round-Up: The Dictator America Needs

Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Glenn Beck: If GOP Doesn’t Win Next Election, ‘We Are Officially at the End of the Country as We Know It’. Aaron Rupar @ Vox: Trump administration’s latest attack on the press is to block reporters from covering Pompeo. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Pat Robertson: Putting a Buddha Statue on… Read More

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Satan’s Frequency

Rick Wiles is “starting to believe that a lot of the evangelical leaders in America are Freemasons.” Josh Bernstein continues to insist that President Trump won the popular vote in the 2016 election. (He didn’t.) David Lane declares that “if America is to survive, Secularism will have to be ousted from the marketplace. The death… Read More

E.W. Jackson: ‘Two Old, Big Strapping Men’ Having Sex—’Disgusting!’

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson spent most of his “The Awakening” program today ranting and railing against Islam. At one point, Jackson trotted out the favorite Religious Right talking point that Islam is not even a religion but is rather a totalitarian ideology that is entirely incompatible with our laws and our Constitution.… Read More

Facebook Won’t Let Employers, Landlords or Lenders Discriminate in Ads Anymore

by Jack Gillum and Ariana Tobin Facebook advertisers can no longer target users by age, gender and ZIP code for housing, employment and credit offers, the company announced Tuesday as part of a major settlement with civil rights organizations. The wide-ranging agreement follows reporting by ProPublica since 2016 that found Facebook let advertisers exclude users… Read More

Demonizing Muslims Unites the Right

In the aftermath of the murderous rampage at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, media are focused on 8chan and other creepy recesses of the internet where anti-Islam ideology is promoted heavily.  Dehumanizing rhetoric aimed at Muslims is a fixture of Religious Right rhetoric, a go-to strategy for right-wing candidates, a crowd-pleaser and book-seller for right-wing pundits, the bread-and-butter… Read More