Apex Announces New Trigger Kit for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0

Apex Announces New Trigger Kit for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 PEORIA, Ariz. –-(Ammoland.com)- Apex Tactical Specialties announces the upcoming release on Monday, February 5 of their new Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit for the M&P Shield 2.0. Pre-orders will begin on Monday, January 29. Like with other popular Apex upgrades for the… Read More

Gear Up for Spike Camp with the Granite Creek Tent Series

Browning Granite Creek Tent Series USA -(Ammoland.com)- Browning Camping is proud to release the Granite Creek tent series to its 2018 lineup. Offered in a one-person and two-person model, the Granite Creek tent is a lightweight backpacking tent designed specifically with spike camp in mind. The Granite Creek is a low-profile design for active hunters… Read More

Century Arms Announces Daily Gun Giveaways & SHOT Show Dealer Promos

Century Arms Canik Gun Giveaway Delray Beach, Fla. –-(Ammoland.com)- Century Arms has announced a series of raffles that will be taking place at their booth, #11962, at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV between January 23th and January 25th 2018. Three raffles in total will be held with two packages given away at… Read More

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Conserves Wisconsin Elk Habitat

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Conserves Wisconsin Elk Habitat MISSOULA, Mont. -(Ammoland.com)- The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation permanently protected key elk habitat in Wisconsin elk country by first acquiring and then conveying a 360-acre inholding to Jackson County Forest. “This is a crucial transaction because it prevents the potential of development and fragmentation within an area… Read More

Meprolight Exhibits Unique Multi-Spectral Weapon Sight at SHOT Show 2018

Shot Show 2018, Las Vegas, USA, January 23-26, Stand #15138 MEPRO NYX-200 Multi-Spectral Weapon Sight : Combining Uncooled Thermal Channel with Digital Day/Night Camera, MEPRO NYX-200 improves soldier’s situational awareness and allows rapid target acquisition in any lighting conditions and any environment. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Meprolight Ltd. –a member of the SK Group and a… Read More

Donate a Portion of Your Tax Return To Help Kansas Wildlife

Donate a Portion of Your Tax Return To Help Kansas Wildlife PRATT, Kan. -(Ammoland.com)- Nearly 99 percent of Kansas’ wildlife are designated as nongame species, or species that are not trapped, fished or hunted. While revenue from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses fund management practices that benefit all wildlife, funding aimed specifically at… Read More

Is Gunleather Dead?

Opened in 1969, the Jackass Leather Company started out as a small shop in Chicago. In 1970, the company introduced the Jackass Shoulder Rig and was doing pretty well. By 1980, the company was renamed Galco and, in 1983, moved to its present location in Phoenix. In 1984, an actor in a little experimental TV… Read More

Thompson Submachine Gun – ‘Gun Stories’

The Thompson is a blend of art and machine. By today’s standards, it’s too heavy- too much steel and wood. But here at Gunsite, while firing the Thompson, one thought comes to mind for this Chicago boy: It’s perfect. 1919, as America reeled from the war to end all wars, John Tolliver, or in my… Read More

GPS Tactical Range Backpack

I didn’t know I needed this backpack. I didn’t even know I wanted it. I’ve never spent money on a range bag before. I’ve accumulated a basement full of backpacks over the years, and I’ve always been perfectly satisfied with loading all my range gear into one of those or my “free gift” NRA bag,… Read More

Hawks of Fury: Tomahawk Roundup

Humans are pathetically weak. Our jaws produce an anemic bite force of only 200 pounds per square inch (psi), which isn’t even in the same league as the 3,700 psi of T. rex-equaling energy generated by a saltwater croc. Unlike many creatures, we possess no claws for slashing and maiming, nor can we rely on… Read More

Raise the Bar: Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua Mag. and REC7 5.56 NATO

Barrett has been building precision rifles for a few decades and knows how to make guns that shoot. The M82, the first semiautomatic .50-caliber precision rifle, went into production in the early ’80s, and Barrett has been in the gun business ever since. A couple of bolt-action .50s followed the M82, and Barrett’s first non-.50… Read More

Remington’s Black Belt Bullet

Photo by Michael Anschuetz In 1991, Remington introduced the Golden Saber bullet. It was purpose-built to meet Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) requirements and has sort of become the standard with regard to defensive handgun ammunition. It was later modified to a bonded bullet and, more recently, to perform better from short barrels. In 2014,… Read More

Weapons Defenses of Krav Maga

Krav Maga, the official martial art of the Israeli Defense Forces, prides itself on a simple, efficient and aggressive principle-­based approach. When it comes to defending against weapons, there is no time for overcomplicated dance moves. I’ve been involved in Krav since 2000 or so, and I’ve been the director of the Krav Maga Alliance’s… Read More

The Story of Civil War Sniper Jack Hinson and His Rifle

Throughout history, man has had the responsibility to do two things: protect his family and provide for that family. In this day and age, some have steered away from their manly roots, but many of us still want to do right by our loved ones. Anyone who considers himself a red-blooded protector of his family… Read More

Spotting Scope Roundup: Testing and Rating $40K worth of glass

This test isn’t all-inclusive. We attempted to obtain a sample from every known manufacturer. In the end, we were provided with more than $40,000 in optics for a comprehensive roundup that’s never been attempted by another hunting or shooting publication. To keep a level playing field, this test was designed to compare spotting scopes that… Read More

First Look: SIG Sauer P365

Is this the ultimate concealed carry pistol? SIG Sauer has just introduced a game-changing, sub-compact pistol that is truly in a league of its own – the P365. The new P365 is envisioned by SIG Sauer as the only everyday-carry (EDC) pistol you will need, one that you can carry with you seven days per week,… Read More

Gun Stories : The Sharps Rifle

There is something quintessentially American about the Sharps rifle. A direct line back to the civil war and the opening of the west. More importantly, Christian Sharps’ invention is quite simply a better mouse trap, and the world did indeed beat a path to his door. Christian Sharps apprenticed under John Hall, who designed a… Read More

Cameras Don’t Lie: S&W .500 X-Frame .500 S&W Magnum

Patrick Sweeney and James Tarr slow things down a bit by using a high speed camera to show you what a .500 Smith & Wesson looks like when firing. The post Cameras Don’t Lie: S&W .500 X-Frame .500 S&W Magnum appeared first on Guns & Ammo. Full Story Here Guns and Ammo January 22, 2018… Read More

Vehicle Security

It’s not a difficult task to secure your weapons and tools at home. However, vehicle storage is another matter altogether. Many weapons are stolen from vehicles every year, and while it’s bad enough that you’re out a nice gun or knife, it would be even worse to find out that one of those tools was… Read More

Setting Up the 7.62mm AR

These days, there are many choices in the gas-operated 7.62mm sniper system world, which sometimes makes it confusing as you begin your quest for the perfect setup. I have spent plenty of my own money for those lessons learned, so hopefully you won’t have to. There are a few tricky parts and accessories that attract… Read More

12.7mm Russian and Chinese .50-caliber Machine Guns

Due to the use of rotating bolt and a better manufacturing process, its maker claims the KORD has better accuracy than the older NSV and DShK. Whenever one hears mention of a .50-caliber machine gun, or “fifty-cal” in common U.S. military parlance, the designs of John Browning most frequently come to mind. Specifically, the M2… Read More

LaRue OBR 7.62: Sniper’s One Gun

The role of the sniper and what constitutes a sniper rifle are hotly debated topics. Many firearm enthusiasts define a sniper as a “one shot, one kill” perfectionist who must infiltrate the target area unnoticed, hit the target and then vanish into thin air. That certainly qualifies as a sniper, but we should not limit… Read More

Concealment Furniture

A forced entry into my home would only give me about 3 seconds to get to a gun while sitting in my living room. With the help of a colleague, we timed different assaults with me positioned in different rooms. If I was in a common area, I would be sitting on a recliner or… Read More

AR-10 Rifle – ‘Gun Stories’

The AR-15 is one of the most successful rifles in history, both for the military and civilians. The only thing that could make the AR-15 better is bigger rounds, specifically 7.62 mm rounds instead of the standard 5.56 mm. Eugene Stoner’s original design of the AR-10, which is the predecessor of the AR-15, used 7.62… Read More

Desert Tech Covert: Shortest 7.62 Sniper Ever

As a writer at that time, I tried and tried to get an assignment to cover what I was purporting to be the most important introduction of that show. Unfortunately, the entire publishing industry was slow to notice this small company. As an editor now, I have the latitude to cover firearms that appeal to a… Read More

The Duel of Hamilton & Burr

Heroes of the American Revolution, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were fierce political rivals, Hamilton a Federalist and Burr a Jeffersonian Republican. Burr was a known as a skilled marksman and had already fought in two duels before standing opposite Hamilton. Burr’s first opponent was John B. Church, who was Hamilton’s brother-in-law and business partner.… Read More

America’s First .50: Springfield Model 66 Needle Rifle .50-70

When most people think of an American military .50 caliber, the round that comes to mind (deservedly so) is the .50 BMG. It is one of the world’s great machine-gun and long-range sniping loads, adaptable to a number of different situations and in constant service since its introduction in 1918. Still, it was far from… Read More

Budget Battle: Shooting .50-caliber Rifle Alternatives

From top: Watson’s Weapons’ The Boss, Safety Harbor SHF/R50 and the Ligamec Ultralite 50 are all economical .50-caliber rifles that make some use of readily available AR-15 parts. The big .50 BMG has captured shooters’ imaginations since its invention almost 100 years ago. Through most of those years the M2 Browning machine gun was its… Read More

Trijicon RMR Type 2

It’s no secret that miniature red dot sights (MRDS) mounted on pistols are blazing a path toward the future. I’ve been carrying them on various carry pistols for the last 20 months. I have no plans to go back to irons because the benefits are too numerous, especially if you’re dedicated to practice.  During the… Read More

1911 Semi-Auto Pistol – ‘Gun Stories’

Since its birth, America has been driven by invention. The cotton gin, the light bulb, even the microchip. These inventions were created by master mechanics, people with an inherent need to create new technologies and machines. We’ve all been taught the importance of people like Eli Whitney, Thomas Edison, even Bill Gates. But there’s one… Read More

Six Big Window Red Dot Optics

The firearms industry has been on a crusade to reduce the size and weight of nearly every aspect in their product lines. Phrases such as “light is right” and “ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain” are often tossed around as sound reasoning. If you’re spending long days in mountains, or your profession is as… Read More

Drive The Gun: How To Use The Support Hand With AR-Type Rifles

Anyone these days can post a video on firearms training and tactics and instantly become an “expert.” We all know that if it’s on the Internet, it must be true. As it relates to firearms training, there is actually some quality stuff that can be gleaned from the World Wide Web. At the same time,… Read More

10 Trends That Will Shape SHOT And 2018

With apologies to the Grinch, Christmas isn’t the only thing that comes without ribbons, comes without tags, comes without packages, boxes or bags. A mere one month after Christmas, the SHOT Show pops up from the fertile ground in Las Vegas like a spanking new Amanita Phalloides mushroom, ready for all unwary hikers. To be… Read More

POTD: SureFire X300 Survives 14 Months Under Water

Gator McKlusky sent these photos to us. I dropped my Surefire X300 in a pond and recovered it after it spent 14 months submerged in water. After the water level dropped, I waded out to where I thought I dropped it and used a magnetic pole to dig around. I finally found it and it… Read More

JUST ANNOUNCED: The New SilencerCo Chimera

Distributors and dealers are starting to catch wind of SilencerCo’s latest release. Pulled from the Accusport catalog is the new Chimera, a no barrel restriction rifle silencer suitable for use with calibers ranging from 5.56mm to .300 Win Mag. The Chimera is compatible with ASR mounts and front caps from the Saker line of centerfire… Read More

Gloria – The Rail mounted Spotter

I’m supposed to write something here, but I’m kind of wordless. I was thinking of making a joke about getting a Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy for your Picatinny Rail, but I’m not sure it would work? I have so many questions, so few answers, about this product. -“I have a really expensive metal 3D Printer,… Read More

Blue Force Gear Brings It All To The Table At 2018 SHOT Show

Blue Force Gear Brings It All To The Table At 2018 SHOT Show POOLER, Ga. -(Ammoland.com)- For the last 40 years, SHOT Show has been the benchmark tradeshow for professionals in the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. Brands from all 50 states and more than 100 countries will gather in just one week… Read More

Volunteers Needed for Arizona Wildlife Habitat Project

Arizona Fencing Project AJO, Ariz. -(Ammoland.com)- The Arizona Antelope Foundation (AAF), in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and Arizona Game and Fish Department, is seeking volunteers for a fence construction project on Saturday, Jan. 27, on BLM land in southern Arizona, about 18 miles northeast of Ajo. The project involves building a new… Read More

Champion Announces New Products for SHOT Show 2018

Champion Announces New Products for SHOT Show 2018 OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -(Ammoland.com)- Champion Traps & Targets, makers of interactive and challenging target systems, will launch new products to dealers at booth 14551 at the 2018 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, January 23 to 26. The new Champion WheelyBird 2.0 is… Read More

2018 New Handguns and Pistol Trends

Opinion The new Security-9 features a 4” barrel and weighs just 23.7 ounces with an empty magazine.Defense Training International, Inc Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Handgun Trends: Last week, I got my hands on a Ruger “Security 9″ 9mm autoloading pistol. Basically, it is Ruger’s version of the G19. But the price-tag on the one I… Read More

Virginia Sees Decrease In Gun Sales, But Will It Last?

Should Americans become complacent when it comes to exercising their Second Amendment right merely because the country has a president that is supportive of gun owners in the White House? The Associated Press has reported that, during President Trump’s first year in office, the state of Virginia saw a decrease in the number of firearms sold.… Read More

MultiCam Names Pincroft Official European Fabric Printer

Top Dyeing and Printing Specialist to Offer Fabrics in Popular MultiCam Patterns through 1947, LLC Brooklyn, NY – MultiCam®, the combat-proven, complete family of concealment solutions for those who demand the best, has announced that it has named Pincroft Dyeing and Printing Co, as an official European fabric printer to offer the suite of MultiCam®… Read More

TFBTV’s Top 5 Guns of 2017

In this episode of TFBTV, James discusses the top 5 guns that 2017 brought us. 2017 was a generally flat year for new product introductions. SHOT Show darlings, the Hudson H9 and the KelTec RDB Survival Rifle, didn’t get to shelves this year, and there wasn’t much in the way of innovation, perhaps due to… Read More

Ed Brown Teams Up with ZEV Technologies for New 1911

Ed Brown Products has teamed up with trigger specialists ZEV Technologies to launch a new 9x19mm 1911. Building on their FX1 the new pistol has an edgier, more aggressive aesthetic. The long-established Missouri-based custom 1911 builders have collaborated with ZEV to create a 1911 based on one of ZEV’s designs, the Dragonfly. The pistol features aggressive… Read More

GREECE to Test the ADCOR Defense Adcor A-556 Elite Rifle

According to a Greek website called Via Diplomacy, the Hellenic Armed Forces will test the Adcor Defence Adcor A-556 Elite rifles to evaluate the possibility of adoption. They have signed an initial agreement with Adcor Defense and Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. The former will provide six Adcor A-556 Elite rifles and the latter – 2,000 rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. The… Read More

Seekins Precision Detachable Box Magazine For Remington 700

Owners of Remington 700s or similarly patterned rifles aren’t going to run out of options on how to upgrade and modify their rifles. Seekins Precision are releasing a DBM magwell for the R700 shot actions. For those who don’t know what DBM stands for it means Detachable Box Magazine, so that you can use AI… Read More

POTD: Sawed Off 40mm Hand Cannon

Photo with no context. The guy in the photo is holding a LMT L2BPG grenade launcher however it looks like the barrel has been cut down. Here is a stock photo for comparison.   I do not recognize the optic. At first I thought it might be the Vortex UH-1 or a DI Optical optic… Read More

Mossberg Releases MVP Precision Bolt-Action Rifles

AR-Compatible, Long-Range Tactical Rifles in 6.5mm Creedmoor and 7.62mm NATO Mossberg Releases MVP Precision Bolt-Action Rifles North Haven, CT –-(Ammoland.com)- Mossberg expands their purpose-built MVP Series with the introduction of a long-range, tactical platform – the MVP Precision Rifle in 6.5mm Creedmoor and 7.62mm NATO (308 Win). Manufactured to Mossberg’s specifications, the MVP Precision features… Read More

Hoppe’s Announces New Products for 2018 SHOT Show

Hoppe’s Announces New Products for 2018 SHOT Show OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -(Ammoland.com)- Hoppe’s, the best known name in gun care products, will launch new products to dealers at booth 14551 at the 2018 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, January 23 to 26. The BoreSnake and BoreSnake Viper Den showcase that… Read More

Atlas Gunworks Releases the Titan Operator Pistol

Titan Operator Pistol North Ferrisburgh, VT –-(Ammoland.com)- Atlas Gunworks has released the Titan Operator 9mm pistol for duty and self-defense. It’s based on the popular Titan competition pistol and is the newest pistol in Atlas’ growing lineup. Atlas understands that competition guns aren’t the best choice for military, law enforcement or self-defense. So, when the… Read More

Conservation Groups Draw Kansas Commissioner Big Game Permits

Conservation Groups Draw Kansas Commissioner Big Game Permits PRATT, Kan. -(Ammoland.com)- At the Jan. 11 Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KWPT) Commission meeting in Milford, seven lucky conservation organizations drew Commissioner Big Game Permits as part of a unique program that raises funding for conservation. The Commission Big Game Permit program allows local chapters of… Read More

NEW Strike Industries AntiVenom ULTRA Lubricant

Strike Industries has introduced the new AntiVenom ULTRA gun oil. It is a heavy duty lubricant specifically made for the most demanding applications such as use in extreme environmental conditions, as well as in full-auto and suppressed guns. Here is how the new lubricant works according to Strike Industries: An ionized molecular complex bonds to metallic… Read More

French Presidential Palace Guard Wounded in Apparent Negligent Discharge

French weekly news magazine L’Orbs has reported a series of negligent discharges by members of the Paris Police guarding the Palais de l’Elysée, the official residence of the French President. L’Orbs note that at least three incidents have been reported by le Canard enchaîné (the Chained Duck), one of France’s satirical weekly newspapers. While the term… Read More

The Pinnacle 3-18×44 Scope from Sightmark

Sightmark announced a new variable power rifle scope for 2018. Dubbed “as versatile an optic as they come” by the company, the new Pinnacle 3-18×44 is a first focal plane scope with a 34mm tube. Based on the scope’s magnification, this optic lands between the company’s existing 1-6x and 5-30x Pinnacle scopes. The reticle is illuminated… Read More

Mauser Introduces New M18 Rifle

In time for the 2018 SHOT Show, Mauser announced a new bolt action rifle for the USA called the M18. The M18 is designed to be a good balance between a rugged field rifle and your wallet’s limited depths. The M18, nicknamed the Volkswaffe by the company, has a black synthetic stock with soft inlays… Read More

A School Snow Day Proves Lucky for Two Young Mississippi Hunters

“Recent snow and ice in Mississippi have caused headaches for many across the state this week, but for two brothers from Batesville, the icy accumulation turned into pure gold,” clarionledger.com reports. Hang on. Why is it that when I play hooky from work to go hunting I end up with nothing? Not fair! “We sat there… Read More

The Fake ‘Trump Is Racist’ Issue

Trump’s words are far less despicable than what Green-Democrat policies do to people. How can eco-religionists argue that poverty and economic hardship enhance environmental stewardship, or that the planet is more important than the people who live on it… USA –-(Ammoland.com)- By now, nearly the entire world has heard reports that President Trump referred to… Read More

A US vs Turkey War in Syria?

Opinion Recep Tayyip Erdogan – President of Turkey USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of ISIS, appears about to commence in Syria — with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides. Turkey is moving armor and troops south to Syria’s border enclave of Afrin, occupied by Kurds,… Read More

CTTSO Releases Solicitation for .264 USA Rifles, Carbines, PDWs

The Army Marksmanship Unit’s .264 USA – a medium-sized 6.5mm round in-between the 6.5mm Grendel and 6.5mm Creedmoor in size – is not yet dead, it seems. The round, about which little had been heard in official channels for a couple of years, is the subject-in-part of a new solicitation released by the Combating Terrorism Technical… Read More

Meprolight Extends its Scope Family with the MEPRO 6X Day Scope

Shot Show 2018, Las Vegas, USA, January 23-26 2018, Stand 15138 Mepro 6X Telescopic Sight : The MEPRO 6X expands the company’s line of telescopic sights for sniper rifles and Light Machine Guns (LMGs). USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Meprolight Ltd. – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and… Read More

Otis Technology Acquires Shooter’s Choice

Otis Technology Acquires Shooter’s Choice Lyons Falls, NY – -(Ammoland.com)- Otis Technology is pleased to announce that it has acquired the popular Shooter’s Choice brand. The deal took effect January 16, 2018. Shooter’s Choice is a leading provider of gun care chemicals and lubricants. With a complete product offering in a variety of liquids and… Read More

Lyman Products’ New Cyclone Case Dryer Dries Brass & Gun Parts in No Time

Lyman®, an innovator in the field of case preparation and reloading, introduces the perfect companion to any Ultrasonic or Rotary cleaning system with the new Cyclone Case Dryer. Lyman Products Cyclone Case DryerLyman Products Middletown, Conn. (Ammoland.com) – Lyman Products proudly introduces the Cyclone Case Dryer. This companion to any Ultrasonic or Rotary cleaning system… Read More

Arkansas Hunter Takes First Deer at 77 Years Old

Arkansas Hunter Takes First Deer at 77 Years Old CAMDEN, Ark. -(Ammoland.com)- You’re never too hold to harvest your first deer, as Ron Goza proved late last year. Goza is 77, and the button buck he took recently allowed him to receive the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s certificate for “My First Deer.” “I’ve hunted… Read More

How was I to know he was with the Russians too?

“It is not an insubstantial portion of Democratic online loyalists who believe that if you deviate from Democratic Party orthodoxy on the Trump-Russia question, you are a paid Kremlin agent,” Greenwald says. And many of those who don’t believe Greenwald works for Vladimir Putin tend to think he does his bidding for free. “I love… Read More

Speer’s New 10mm Gold Dot Load

Gold Dot has been a leader in defensive handgun ammunition for more than two decades. During that time, the Speer rounds have shown to be effective in both ballistic gelatin and in real-world lethal force encounters. Speer developed a wide range of options in this line including loads for most of the common caliber handguns… Read More

New Powder From Hodgdon: Winchester WinClean 244

Hodgdon Powder Company announced the introduction of a new smokeless powder for 2018 under the Winchester Smokeless Powders brand. Called WinClean 244, this new ball powder is formulated to be a good powder for handgun cartridges like the .38 Special, 9mm and .45 ACP. According to the company, this powder is best suited for standard… Read More

New from Mossberg: Double Stack Magazine Fed 590 Pump Shotgun

Earlier today we talked about Mossberg’s copy of the Ruger Precision Rifle. Now, let’s talk about their copy of Remington’s magazine fed 870 DM. As announced in the press release (below) the shotgun is exactly what you would expect. They took their existing 590 pump action shotgun and slapped a magazine on the bottom.  What… Read More

Crimson Trace Launches Laserguard for Smith & Wesson SD & SD VE Pistols

Crimson Trace Laserguard LG-457 on S&W pistol Wilsonville, OR –-(Ammoland.com)- Crimson Trac, recognized as America’s top brand of laser sights in a recent Southwick Associates shooting sports industry survey, today announced its newest Laserguard laser sight—the LG-457 with red laser diode—for a precision fit onto the Smith & Wesson series of SD and SD VE… Read More

DoubleStar Unveils the Noogie “ABO” Assisted Bottle Opener

This light, robust and comfortable bottle opener makes quick work of even the toughest import bottle. DoubleStar Noogie Winchester, Ky. (Ammoland.com) – DoubleStar Corp, manufacturers of high-quality, US-made AR components, rifles and pistols, unveils the Noogie “ABO” Assisted Bottle Opener. The Noogie was developed by DoubleStar’s Vice President, Jesse Starnes, and Director and Designer of… Read More

Kruger XBow-100TM Crossbow Scope Offers Unprecedented Accuracy

Patent-pending Bolt Drop Compensating (BDC) reticle allows for phenomenal accuracy at long distances. Kruger XBow-100 Crossbow Scope USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Kruger Optical invites crossbow enthusiasts to check out the new Kruger XBow-100TM crossbow scope, which will be introduced at the 2018 SHOT Show. The new 1-4×24 scope will be among the products featured in Booth… Read More

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scopes: Better Performance, More Features

American Technology Network (ATN) Corp. announced a new line of thermal rifle scopes called the Thor 4. These scopes offer a wide range of options and features that are sure to interest many hunters. Sensors At the heart of this scope is the ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core T. This is the technology that makes…… Read More

PICRA Family of Cartridges from Czech Republic

Browsing through the CIP cartridge standards while doing a research, I noticed several cartridges named PICRA. The name was unknown to me and apparently, it is unknown to many others too. So I thought why don’t I do a little research to find out who has designed these cartridges? It was a matter of simple web… Read More

How Good Is Your Eye Protection? What Are They Made Of?

Bret Hunter is the founder and owner of TacticalRX. I met Bret at Big 3 East a few years ago and although I have 20/20 vision I am amazed by his glasses. Many shooters who use prescription lenses typically use their normal glasses as eye protection or they might get some form of prescription sports… Read More

Sarsılmaz puts out MPT76 Prototypes, Production to ensue

The independent Turkish small arms company Sarsılmaz has released their first pre-production prototypes of the MPT76 and should soon begin production on their share (10,000 rifles) of the 7.62x51mm NATO MPT76 rifle contract ordered by the Turkish Armed Forces. MKEK has since already been producing MPT76s since 2015(20,000 rifles), and along with Kalekalip (15,000 rifles) will form one… Read More

NEW Taurus 1911 Commander .45 ACP

Taurus has had radio silence in regards to announcing new products leading up to SHOT Show 2018 thus far. It’s almost industry protocol nowadays to leak, if not publicly announce, your new wares before letting the media and public fondle them at SHOT. In a very non-theatrical manner, Taurus announced today that they will have… Read More

Walther Introduces the PPQ Sub-Compact Pistol

Walther PPQ Sub-Compact Pistol FORT SMITH, Ark. – -(Ammoland.com)- Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the newest member of the PPQ family, the PPQ M2 Sub-Compact (part number – 2815249). Walther PPQ Sub-Compact Pistol Walther PPQ Sub-Compact Pistol Hero The new Sub-Compact features the signature Walther ergonomics plus the fantastic Quick Defense trigger, which… Read More

JUST OUT: The Sig Sauer 2018 Catalog Featuring the P320 M17

Almost a year to the day that the Army MHS contract was awarded to the P320, the Sig Sauer 2018 Catalog is highlighting the consumer availability of the M17 pistol. This years lineup also includes numerous new pistol, rifle, optics and accessory models, some of which are outlined below. For a detailed review of Sig’s upcoming… Read More

Magpul PRO 700 Precision Rifle Chassis

A new Rifle Chassis from Magpul will make this year’s spring warmer and more welcome than ever. The name is Magpul Pro 700 Rifle Chassis and it’s based on a full billet aluminum skeleton clad in polymer. The idea was to make chassis full of features, as uncompromised as possible, for the Remington 700 short… Read More

American Rifle Company: Nucleus Bolt Action

Not being a long range precision shooter, I am going to write this new product announcement from American Rifle Company using simple words and a lot of pictures. The Nucleus is a Remington 700 compatible bolt action with some advanced features like three toroidal locking lugs, controllable Springfield inertial ejection, and an adjustable firing pin… Read More

[SHOT 2018] 5.11: The New Veil Geo-7 Camo Pattern and New Gear for 2018

In this episode of TFBTV’s coverage of SHOT Show 2018, James meets with 5.11 to talk about their new gear, and more importantly, their new GEO-7 proprietary camouflage pattern. From 5.11’s press release: 5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of tactical apparel and gear, will showcase its largest line of new products in the brand’s 15-year… Read More

Question of the Day: Do You Hunt with A Pistol Caliber Firearm?

“On Thursday, January 18, Senate Bill 20 passed the Indiana state Senate by a vote of 47-2 and will now move to the House,” nraila.org reports. “SB 20 will ensure that rifle hunting with pistol caliber cartridges is protected throughout Indiana. This bill safeguards previously established hunting opportunities that many Hoosiers have enjoyed during past hunting seasons.” So .… Read More

Alan Corzine Appointed President & COO of Kent Cartridge North America

Alan Corzine USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Kent Cartridge has announced the appointment of Alan Corzine to the position of President and COO of North American Operations. Alan assumes the responsibilities of former CEO of Kent-Gamebore, Robert Cove, who retired effective January 1st after over 20 years of service to the company. Cove will remain on the… Read More

Enemies Within?

I’ve hardly seen anything more over the top than Adam Kraut’s campaign for the NRA Board, and some Board members response to it. Marion isn’t the only one I’ve seen making comments that range from “good point” to “Oh sweet Jesus that’s nuts.” This is one of those cases where I’m probably just going to… Read More

Your Tree Stand is Calling: Bushnell’s New Impulse Trail Camera

Bushnell recently announced a new Impulse trail camera that is said to dramatically improve cellular connectivity and and imaging. The new cameras come in two versions – one for AT&T networks and one for Verizon networks. According to the company, photos can be sent via any cellular network with both cameras. However, it appears that… Read More

NEW: MagPump 9mm Pistol Magazine Loader

MagPump, best known for their series of rifle magazine loaders, have launched their new Magpump 9mm magazine loader. The transition into the pistol magazine loader market is the next obvious step for the company that already offers a series of loaders for both the AR-15 and the AK platforms. MagPump claim that their new hand… Read More

TenPoint Launches Their Evo-X CenterPunch Crossbow Arrow

TenPoint Evo-X CenterPunch Crossbow Arrow MOGADORE, Ohio -(Ammoland.com)- Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies recently launched their EVO-X Premium Accessory Series at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN. This collection of high-tech crossbow accessories designed to elevate the hunting experience is headlined by the CenterPunch premium carbon crossbow arrow. Weighing 445-grains and featuring 17 percent FOC, the… Read More

Re-elect John L. Cushman to the 2018 NRA Board of Directors

John L. Cushman USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Your NRA Nominating Committee reviewed many incredible Board candidates and determined that John L. Cushman has the expertise, experience and courage needed to help lead us at this crucial time. John has been on the Board for just over 20 years and has what it takes to continue to… Read More

DS-15 Hunter Special Editions from Dark Storm Industries

Dark Storm Industries recently announced a trio of special edition AR-style rifles targeted for the hunting market. The new DS-15 Hunter special edition rifles are chambered for the 300 BLK cartridge, feature a camouflage finish and are available in three different styles to match your state’s legal requirements. The standard Dark Storm Industries model is a… Read More

The Real Dreamers

Ramirez The Real Dreamers USA -(Ammoland.com)- The Real Dreamers The real dreamers in this country are those who want secure borders, stronger immigration policy and a stronger sense of national identity. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news!You call yourself pro-gun? Prove… Read More

S&W Model 29 American Handgunner “Handgun Heritage Tribute” 2018 SHOT Show’s Handgun

Smith & Wesson Model 29 American Handgunner “Handgun Heritage Tribute” USA – -(Ammoland.com)-The Firearms Marketing Group, Hunting Heritage Trust and National Shooting Sports Foundation have partnered with Smith & Wesson to create a one-of-a-kind fully engraved Smith & Wesson Model 29 American Handgunner “Handgun Heritage Tribute” as the 2018 SHOT Show Handgun. “The Model 29… Read More

Springfield Armory Announces Guns & Gear Giveaway

Springfield Armory Announces Guns & Gear Giveaway GENESEO, IL,–(Ammoland.com) – Springfield Armory has partnered with Viridian Weapon Technologies, Federal Premium Ammunition, Kershaw Knives, Crossbreed Holsters, Propper, Personal Defense Network and Action Target to offer you an exclusive, comprehensive EDC (Every Day Carry) package for 100 lucky winners.  Go to www.edcgiveaway.com and enter to win one of… Read More

How Big is SHOT Show?

So big that the infographic they gave us about the show is too big to put on the front page. As the rest of the team is still waking up from their late night out partying in Las Vegas and boarding the busses for Media Day at the Range, I figured it would be a… Read More

One long shot

Sniper team picks off an ISIS enemy at 3,871 yards. Tho I think the article over-simplifies Coriolis Effect. Full Story Here Arms and The Law January 22, 2018 9:34 am Support Us

Tough Hook Launches New Website

Tough Hook Hangers is excited to announce that we have just launched a new website to serve our growing demand and to better serve our growing dealer network. The website is Dealer focused to send customers to our worldwide network of current dealers. Tough Hook will no longer be doing direct sales through our website.… Read More

Gun Review: Palmetto State Armory Freedom 16″ AR-15 Carbine

Whenever I review an AR-15 over $1k, readers complain. “My PSA costs half that and it’s just as good.” So TTAG reached out to Palmetto State Armory for one of their lower priced model. After putting the Palmetto State Armory Freedom 16″ Carbine through my standard tests, I’m here to report . . . It’s no… Read More

ZRODELTA Introduces the Genesis Z9 Pistol

Last week, we reported ZRODELTA acquired War Sport, in doing so the company increased manufacturing capabilities and completely dissolved the War Sport brand. Clint Walker alluded to a new product release as being what “many will consider to be the most innovative, disruptive product at SHOT Show this year.” Walker was referring to the ZRODELTA Genesis Z9… Read More

New From Walther: PPQ SC (Sub-Compact 9mm Pistol)

TTAG awarded its highest accolade to the Walther PPQ in .45 and the PPQ M2 (5″ Slide). Both guns offer five-star ergonomics, reliability and accuracy. The PPQ could well have the best out-of-the-box polymer striker-fired handgun trigger money can buy. So Walther’s new 10 round (15 wth extended grip spare mag) PPQ SC Sub-Compact pistol… Read More

Liberty MkIX: 80% 1911 Frame with Significant Advances

If you like to build your own firearms, the Liberty MkIX line of 80% 1911 frames may be of great interest to you. The new Liberty MkIX pistols from Freedom Concepts Laboratory promise fewer parts, lighter weight and improved fit for a range of shooters. With a range of frame sizes, you will be able…… Read More

How to (Legally) Build A Short Barrel Rifle

As defensive weapons, rifles rock. They’re easy to shoot accurately unless you’re into torching off .577 Nitro Express cigar cartridges. With box magazine designs like the those of the AR-whatever families, capacity is great, and reloading is easy. In fact, the only real downside of a rifle as compared to a pistol is maneuverability and… Read More

SERT And Sneaky Bags At SHOT Show 2018

WOODBRIDGE, Virginia – January 20, 2018 – SERT and SNEAKY BAGS, the industry leaders in nylon rifle cases and covert bags, will launch several new products and services at 2018 SHOT Show, January 23 to 26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. For the first time, SERT will introduce its Precision Rifle Bag… Read More

New from Mossberg: MVP Precision Bolt Action Rifle

Ruger introduced their Precision Rifle back in 2015. Word comes today that Mossberg is launching a competitor, their own Precision Bolt Action Rifle based on their MVP line of rifles. Available in 6.5 Creedmoor and 7.62 NATO (like the RPR) and in a chassis which supports detachable magazines and all the usual bells and whistles,… Read More

Lithgow Arms LA105 Woomera in 6.5 Creedmoor & .308 – SHOT 2018

Building on the success of the Lithgow LA101 and LA102 rifles, Legacy Sports International is now offering the Lithgow LA105 Woomera rifle. The Lithgow LA105 mates a match grade barreled upper receiver from Lithgow Arms of Australia to a Kinetic Research Group chassis. The Lithgow LA105 features a 20 MOA Picatinny rail and muzzle brake.… Read More

Best Micro Red Dot for the Money — Primary Arms MD-RB-AD

Primary Arms’ latest micro red dot could be the best value in that category. The post Best Micro Red Dot for the Money — Primary Arms MD-RB-AD appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 7:49 am Support Us

Surefire Fury Rechargeables On The Way

When the original Fury hit the market, 500 lumens was impressive, even if it ate up those little CR123A batteries. This year, it’s all about Dual Fuel – the ability to use disposable cells, as well as the cost-efficient and longer-life 18650 rechargeable. With the recent push towards the only-slightly larger diameter 18650 batteries, this… Read More

Preliminary findings published on Las Vegas shooting

The window view from the gunman’s hotel room at Mandalay Bay when he opened fire at the crowd attending a country music festival on Oct. 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. (Photo: LVPD) Due to overwhelming public concern, the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department released a preliminary report on the mass shooting that left 58 people dead… Read More

Boberg Is Back – The Bond Bullpup 9mm CCW

Unconstrained by conventional handgun design, the Bond Arms BullPup9 squeezes the longest possible barrel into the shortest possible pistol.  We take a detailed look at this unique bullpup-style pocket pistol. The post Boberg Is Back – The Bond Bullpup 9mm CCW appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018… Read More

SIG Sauer MCX VIRTUS Long-term Endurance Test: Part 1

Last month, I was handed the new SIG Sauer Virtus rifle for review, my first test item in the MCX family. Though initially, I was skeptical, the Virtus turned out to be very impressive weapon system. It uses a unique operating system, an entirely new piston driven action developed in-house by SIG Sauer. The post… Read More

Is Roberts Shifting to the Left?

This data is interesting: Statistics from Roberts’ first dozen terms on the high court show a growing willingness to be less doctrinaire in his conservatism — particularly in order to agree with Justice Anthony Kennedy. For his first eight terms on the court, Roberts agreed most with Justice Samuel Alito (one of the staunchest conservatives… Read More

Maryland Gun Owners Forced to Choose Between Firearms and Medical Marijuana

“I just want people to be aware,” Pennak, a former Justice Department lawyer, told the Sun. “There’s so many ins and outs to gun laws, so many pitfalls and traps, this is probably one that’s easily overlooked.” The post Maryland Gun Owners Forced to Choose Between Firearms and Medical Marijuana appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest.… Read More

Killing in the Name of Conservation: How Big Game Hunting Prevents Extinction

It may seem counterintuitive to those outside the hunting community, but anyone on the inside knows that hunters care more about conservation than every pot-smoking tree-hugger on the planet. The post Killing in the Name of Conservation: How Big Game Hunting Prevents Extinction appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January… Read More

2017’s black guns & gear for hunters, not just for tacticians anymore

The color black is no longer just for tactical folks. (Photo: Kristin Alberts) While the color black in the firearms world has long been associated with tactical firearms and operator accessories, that’s no longer the case.  As modern sporting rifles gain popularity with hunters as practical options for taking deer and even bigger game, black… Read More

Trump, Threat Inflation, and Authoritarianism

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 77 years old with President Richard Nixon after returning to Washington Saturday, Dec. 31, 1971. (AP Photo/JP) I have a piece at the Washington Post’s PostEverything that tries to cut through some of the debate over Trump and authoritarianism. Those of you who follow this debate will quickly recognize my concerns.… Read More

SOTECH Debuts its Next Gen SOF Medical Carriage System at SHOT 2018

SOTech built its reputation over the last 20 years designing and building medical systems for our nation’s elite special operations units. This is a modular medical pack system that functions across the 3 platforms of RUCK-TRUCK-HOUSE. This 2nd generation evolution of SOF medical packs incorporates a decade of wartime operator input. A tailored set of… Read More

Kimber to Expand Manufacturing Operations to Alabama

Kimber announced this week that it has finalized plans to expand manufacturing operations to Alabama. The post Kimber to Expand Manufacturing Operations to Alabama appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 6:49 am Support Us

Nighthawk Custom announces release of Agent 2 pistol

The Agent 2 sees Nighthawk Custom pair with several collaborators to induce high end features on the new pistol. (Photo: Nighthawk Custom) Nighthawk Custom introduces the second iteration of its Agent 1 pistol, introducing the Nighthawk Agent 2. A collaboration between Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, Railscales and Hillbilly 223, the Agent 2 features a sleek… Read More

NRA-ILA: 2017 is Another Year Millions of Americans Bought Firearms

Hopefully, we can put the claims of “Trump Slump” and of the demise of the firearms industry to rest along with the year 2017. The post NRA-ILA: 2017 is Another Year Millions of Americans Bought Firearms appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 6:35 am Support Us

Nebraska Lawmakers Vote on Proposal to Hike Gun Permits 400 Percent

“I cannot in good conscience support having a fee of any kind for having Nebraskans express their constitutional right,” said state Sen. Mike Hilgers (R-Lincoln). The post Nebraska Lawmakers Vote on Proposal to Hike Gun Permits 400 Percent appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 6:35 am Support… Read More

Franklin Armory to Introduce Non-NFA 11.5-Inch AR-Pattern Firearm

Franklin Armory is launching the Reformation. A non-rifle AR-pattern firearm with a conventional stock and an 11.5-inch barrel. No tax stamp required. No NFA paperwork. The post Franklin Armory to Introduce Non-NFA 11.5-Inch AR-Pattern Firearm appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 6:35 am Support Us

Video Begins to Clarify Deadly Police-Involved Courthouse Shooting of Teen

According to the sheriff’s office, Deputy Richard Scarborough shot 16-year-old Joseph Haynes during a physical altercation between Scarborough, Haynes, and Haynes’s family. At some point the deputy was knocked to the ground and fired a single gunshot, which hit Haynes in the abdomen. The post Video Begins to Clarify Deadly Police-Involved Courthouse Shooting of Teen… Read More

Remington Backs new Model 700 PCR with 3-Shot Sub-MOA Guarantee

Remington is announcing a new Model 700 bolt-action rifle with a custom-style modular precision chassis chambered for .260 Remington, 6.5mm Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. The post Remington Backs new Model 700 PCR with 3-Shot Sub-MOA Guarantee appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 6:20 am Support Us

3D Printed Suppressor Miracle: Daniel Defense Wave

This week, with our ongoing suppressor coverage, we got to test one of unique products on the market. The Daniel Defense Wave, the first 3D printed suppressor in history. As we would expect from the name Daniel Defense, it proved to be spectacular. DD Making Waves When I first heard this device was 3D printed,… Read More

Maxpedition introduces new Entity line of concealment packs

Maxpedition announced it’s set to launch a brand new line of concealment backpacks called the Entity series coming in Spring 2018. The Entity series will feature a variety of packs and accessories designed around what the company calls “Non-Tactical/Tactical concept.” The NTT is designed to give gun enthusiasts a means to discreetly conceal carry, averting… Read More

Mass Mobilization Matters

Women with bright pink hats and signs begin to gather early and are set to make their voices heard on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington. Organizers of the Women’s March on Washington expect more than 200,000 people to attend the gathering. Other protests are expected in… Read More

Bushnell Adds Competitive Shooter KC Eusebio

Four-Time World Steel Challenge Speed Shooting Champion KC Eusebio Chooses Bushnell OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – January 19, 2018 – Bushnell, the industry leader in high-performance optics, announces the signing of KC Eusebio to Bushnell’s Ambassador/Shooting Team. He will represent Bushnell at USPSA, IPSC, Steel Challenge and PRS competitions, as well as assess and develop new… Read More

Supreme Court says no to 3-D printed guns, for now

Cody Wilson holds the world’s first 3D printed handgun, The Liberator. (Photo: AP Photo/Austin American Statesman, Jay Janner) The Supreme Court turned down its chance to weigh-in on regulations for 3-D printed firearms — for now. The high court announced its decision Jan. 8, sending Defense Distributed v. State back to the western district of… Read More

Mossberg introduces dozens new shotguns, rifles

The Connecticut-based O.F. Mossberg & Sons will release more than two dozen new shotguns and rifles at the gun industry’s annual trade show, SHOT, in Las Vegas this week, according to the company’s announcements. SHOTGUNS A new edition to the Maverick line up. The economical series comes with new tactical features and colors. (Photo: Mossberg)… Read More

Maximize Space in Your Gun Safe with these DIY ‘Rifle Rods’

Rifle rods are handy pieces of plastic and Velcro that allow gun owners to store rifles vertically rather than at an angle. The post Maximize Space in Your Gun Safe with these DIY ‘Rifle Rods’ appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 4:04 am Support Us

MATBOCK Monday – 2018 Catalog

MATBOCK is excited for 2018 with lots of great new products entering the market including the new MR Dry 2.0 Series dry bags, the updated Berserker Series Carriers, the 1 Day Assault Pack and the all new Skins. They are all highlighted in the new 2018 Catalog which can be seen below. issuu.com/matbock/docs/matbock_catalog_comp_2 Full Story… Read More

FN Adding Five New FN 15 Rifles to their Lineup

FN is adding two pistols, two carbines and a rifle to their catalog, including 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK models and Maryland-compliant guns as well. The post FN Adding Five New FN 15 Rifles to their Lineup appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 3:49 am Support Us

Affordable Solution for Gun Storage — DU-HA Systems

For as long as I can remember, I have been searching for a solid solution for storing my gear in my vehicle in such a way that it is both secure and easily accessible. I have owned all manner of sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks, and it seems that no matter the vehicle there was… Read More

Riverside County Wait Time for a Gun Permit is Two Years

“If something happens in the meantime, this is a Second Amendment opportunity to protect myself that I simply don’t have,” said Perkio. The post Riverside County Wait Time for a Gun Permit is Two Years appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 3:19 am Support Us

SIG Wants You to Carry 365 with the P365 – New 10+1 9mm Subcompact

Unlike many single-stack pistols in its size and weight range the P365 offers 10+1 rounds of ammunition and that’s with flush magazines. The post SIG Wants You to Carry 365 with the P365 – New 10+1 9mm Subcompact appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 3:04 am Support… Read More

SAF Requests Supreme Court to Review California Gun Store Ban

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review a case involving a county ordinance in California that effectively bans new gun stores. The post SAF Requests Supreme Court to Review California Gun Store Ban appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 2:49 am… Read More

Top Five Handgun Accessories

As the demand for guns levels off, interest continues in several sub-categories, including accessories for handguns — for form as well as function. The post Top Five Handgun Accessories appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 2:34 am Support Us

Driving Boars in Poland — Testing Norma’s New Strike Line

Hunting styles vary greatly across our country, with spot-and-stalk in the west, sitting on stands in the east, corn feeders in the south and even deer run with dogs in certain states. Travel outside of our borders, and you can find an even wider variety of methods, not to mention specific customs, traditions, and expectations.… Read More

Connecticut Governor Jumps on the Ban Bump Stocks Bandwagon

“Simply put, these devices are cheap, they are deadly, and they are completely and utterly unnecessary in our society,” said Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy at a press conference this week. The post Connecticut Governor Jumps on the Ban Bump Stocks Bandwagon appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018… Read More

Chicago Concealed Carrier Fatally Shoots Would-be Robber

The 58-year-old fired, hitting Gales in “the back of the head,” the police told the Chicago Tribune.  The post Chicago Concealed Carrier Fatally Shoots Would-be Robber appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 1:34 am Support Us

Korwin: So Why Not Register Guns? Here’s Why Not!

Registering guns and licensing gun owners would be tantamount to registering bibles and licensing churches.  Yet no one is calling for a bible registry.  At least not yet. The post Korwin: So Why Not Register Guns? Here’s Why Not! appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog January 22, 2018 1:19 am… Read More

Raine Inc To Exhibit At Supplier Showcase

Visit the Raine team at the Supplier Showcase (Booth #S1440) inside Shot Show Monday & Tuesday. The team at Raine can help bring your idea from concept to manufacture or make your existing products. They have been sewing for 30+ years. Made in the USA. Small and large volume projects are welcome. You can also… Read More

#Gunwerked Photo Gallery

Gunwerks rifle makers –motto 1000 Yards Out of the Box™ — recently held a photo contest. British Columbian hunter Stephen Williams scooped the top prize: a $4k Gunwerks [not currently in stock] RevX Rifle. Gun aside, literally, I’ve got to say that is one freakin’ HUGE elk. Judging by GW’s photo gallery . . . there are… Read More


The Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show is the premier gathering of the firearms industry to display new products for the year. Official opening day of the show is Tuesday the 23rd, but today is when the firearms and outdoor … Read more Full Story Here Masad Ayoob January 21, 2018 6:34 pm Support Us

2018 New Products From Dan Wesson

That’s 2018 the year, to be clear, not that Dan Wesson‘s releasing 2,018 new products. We’ve already covered CZ-USA’s new stuff, so now it’s DW’s turn. The DW 50th Anniversary Limited Edition “is an all-stainless gun finished in a high polish nitride to resemble a high quality blue.” But it should be significantly more durable.… Read More

Dickies Debuts New Tactical 2018 Gear at SHOT Show

Dickies® Tactical Since 1922, Dickies has been outfitting hard-working women and men, many of whom dedicate their lives to protecting and serving the public. Whether you’re a beat cop, an elite operative or live the survivalist lifestyle, chances are Dickies Tactical has the performance gear that works when seconds count and movement matters. New Product… Read More

Anthem’s imprudent standard

Click picture, play video It is well known that absent a very knobbly boot on the neck, health insurance companies behave like libertarian sadists on a coke binge. For example, Anthem continues to roll out its Diagnose Yourself or Pay policy, even though it violates federal law. Alison Wrenne was home cooking breakfast for her… Read More

SIG Range Day 2018 – TYR Tactical DAP DS

This is the new Direct Action Pack for the PICO DS armor vest. It zips unto the back panel of the PICO-DS, or can be worn with its integral, low-profile shoulder straps. The DAP-DS offers an expandable main bag, an upper GP pocket and a lower, padded GP pocket. It can be expanded via side… Read More

Trumpism Is…

  …paying 100,000 dollars to attend a fancy shindig at a tacky golf club and using plastic spoons to grab your caviar from a tarnished silver bowl. I mean, it’s just too perfect, from start to finish. It’s money getting you flash and no substance. Share Full Story Here Lawyers Guns Money January 21, 2018… Read More

SIG Range Day 2018 – 300URG Integrally Suppressed Upper

I gave you a sneak peek yesterday of a new integrally suppressed 300 BLK Upper Receiver Group from SIG called the 300SRG. It uses the MCX short stroke piston architecture and integrates a 6.75″ barrel with a 19 baffle titanium suppressor. Several questions came up regarding the overall length so I asked SIG’s John Hollister.… Read More

SIG Range Day 2018 – P365 Laser Sneak Peek

Due to its narrow design, the new SIG P365 pistol features a slim-line rail. SIG Optics is introducing a laser in March built specifically for this pistol. Offered in Red and Green variants, it is actuated via pressure of the middle finger of the button at the grip. Here is a photo of me shooting… Read More

Innovating the Wheel?

It can be hard to innovate in some parts of the shooting industry. For starters, the market is essentially conservative, and we don’t mean in a political sense. One of the legendary online debating gun forum topics pits fans of a 106-year-old pistol design firing a 112-year-old cartridge against fans of a 35-year-old pistol design… Read More

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Pocket Carry?

Michael Wilsher couldn’t wish for a better everyday carry gun than the Ruger LCP. Strike that. With its improved trigger, the five-star Ruger LCP II should be on Mr. Wisher’s wish list. [Click here to ID his entire load out.] But I am a little surprised that . . . the Virginian carries the diminutive gat… Read More

Rant of the Week: It’s Time To Belly Up To The Bar of Accountability

“What the hell was I thinking?” was my morning after-reaction to what I thought was a brilliant idea as I was drifting off to sleep the night before. The thought that keeps reoccurring is that I should be a liberal. Let’s face it, liberalism is the path of least resistance. No fuss, no muss, facts-be-damned,… Read More

Grunt Style High Tide Raid Shoes Collab With Altama

Grunt Style collaborated with Altama to offer a special Red and Black version of the Altama OTB mid shoe. Features: Maritime Assault Boot for all tactical water operations Fin friendly fit; fits just about any dive fins used by Militaries worldwide High abrasion quick drying 1000D Cordura quarter panels Air mesh linings help wick away… Read More

NFL Conference Championship Open Thread

I will be traveling for most of tomorrow, so my ability to see any of the games will depend on Delta’s wireless and/or dashboard viewing opt…so I look forward to seeing the highlights! Some random notes: Having been freed from the grip of EXOTIC SMASHMOUTH, the fine people of Tennessee will be favored with the…Bill… Read More

Nebraska Hunting Accident Highlights Black Powder Dangers

When I think of shooting a black powder gun the words “proceed with caution” come to mind. I’m not saying black powder guns are especially dangerous BUT I am saying . . . there is a lot more to learn about them. Especially when it comes to loading. And like any gun, things can go… Read More

Seekins Precision – Select Adjustable Gas Block

The Select Adjustable Gas Block allows a near infinite initial adjustment using an allen wrench. To begin, simply turn the gas screw in (reducing gas) or out (increasing gas), whichever you require, and finish by attaching the gas switch for tool-less, on the fly adjustments without losing your initial gas setting. • 40 position fine… Read More

New from Concepts Laboratory: Liberty MkIX Polymer 80% 1911 Frame

Press release: USA, NV, Las Vegas – Freedom Concepts Laboratory, a new player in the firearms industry, has brought something new and exciting with them to the 2018 SHOT Show. The Liberty line of 80% polymer 1911 frame kits is a unique new alternative for those who want to build a feature rich, custom 1911,… Read More

A Temporary Suspension of Murc’s Law!

President Donald Trump examines a fire truck from Wisconsin-based manufacturer Pierce on the South Lawn during a “Made in America” product showcase event at the White House in Washington, DC, on July 17, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Olivier Douliery (Photo credit should read OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images) I know you won’t believe this, but we… Read More

New York Times Slimes NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch

Yesterday, The New York Times published a profile of NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch called The National Rifle Association’s Telegenic Warrior. Subtitled How Dana Loesch, a onetime Democrat, became a Second Amendment spokeswoman too incendiary for some right-wingers to handle. This was never going to end well . . . Times writer Laura M. Holson starts her hit… Read More

John Boch: Lock Them Up!

When you lock up violent criminals, you prevent them from victimizing other innocents. Crime in America dipped almost 50% after America abandoned “soft on crime” attitudes of the 1970s. Of course, many soft-on-crime politicians like Reitz have once more taken a love to “diversion” programs. And that’s how we get Robbie Patton (above), a local crime… Read More

H&K Lays It Down

This may very well be the best pre-SHOT post on Facebook this year. Full Story Here Soldier Systems January 21, 2018 8:05 am Support Us

Defense Department Fights Back Against Gun Database Lawsuit

While the Department of Defense has taken some lumps over its failure to report the Sutherland Springs shooter to the NICS database, it’s not willing to go down without a fight. After all, we do tend to want our military to fight, though possibly not on something like this, but if they’re in the right–or at least… Read More

One Year Down, Three (Oh Dear God Please Only Three) Years To Go

A few thoughts a year into the worst presidency I hope we will ever see. 1) The most important thing, in my view, to understand about Donald Trump’s worldview is the racist resentment. That runs through his advisors and through the nearly the whole Republican Party as they fall into line. Thus his new ad… Read More

Snow Peak – Titanium Mini Fork

Weighing less than an ounce yeah, you read that right), the new Titanium Mini Fork is 4.5 ounces long. It will also fit in their Ti-Mini Solo cooking set. snowpeak.com/products/titanium-mini-fork Full Story Here Soldier Systems January 21, 2018 4:19 am Support Us

Watching the Blue Detectives

Casey Michel sends the Marshal of the Supreme Court against the conspiracy cranks that have been inevitably drawn to the investigation into Russian intervention in the 2016 election: Led by British gadfly Louise Mensch (269,000 followers on Twitter currently) and going by a handful of names and hashtags — including #TeamPatriot — this coterie largely… Read More

Christensen Arms Expands Caliber Options For MPR

Building on the success of its Moderns Precision Rifle, Christensen Arms expands the MPR caliber options for shooters hungry for more cartridges. New chamberings include .300 Win Mag, .300 Norma Mag, and .338 Lapua on the long action configuration and 6.5 PRC on the short action model. The new calibers join the 6.5 Creedmoor and… Read More

Reader Comments of the Week — January 20, 2018

A recap or sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected reader comments from the previous week. Full Story Here Cheaper than Dirt Blog January 20, 2018 9:02 pm Support Us

SAFESHOOT Hunting Safety Device (For Realz)

Will ya look at humongous thing hanging off the end of that guy’s rifle? No wonder it needs a bipod! Nope. It’s not a radar gun. It’s a SAFESHOOT device “driven by an array of dynamic-calibrated long-range MEMS sensors, onboard GPS and RF communication.” Well no one communicated this to me . . . Until… Read More

Prometheus Design Werx – Raider Field Pant

New for 2018, San Francisco based specialty adventure products company Prometheus Design Werx debuts their Raider Field Pant 5050RS. Built as a rugged field pant, this style is a non-cargo design in a clean utility appearance, built for the outdoors and today’s active EDC user in mind. A total of 11 pockets to stash and… Read More

Music Notes

Is it possible to have too much music? It probably is. This is an interesting essay about the problem with a very abbreviated 2017 resolution to only listen to one album a week so the writer can get to know it like he knew albums in the 90s when we all listened to a few… Read More

ZRODelta Merges With Critical Capabilities, Acquires War Sport

This may be a little “inside baseball” for mass consumption; we don’t tend to post much in the way of industry-internal news. But, as I’ve been testing out a few of ZRODelta‘s products over the last two months (and loving them), and War Sport is a known entity, I figured we’d pass along the info.… Read More

Arnold Defense Introduces New Air Platform-mounted Rocket Launchers to the South East Asian Defense Market at the Singapore Air Show

Singapore, February 6, 2018: Arnold Defense, the US St Louis-based international manufacturer and supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, is displaying its new, ultra-light LWL-12 2.75-inch/70mm Weapon Systems for the first time at the Singapore Air Show, Changi Exhibition Centre, February 6-11, 2018. Arnold Defense is the world’s largest supplier of rocket launchers and the Company… Read More

New From Dickies: Tactical Wear

Yes, you read that right. The Dickies workwear brand you know and love is now 78.3% more tactical. This coming week at SHOT Show 2018, they’re set to unveil a new line of tactical-oriented clothing. If you’re an Operator operating operationally or a survivalist, this gear is apparently for you. Dickies’ press release follows . .… Read More


I got a notification from my friends at Indy Arms Co. that a package had arrived for me. A reader had sent me a birthday gift, and would I like to come and pick it up or should they hold it ’til after SHOT? I allowed as how I had some shopping to get done… Read More

Less Partisanship Doesn’t Mean Less Conflict

Some excellent historical perspective from Julia Azari: We’re now one year into the Trump era, and politics seems more nasty, divided and polarized than ever. A government shutdown is imminent over immigration policy. Congress hasn’t passed a single, major bipartisan bill. President Trump’s approval rating among Democrats has fallen to 5 percent. Some reports suggest… Read More

Shellback Tactical Announces Partnership With US Patriot Tactical

Michael Wratten, the founder of Shellback Tactical, announces that the company has partnered with US Patriot Tactical. US Patriot Tactical will handle all global distribution of the brand and product lines. You have known Shellback Tactical for its premium nylon products including the Banshee product line and others which will continue to expand. To meet… Read More

Champaign, Illinois “Gun Violence” Town Hall Delivers Heat Not Light

Town hall meetings are Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s bread and butter. The Demanding Moms love to show up when senseless violence shakes Suzy Soccer Moms out of their comfort zone. Just like sleazy, ambulance-chasing lawyers . . . The gun grabbing divas claim “easy access” to guns, not violent criminals, lead… Read More

Introducing The Mauser M18 — “The People’s Rifle”

Das Original Volksgewehr? Mauser to the people! Hey, a real deal Mauser for $699 just might turn heads. Press release on Mauser’s new M18 follows . . . Introducing the Mauser M18 The dream of owning a MAUSER is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the launch of the iconic German gunmaker’s newest rifle: The MAUSER… Read More

I’m Happy To See Downrange Filming Made it Into 2018

Hmmmm: 0:30 – Incredible… there it is.  Getting footage ahead of the line of fire is literally the most alpha thing ever.  This guy definitely got a hug after, and maybe even a “awe, you’re sweet” from the girls. 1:31 – What’s this supposed to prove, other than having a full size AR-15 awkwardly stored… Read More