Off Body Carry

Carrying a concealed handgun can be a pain—figuratively and literally. For many people, the discomfort associated with wearing a holstered firearm soon outweighs their desire to carry. As a result, their handguns get left at home or in a vehicle, where they’re probably not going to do much good. As an alternative, some opt for off-body… Read More

TAR-21: Israel’s Tavor Spreads Its Wings

The Micro Tavor makes an already short rifle into an effective PDW. When I heard that Israel was going to be fielding a new rifle to replace its M4s and M16s, my first reaction was, “What’s wrong with our rifle? Israel buys all of its military equipment from the United States,” I thought. The truth… Read More

Low-Light Shooting Tactics and Self-Defense

“Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.” That statement is applicable to many things in life, but it started as a response to a student’s question about low-light shooting tactics and the use of flashlights in self-defense. Like many diligent shooters, the student had spent a lot of… Read More

Red Dot Revolution

In the firearms training world, I’ve seen many of the “next big things” fade away into obscurity or be replaced by another new product that comes down the line purporting to give the end user some small peace of mind. The reality is that people who depend too much on their equipment are setting themselves… Read More

New Micro 9 Hits Hard and Carries Easy

Kimber’s New Micro 9 is a 1911-style defensive pistol that is easy to carry and delivers terminal performance. When it comes to defensive pistols, one size definitely does not fit all. Size, shape, weight and functionality are factors that prompt a customer to purchase one gun versus another. Understandably, when a person hands over hard-earned… Read More

North American Arms The Earl .22LR/.22WMR

Named After the North American Arms gunsmith who originally developed it, The Earl is a five-shot, single-action mini-revolver that’s chambered in .22 Magnum. Though diminutive in size, it was designed to resemble an 1860s-era percussion-fired revolver with its octagonal barrel, top-strap sight channel and blade front sight. Also sending our thoughts back to the Old… Read More

New Lightweight Holster Shines in 30-day Carry Test

Vedder Holsters’ LightDraw Kydex OWB proved super comfortable to carry in G&A’s exclusive 30-day carry test. Vedder Holsters is a family-owned company in central Florida that designs and manufactures its products in the United States. Those products include inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB) and pocket-carry holsters, as well as an IWB spare magazine pouches made of… Read More

Thompson/Center Contender Just Turned 50 And Is Still Going Strong

Let’s start with a riddle: What commercial firearm can be a handgun, a carbine, a full-­up long rifle … or a shotgun? And what commercial firearm can be a muzzleloader, centerfire or rimfire … and easily changed to one of several dozen cartridges? I submit there is just one, the Thompson/Center (T/C) Contender. During the… Read More

Handgunning: The Hip-Grip

Holsters exist to be used. The idea of stuffing a carry gun into a pocket, waistband, purse or anywhere else without a holster is now on par with shooting without hearing protection or the phlogiston theory of combustion. (And rightly so.) Yet that was not always the case. Back in the days before we knew… Read More

VHS: Croatia’s Unique Bullpup Carbine

The Croatian VHS bullpup comes in two flavors: the full-length VHS-D or the carbine-length VHS-K Croatia is a leading developer in the growth of small arms design. The development of the VHS started in 2005, and an early prototype surfaced in 2006. It features an all-polymer exterior and chambers 5.56x45mm NATO. The rifle weight is… Read More

2017 Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards

Guns & Ammo editors, contributors and staff present 2017’s pre-eminent firearms, optic, ammunition, suppressor and innovation awards. Only products made available to consumers this last year qualify for consideration. Candidates that were introduced but experienced delays in shipping to retailers were excluded from voting. During our roundtable discussions, more weight towards the outcome was given… Read More

Barrett Model 90, 95 and 99: The Most Powerful Bullpups in the World

The Model 90, Model 95 and Model 99 are the most powerful bullpups in the world. At 45 inches, the less cumbersome Barrett bullpups are the easist .50-caliber rifles to ready and deploy.   MODEL 90 A compact Barrett doesn’t come about overnight. In fact, it takes three days. At least, that’s how long it… Read More

China’s Assault Rifle: QBZ95

The QBZ95 is surprisingly light and balanced for a bullpup, thanks to its unique barrel-centric internal design. It was also specifically designed to be capable of one-hand firing on or off the shoulder with some accuracy, which could be useful in CQB situations. July 1, 1997, was the date the city of Hong Kong, the… Read More

30-Day Carry: New Rig is Less Bulky and Highly Versatile

G&A’s editor wore Vedder’s LightTuck Kydex IWB for 30 days straight. Here’s what he discovered. Hailing from central Florida, Vedder Holsters is a family-owned company that handcrafts all of its products in the U.S. Those products include inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB) and pocket-carry holsters, as well as IWB spare magazine pouches made of Kydex. Completing the… Read More

Ankle Biters: Using Ankle Holsters

Run, run, run…hop, hop, hop—run, run, run…hop, hop, hop. That was my cadence chasing a suspect through a backyard. I was hopping on one foot while attempting to pull my ankle holster containing a Chief’s Special on my ankle. It was either that or, like so many cops back in the day, searching with a… Read More

Affordable New Riflescope Is Loaded With Features

Steiner’s T5Xi line offers German quality at an affordable price The 3-15x50mm T5Xi is much smaller than its predecessor. The new scope line is also manufactured in the U.S., so these scopes are now more affordable. It used to be that if you wanted Steiner’s top-of-the-line scope, you paid north of $3,000 for some sweet… Read More

FS2000: Carbine on the Move

Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal (FNH) has developed and manufactured some of the world’s most successful small arms, and its foray into bullpup service rifles would demonstrate the same innovation and extreme reliability that made its rifles, medium- and heavy-machine guns the choice of dozens of modern militaries. But this was not the company’s first date with… Read More

Why This May Be the Best Tactical Shotgun Ever

Kel-Tec’s new KSG-25 rewrites the book on defensive scatterguns with extended, dual tube magazines that hold 20 rounds of 3-inch, 12-gauge shotshells. While it’s probably not a shotgun you’ll go pheasant hunting with, the KSG-25 is perfect for home defense offering massive firepower. It’s also fun to shoot. Most gun companies regularly offer new models,… Read More

The FAMAS Rifle

French soldiers from the 27th Alpine Rangers Battalion and French Task Force Tiger patrol the many valleys of Kapisa province, Afghanistan, April 21, 2009. (DoD photo by Maj. Patrick Simo) The FAMAS rifle, or Fusil D’Assaut De La Manufacture D’Armes De Saint-Etienne, is the standard French service rifle and has been since 1978. The acronym… Read More

Khaybar: Iran’s 5.56mm Assault Rifle

In 2003, the Iranian Defense Industries Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran introduced a modern-looking bullpup designated the Khaybar KH2002. This new assault rifle features a polymer exterior and is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. It was heralded as a major achievement of the Iranian defense industry. However, seven years later the Khaybar is… Read More

Tested: New Light Shows Objects at 200 Yards

The Optical Dynamics Long-Distance OD40 Illuminator provides a new way to light up at 200 yards—and it mounts on a rifle. The Optical Dynamics Long-Distance OD40 Illuminator uses a Collimated Amplified Lens System that projects a narrow and adjustable column of light to illuminate a target, not the entire area, or the user. Optical Dynamics has… Read More

AK: Century Arms 1975 AK Bullpup Reborn

The 1975 AK Bullpup from Century Arms offers Kalashnikov enthusiasts a unique take on the ever-popular design, consisting of a powerful rifle in a compact package. To say that the AK-pattern rifle was revolutionary when it was first introduced in the late 1940s would be a gross understatement. Following the path of design first blazed… Read More

Positive Elephant Finding Best Decision for Conservation, Anti-Poaching

Positive Elephant Finding Best Decision for Conservation, Anti-Poaching USA -( DSC applauds the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announcement regarding a positive enhancement finding for elephants in the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The positive enhancement standard is strict, and requires that the Service find “that the [animal] is taken as part of a well-managed… Read More

New Red-Dot Sight: Awesome Quality for Under $200

Sightmark’s Wolverine CSR 1×23 Red-Dot Scope is proof that inexpensive optics don’t have to be cheap Lenses on the Wolverine are very good and offer scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lens coatings that transmit light well and limit distracting reflection. Increased interest in AR-pattern rifles over the last decade has prompted optic manufacturers to offer more options to… Read More

New Red-Dot Sight Combo Is Perfect For AR’s

SIG Sauer’s premium Romeo4T red dot sight and 4x Juliet magnifier are the perfect combo to extend your AR’s range. Used in combination, a shooter can take SIG Sauer’s new Romeo4T red dot sight from the muzzle out to 200 yards, and then add the Juliet4 magnifier to gain an additional few hundred yards of… Read More

The Hunt is Over for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Kids

50 Strong Camo Insulated Water Bottle USA -( Are you on the hunt for the perfect stocking stuffer for the hunting enthusiast in your life? Well, your search is over! The Camo Insulated water bottle from 50 Strong keeps 24 oz. of water cold with its durable, double-wall design. It features a soft handle that… Read More

Leave Your Life in the Court’s Hands? No Thanks

Leave Your Life in the Court’s Hands? No Thanks USA -( “I don’t get it. Why do we need Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho? Don’t we already have it?” That was one of the most recent comments I read on our Facebook page about the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s effort to pass real Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho. The… Read More

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some great gear for the favorite shooter on your shopping list. Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite shooter? Here are 10 must-have items selected by the G&A Editors. 3M Peltor Give the gift of hearing protection this season to all the shooters in your family. PELTOR’s Sport™ Tactical 300 and Tactical… Read More

Best States for Gun Owners (2017)

Over the past five years, we at Guns and Ammo have done our best to aggregate and analyze the gun laws of all fifty states and the District of Columbia. During this short window of time, we have watched the efforts of pro-gun groups in the states unfold into an increasingly-positive statutory landscape for gun… Read More

This Fixed-Power Battle Sight Is An Amazing Value

Steiner’s totally waterproof M332 battle sight offers a wide field of view and long eye relief at an amazing price. Steiner’s M332 is the perfect fixed-powered optic—durable, compact, with a wide field of view and 3 inches of eye relief. There’s room in the optics world for more than low- and mid-power variable scopes. Variable-power… Read More

Snubnose Revolver Tactics

Last summer I was riding as a passenger in a friend’s pickup when we observed a sedan veer off the highway and collide with a guardrail. I told the driver to make a U-turn so we could check on the sedan’s occupants. Once my friend turned the pickup and approached the collision, both occupants had… Read More

New Tactical Riflescope: Great Quality and Price

Steiner’s 1-4x24mm P4Xi is the perfect match for your modern sporting rifle. Steiner’s P4Xi 1-4X variable offers excellent quality for the price and is ideal for scoping your AR-15. Every once in a while, an optic comes along that just makes sense. The best of these offer good quality and are priced so that most… Read More

Home Defense Weapons: Ruger LCR .38 Special

When dressed appropriately and carried in a slim holster, the Ruger LCR can qualify for duty as a pocket pistol. I admit it: There are quite a lot of firearms in our house. Never mind exactly how many. Most of them live in gun safes. I’ll admit this, too: After a disastrous burglary of our… Read More

Germany now allows Suppressors in more States

Hunters in the North Rhine-Westphalia area in Germany can now use sound suppressors for their hunting rifles. The Ministry of Interior has regulated this in a decree to the The Federal Hunting Act.  You may ask why this is important to you, but there are some very interesting and important quotes from high ranking officials… Read More

TruGlo Now Offering TRITIUM PRO Night Sights for Canik TP Series

The Canik TP series of handguns has exploded in popularity over the last few years due to their competition ready quality at an extremely affordable price point. Being that the Canik TP series of pistols come from Century Arms, which is not entirely a household name brand, not many aftermarket parts companies offer accessories for… Read More

Compact Green Laser Sight from Leapers

Leapers, Inc. announced a new compact green laser for handguns. Part of the company’s UTG brand, the new Compact Ambidextrous Green Laser is a small unit designed for handguns. This unit is designed as a supplemental aiming system for pistols. It has ambidextrous controls: switches on both the right and left sides of the unit… Read More

OSG’s “MyOutdoorTV” Reels in Extensive Collection of Fishing Programs

Timmy Horton Outdoors DENVER, Colo. -( Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG) has reeled in the best outdoor lifestyle, fishing television content for its outdoor global, subscription-based, video on-demand service MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) with the acquisition of vast freshwater programming from Strike King’s Fish Hard, Timmy Horton Outdoors, Big Bass Battle and Crappie Time. Outdoor Sportsman Group has… Read More

IWI US Seeking Director of Sales

IWI US opens up position for Director of Sales to lead sales strategy for continued sales growth through existing and new sales channels. IWI TAVOR 7 in action as IWI US seeks to find new Director of Sales to continue company’s growth. Harrisburg, Pa. ( – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries… Read More

The New Offers Original, Free, Outdoors Content

The New Offers Original, Free, Outdoors Content WEST POINT, MS –-( For over 30 years, Mossy Oak has been dedicated to helping our consumers get closer to nature with the best camouflage patterns and the best in hunting, conservation and lifestyle content. Now we are taking that to the next level with our brand-new… Read More

Concealed carry clothing: Why more retailers are offering integrated holsters

Concealed carry clothing meshes regular, every day attire with an integrated holster setup. (Photo: Jacki Billings) Concealed carry has evolved from the simple days of a holster on the hip. These days, gun owners tote firearms in an array of set-ups; but one style of holster, in particular, is steadily gaining steam — concealed carry… Read More

Wilson Combat’s New Beretta 92G Centurion Tactical

Wilson Combat is well known for building 1911 style pistols. In recent times, the company has moved into working with the Beretta 92 series of handguns. It’s newest offering is from that series. The new 92G Centurion Tactical is a semi-custom pistol that is designed by Wilson Combat to be an “everyday carry” 9mm self… Read More

Speed Strips vs. Speedloaders – Keeping Your Revolver In The Fight

Terril J. Hebert looks the advantages and disadvantages of Speed Strips vs. Speedloaders in revolver reloading. Speed Strips vs. Speedloaders – Keeping Your Revolver In The Fight USA -( The number of rounds fired in citizen-involved self-defense encounters is hard to gauge. I have searched high and low for answers, but even the FBI doesn’t… Read More

ATF & NSSF Offer Reward in Elmore’s Firearms Smash & Grab Robbery

Elmore’s Firearms, located at 250 N. State Route 135, Greenwood, Indiana. INDIANAPOLIS — -( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) – the trade association for the firearms industry – are announcing a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for… Read More

Milipol 17 – Sneak Peek UF PRO’s Ace Winter Combat Shirt

UF PRO gave us a sneak peek of their new Ace Winter Combat Shirt. It’s intended to keep your arms warm in cold weather, yet allow plenty of ventilation when you are active. The arm sections are insulated with GLOFT thermal insulation while the torso is made from a wind proof and water repellant material.… Read More

Leapers Releases New Slim Rear Sight

Leapers Inc. announced a new rear sight for the AR style of firearm called the Super Slim Fixed Rear Sight. Released under the UTG brand, the new sight mounts to a Picatinny type rail and is designed to work with an A2 type front sight tower. It has a Torx head screw for mounting to… Read More

Ingrate Of The Year

Art by A.F. Branco Branco Ingrate Of The Year USA -( Ingrate Of The Year Colin Kaepernick is GQ Magazine’s Citizen of the year in spite of his ungrateful anti-American demonstrations. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco 2017. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email… Read More

Ingrate Of The Year

Art by A.F. Branco Branco Ingrate Of The Year USA -( Ingrate Of The Year Colin Kaepernick is GQ Magazine’s Citizen of the year in spite of his ungrateful anti-American demonstrations. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco 2017. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email… Read More

Kansas State Parks Offering Free Entrance on Black Friday

Kansas State Parks Offering Free Entrance on Black Friday PRATT, Kan. -( The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has a Black Friday deal that will give your wallet and your mind a rest. How does free sound? This Black Friday, take “free” to a whole new level and free yourself from the… Read More

Kansas State Parks Offering Free Entrance on Black Friday

Kansas State Parks Offering Free Entrance on Black Friday PRATT, Kan. -( The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has a Black Friday deal that will give your wallet and your mind a rest. How does free sound? This Black Friday, take “free” to a whole new level and free yourself from the… Read More

Comp-Tac introduces Comp-Tac Armadillo shooting vest for IDPA

The Comp-Tac Armadillo shooting vest is built specifically with IDPA shooters in mind. (Photo: Comp-Tac) Comp-Tac announced a new shooting vest, the Comp-Tac Armadillo, designed for IDPA shooting matches requiring firearm draws from concealment. A result of the company’s recent acquisition of Armadillo Concealment, the Comp-Tac Armadillo is IDPA compliant. Built from 10-ounce-weight thick cotton… Read More

TFB Exclusive: Interview with Dallas Jolley of Advanced Firearm Accessories

Advanced Firearm Accessories (AFA), LLC is becoming widely known for their AF Loader which is the world’s first automated speedloader for handgun magazines. We first ran an article about AFA LLC and their marvelous automated speedloader back on September 26th. A short time thereafter while utilizing a site called IndieGoGo to crowdfund their endeavors, they… Read More

Pink is the New Blech! (Female Gun Owner Series – Part 2)

The dramatic rise in number of firearms being purchased by women across the country today is undisputable. The message is clear: Women (myself included) want to shoot. We want to arm ourselves for hunting, competition, home defense, and even just plinking! However, a lot of firearm manufacturers haven’t caught up with the times. Does This… Read More

Christmas Q&A with Henry Arm’s Anthony Imperato ~ LIVE VIDEO EVENT

Henry Arm’s, Anthony Imperato, will be hosting alive video chat on AmmoLand News and Facebook this Wednesday at 8pm EST on this page. Christmas Q&A with Anthony Imperato USA – -( ‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis the season to find that perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list as well. To make… Read More

A Lot Of Pieces Have To Fall Into Place With These Gun Disarms

Oh you know, ye old “I’m going to tell you what to do and how to react, then I’m going to disarm you”: Very close quarters, a shitty slow draw, a wall etc… etc… Pure entertainment from the Funker tactical marketing machine.  I was just waiting for him to say some outrageous click bait shit… Read More

POTD: Handgun Holster Fail

Found this photo with zero context. I am curious what the user was thinking when they holstered the grip rather than the gun? The gun looks odd and I think it is a CO2 bb gun. Matthew says it is a Crossman 1088. Forget the fact that this is some cheap corssman/Uncle Mike’s style holster.… Read More

[Milipol 2017] Meprolight Launches multi-spectral MEPRO NYX-200

It looks like Meprolight are going to have a busy stand at Milipol 2017 in Paris. They are member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, self-illuminated sights, and Laser Range Finder systems for military, law enforcement and civil applications. Among a number of new products,… Read More

Terry McAuliffe’s Halfway Heroism

Criminal Minds : Virginia Governor Terry Mcauliffe is giving Ex-cons voting rights in Virginia could give Hillary 200,000 extra votes.National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) Fairfax, VA – -( Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has recently been distinguished by Governing magazine as one of its “Public Officials of the Year.” According to the magazine, Gov. McAuliffe claims… Read More

Grasping Straws

Art by Michael Ramirez Ramirez Grasping Straws USA -( Grasping Straws In Attorney General Jeff Session’s latest time testifying on Capitol Hill, you could feel the Democrats desperately grasping for any straw they could find. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news!You call… Read More

Speaker Ryan, House GOP Reach Important Milestone on Taxes

Opinion Speaker Ryan, House GOP Reach Important Milestone on TaxesNewt Gingrich USA – -(  Speaker Ryan and House Republicans deserve real acclaim for passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last week. After enduring a painful first half of 2017, consumed primarily with the seemingly endless Obamacare repeal and replace debate, Speaker Ryan announced in… Read More

Jerky Lovers, Get Ready for A Super Thanksgiving Weekend Web Deal

Hi Mountain Seasonings RIVERTON, Wyo. -( Hi Mountain Seasonings makes holiday shopping easier than ever this year. No lines, no traffic or crowds and an incredible deal that you won’t want to miss. This web-only special features the new patent-pending, Ultimate Jerky Cutting Board and runs from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, Nov. 23 to… Read More

AR-15 Black Friday Gift Guide from

Get a free $25 Premium Build Mat with any purchase of $100 or more! U.S.A. –-( Turkey legs and Santa hats aside, we AR-15 lovers know what holiday is truly the best each year: Black Friday. We’re excited to let freedom ring in 5.56 for a little less cash this time around, so get ready… Read More

Trench sniping via periscope with the WWI-era Cameron Yaggi 1903 (VIDEOS)

Developed by J.L. Cameron and L.E. Yaggi during the Great War to allow Doughboys to pop shots at the Kaiser’s sauerkraut-eating legions across No Man’s Land, this rare trench rifle is up for auction. Up for bid in Rock Island Auction’s upcoming December Premiere Firearms Auction, this late WWI model (1918-marked barrel) Springfield Armory Model… Read More

Democrats Propose More Gun Bans & Where are the Republicans?

Gun Banner Dianne Feinstein, finger on the trigger. Fayetteville, Arkansas -(  Dianne Feinstein has introduced a new ban on what she labels “assault weapons.” This comes as no surprise to anyone who is aware of her virulent attack on gun ownership over the decades. It’s a recycling of her efforts in the past, listing features that… Read More

Public Access Dispute Solved in Central Oregon

Public Access Dispute Solved in Central Oregon MISSOULA, Mont. -( The public will continue to have access to 43,000 acres of central Oregon’s prime elk country thanks to a group effort including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Bureau of Land Management, Crook County, Oregon Hunters Association (OHA) and the Waibel Ranches, LLC. “We are pleased… Read More

Lucid Optics introduces TP4 Full Size Tripod for 2018

Lucid Optics’ TP4 Full Size Tripod, coming in 2018, boasts stability for spotters. (Photo: Lucid Optics) Lucid Optics expands its series of optics accessories, launching the new TP4 Full Size Tripod designed for optics stability. The TP4, constructed to provide exceptional stability, uses a four-section aluminum build to stabilize optics. Utilizing twist-lock leg sections, shooters… Read More

Johnny Morris’ Browning Auto-5 Shotgun

by Jim Supica, NRA Museums Director Note: This article was originally posted on NRA Blog Johnny Morris’ Browning Auto-5 Shotgun USA -( At the entry to the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Mo., a single-gun display features a well-worn shotgun. It’s a Browning Auto-Five. The second most popular semi-auto shotgun design… Read More

British Police: Two Week Conditional Amnesty for Gun Turn In

By Dean Weingarten British Police: Two Week Conditional Amnesty for Gun Turn In Arizona -( Crime involving guns is on the rise in England and Wales. There has been a 27 percent increase through June of 2017, compared to the previous year, according to the BBC. The response of the British police has been to… Read More

Vista Outdoor on .22 Ammo: Supply up, Demand Down, Price Down

By Dean Weingarten Vista Outdoor on .22 Ammo: Supply up, Demand Down, Price Down Arizona -( The new .22 rimfire plant in Lewiston, Idaho, is on line. Vista Outdoors owns the CCI and Federal rimfire brands. They have increased production for both brands by 20 percent. With end of the Obama administration, the .22 ammunition… Read More

A Convenient Reckoning

Art by A.F. Branco Branco A Convenient Reckoning USA -( A Convenient Reckoning The Media turns on Bill Clinton after all these years, but only as a means to attack Judge Roy Moore. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco 2017. Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news!You call yourself… Read More

Building a Custom Glock 19 – Polymer80 Glock Frames

Readers of this article will be able to use discount code Wayner10 on purchases from Glock Store. It is good for 10% off almost everything except firearms and custom services (stippling, slide cuts, re-finishing, etc.) Why look for an “out-of-the-box” ready pistols, when you can build your own? The Polymer80 Glock frames give you that… Read More

IWI US Seeking Director of Sales

IWI US opens up position for Director of Sales to lead sales strategy for continued sales growth through existing and new sales channels. Harrisburg, Pa. (November 2017) – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announces that the position of Director of Sales is open to qualified candidates. As the Director… Read More

IWI US Company Grows, Requires Move to New, Larger Facility

IWI US will relocate from Lower Paxton Township to Lower Swatara Township in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania to accommodate demand for its products.  IWI TAVOR TAR 21 5.56mm Harrisburg, Pa. ( – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announced this week through local media its plans to move to a larger… Read More

Outland Equipment – Updated Multi-Mission Axe Now Available

Outland Equipment’s Multi-Mission Axe is available in the updated 1502 and 1902 versions, now featuring a sheet metal cutter and redesigned modular sheath. Designed as a rescue and survival tool, the Multi-Mission Axe is composed of a piece of hardened S7 tool steel with a Cerakote finish, and G10 handle scales. The axe head consists… Read More

The Old Vintage Leather Handled Knife

Leather Handled Knife USA -( As a kid, there weren’t that many knife manufacturers so it goes without saying that there wasn’t that much to choose from. Then on top of that, even if there had of been more offerings, I didn’t have enough money to buy the cool knives I wanted. The first real… Read More

Inaugural Aguila Cup Slated For Decatur, Texas

Inaugural Aguila Cup Slated For Decatur, Texas CONROE, Texas -( Texas Armament & Technology (TxAT) and Aguila Ammunition are excited to announce the inaugural Aguila Cup. The multidiscipline shooting sports tournament will take place at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds in Decatur, TX, which is conveniently located outside the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. This marks the… Read More

Endangered California Foxes Poisoned By Rodenticides

California San Joaquin Kit Fox USA -( The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is investigating the poisoning of two San Joaquin kit foxes found dead in Bakersfield last month. Although the foxes were found ten miles apart, the cause of death was the same: exposure to high levels of the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide,… Read More

Utah DWR Recommends More Bear Permits for Black Bears

Utah Bear USA -( Black bears are doing extremely well in Utah: in less than 20 years, the number of bears has almost tripled. For that reason, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources want to give more hunters a chance to hunt black bears during the state’s 2018 season. Black bears are doing well… Read More

TTAG Daily Digest: Divorcees, Liars, Thieves and Fudds

Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it! Don’t ask me how I know . . . Soooo, and go figure, it’s time to have a sale !! LaRue barrels, triggers, polymers, our ultra-nice Stealth 2.0 chassis, apparel, etc. This is your chance to get all your Ultra-Precision Christmas shopping done at a savings.… Read More

What “Soft on Crime” Means (Read: Vote for the Child Molester)

Donald Trump wants Alabamians to vote for Roy Moore, child molester. Of Doug Jones, Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent, who as of this writing has not been accused of molesting children, Donald Trump can offer this: “I can tell you one thing for sure we don’t need a liberal person, a Democrat, Jones, in that seat.”… Read More

Brigand Arms – Atlas Handguard

Brigand Arms offers three styles of their innovative braided carbon fiber handguards. This is the Atlas model, but there are also Blade and Edge models. The Atlas is free-float and includes an externally threaded alloy aluminum barrel nut and a steel jam nut. Available in 7″, 9″, 12″ and 15″ versions for AR-15 and DPMS… Read More

This Turkey Hunting Joke is Pluckin’ Funny

Turning down a shot at a turkey takes a lot, and this hunter proves it. We guarantee you’ll be telling your turkey hunting buddies this one the first time you get together this season. Share the video with someone who’d get a kick out of it! The post This Turkey Hunting Joke is Pluckin’ Funny… Read More

Bomb Squad Called after British Man’s WWII Munitions Collection Discovered

British police evacuated a Yorkshire neighborhood after discovering a sizable collection of World War II-era and other weapons in the small town of Penistone. The post Bomb Squad Called after British Man’s WWII Munitions Collection Discovered appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 5:06 pm Support Us

Agilite Black Friday Mega Sale-Up to 50% Off

Agilite are having a Black Friday-Cyber Monday Mega Sale with huge offers up to 50% off as well as Free Shipping on all orders over $100. Offers end Monday at midnight so hurry! Full Story Here Soldier Systems November 21, 2017 5:06 pm Support Us

Kalashnikov Concern to Sell More Shares to Private Investors

According to Russian news agency TASS, during the Dubai Air Show 2017, Sergey Chemazov, the CEO of the Russian state corporation Rostec, has announced that 26% (minus one share) of Kalashnikov Concern will be sold to private investors. The decision is already made and awaits approval from the government of Russian Federation. As of now, the… Read More

TTAG Doesn’t Blacklist 2A Antagonistic Companies: Housekeeping

More than a few members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia took exception to our post Springfield Adds Two New .45 ACP Model XD-E Hammer-Fired Pistols. Commentator Robert spoke for many when he wrote . . . You can give up trying to push Springfield crap at us. They are a POS company and will always be a POS company.… Read More

Obama Calls for Gun Control Less than 6 Hours after Texas Shooting

Former President Barak Obama joined dozens of his fellow gun grabbers yesterday afternoon to galvanize his base of supporters around renewed calls to “reduce the weaponry in our midst.” The post Obama Calls for Gun Control Less than 6 Hours after Texas Shooting appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November… Read More

Lott: 11 Cases Where Permit Holders Stopped Public Shootings

Recently, Lott published a column on that aggregated cases where licensed permit holders stopped public shootings. The post Lott: 11 Cases Where Permit Holders Stopped Public Shootings appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 4:49 pm Support Us

POTD: Maxim 9 Baffle Strike

Cesar B. posted this photo of a range rental Maxim 9. He is not sure how this happened but there was a baffle strike on the end cap of the Maxim 9. Even if the screws were loose could the end cap shift enough to get in the path of a bullet? Well somehow this… Read More

Cool! Magazine Fed Mossberg Shockwave from Black Aces Tactical

Check out this new offering from Black Aces Tactical. It’s a magazine-fed Mossberg Shockwave for $499. The post Cool! Magazine Fed Mossberg Shockwave from Black Aces Tactical appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 4:35 pm Support Us

Hunting Wolves with the Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed

There is no doubt that Browning has become the first name in American hunting. So when I had a wolf hunt come up last month, they were the first place I turned. The best thing about going to Browning is that you don’t walk away with just a rifle. Your walk away with a magnificent… Read More

Korobov MTs-260 Shotgun: An Example of Impractical Simplicity

What usually makes it difficult to write about rare and obscure firearms is the absence of any visual content (photos, videos etc.) of reasonable quality. If you write about any particular firearm or mechanism and have the description only or a couple of poor images that barely let to visualize the description text, it becomes not… Read More

Sutherland Shooting Showcases Local Heroes, EMS and Trauma Teams

Following the late Sunday morning Sutherland Springs church shooting in Texas, many are getting recognition for selfless actions that saved lives. The post Sutherland Shooting Showcases Local Heroes, EMS and Trauma Teams appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 4:20 pm Support Us

Texas Hero Speaks Out About Stopping Church Shooter with AR-15

No one needs an AR-15.  Anti-gunners love to tell us this.  But I’m pretty sure retired plumber and former NRA instructor Stephen Willeford would disagree. The post Texas Hero Speaks Out About Stopping Church Shooter with AR-15 appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 4:20 pm Support Us

Chris Reeve Small Inkosi Insingo – Full Review

This is not really a review so much as it is a brag sesh (session). What I mean is don’t expect objectivity because you’ll get none. I’m a Chris Reeve fanboy, through and through. And I’d rather be upfront and honest about this than try to pretend otherwise over a 1,000-plus word “review.” I was… Read More

New SAINT Edge from Springfield Armory

The latest, just-released SAINT Edge has been upgraded with a number of proprietary features custom built for this rifle. The lower receiver is machined from aircraft grade 7075 T6 billet aluminum and is equipped with Springfield Armory’s proprietary adjustable Accu-Tite tension system. The upper receiver is Type lll hard-coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum, with forward… Read More

BREAKING: New FN SCAR-SC Subcompact Carbine

FN Herstal is introducing a new baby to the FN SCAR family at Milipol 2017 in Paris; their FN SCAR-SC where SC stands for Subcompact Carbine. There’s a lot of AR domination on the market and online, so it feels great to be able to present something sweet like this once in a while. My… Read More

IC13 Introduces Modern Day Bandoleer with the INVRT Line

The firearms accessories company IC13, in coordination with Lunar Concepts has come out with a modern-day equivalent of the Second World War or Vietnam era bandoleers, albeit in a much less expendable version as the en-bloc clip and M14 magazine bandoleers were designed for. IC13’s INVRT is a PALS equipped bandoleer that comes in either Multicam, Ranger Green, Coyote, and… Read More

Congress Passes Bill For Sale Of Milsurp 1911 Pistols Through CMP

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has always been a great way to get your hands on some vintage military rifles. Garands and M1 Carbines have been the staples, but the odd batch of 1903 Springfield bolt-actions pop up from time to time as well. It’s a program actually designed to put military style rifles in citizens’… Read More

Top 3 Concealable Wheelguns — Revolvers Reign Supreme

Ideally, to pick the best revolver for your daily carry or backup, you’d want to do a lot of shooting with everyone you could get your hands on. I mean thousands of rounds in all kinds of conditions. The downside to that is that it would take a L-O-N-G time! Turns out that getting old… Read More

Chainsaw bayonet? USA Today gets Twitter-Smacked for Ridiculous AR-15 Video

To include a “chainsaw bayonet” alongside other legitimate, commercially available AR attachments reveals the video’s true intention: fearmongering. The post Chainsaw bayonet? USA Today gets Twitter-Smacked for Ridiculous AR-15 Video appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 4:05 pm Support Us

Smith & Wesson Cranking Out Two Hot New Model 686 Revolvers

Smith & Wesson is rolling out two updated Performance Center versions of their champion Model 686 revolvers for competition shooters. The post Smith & Wesson Cranking Out Two Hot New Model 686 Revolvers appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 4:05 pm Support Us

Watch Marines Demo the Right Time for Full vs. Semi Auto

Everybody’s favorite Marine gunner is back. Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian Wade, 2nd Marine Division Gunner, made yet another entertaining “Gunner’s Fact or Fiction” video — this one to demonstrate when automatic fire is most effective in suppressing an enemy. Wade and Cpl. Gerald Tredo, an infantryman with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, fired on semi-automatic… Read More

SIG 516 Patrol Rifles in Service with Turkish Special Police Teams

Turkish security outlets on social media have recently been posting numerous photographs of Turkey’s law enforcement special operations, the PÖH armed with Sig Sauer 516 Patrol rifles or variants thereof. At TFB we’ve been slowly following the New Hampshire based Sig Sauer in exporting rifles to various LE and Military agencies overseas. Most notably with… Read More

USMC Buys In to Swedish Carl Gustaf Tank-Busting Recoilless Rifle

The United States Marine Corps is following in the US Army in the procurement of the Saab M3A1 MAAWS (Multi-Role Anti-Armor/Anti-Personnel Weapon System) recoilless rifle. The M3A1 is a lightweight multipurpose explosive projector weapon which can engage targets at much longer ranges than weapons currently in service with the USMC. The previous MAAWS version, the heavier M3, has been… Read More

SIG SAUER “Perfection Action Kit” from Grayguns

While much of the recent talk around SIG SAUER has been about the company’s P320 handguns and various rifle offerings, its traditional line of handguns continue to be very popular with shooters. Guns like the P220 and P226 continue to be good sellers for the company even though the hammer-fired designs are decades old. Grayguns,… Read More

Vestpak Bulletproof Backpack

Campus carry is noting but a dream in most institutions of higher learning. Not to mention elementary and secondary schools, too. Wheat’s a student to do if the worst happens? Short of changes to state law or school board policies, some schools have begun selling bulletproof backpacks to their young skulls full of mush. Check… Read More

Top Five Ways to Carry a Revolver Reload

If revolvers get a bad rap for anything, it’s because in the ammo department they’re 1) relatively low capacity and 2) slow to reload when compared to almost all autos. The post Top Five Ways to Carry a Revolver Reload appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 3:49… Read More

Top Five Belly Bands

Editor’s Note: The following is a post by Mark Kakkuri, a nationally published freelance writer who covers guns and gear, 2nd Amendment issues and the outdoors. His writing and photography have appeared in many firearms-related publications, including the USCCA’s Concealed Carry Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @markkakkuri. Read Mark’s previous articles in this “Top Five” series:… Read More

Zenith’s New Z-5RS ‘Pistolman’ Premium Roller-Locked 9mm Pistol

Zenith, the emerging face of roller-delayed blowback firearms, is releasing a premium pistol build all-premium features built in. The post Zenith’s New Z-5RS ‘Pistolman’ Premium Roller-Locked 9mm Pistol appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 3:49 pm Support Us

Two New Phase 5 Stock Kits: Carbine Mini Stock and Rifle Mini Stock

Phase 5 Weapon Systems, Inc. (Phase 5) announced a pair of new stock kits that are based on the recently introduced Mini Stock. The Mini Stock is a minimalist style stock designed to work with the company’s hexagonal buffer tubes as well as most round tubes. One of the kits is called the Carbine Mini… Read More

Danish Army Begins Pistol Trials to Replace SIG P210

The Royal Danish Army, Hæren, are reportedly about to embark on trials to replace the venerable SIG P210, which has been in Danish service since 1949. The iconic P210 is world renowned as one of the finest pistols ever to be issued as a standard issue sidearm. It’s build quality and accuracy set it apart… Read More

Brownells RETRO M16A1 Build by Small Arms Solutions

Earlier, we have reported about the Brownells’ launch of retro M16A1 build components. The recently released videos by Chris Bartocci of Small Arms Solution is a good followup to this subject. Let’s see what the former Colt employee and renown AR-15 expert thinks about these parts and how he builds the rifle. In the first video, Chris… Read More

The Glock E-Trainer For Dry Fire Practice

If you’re not doing dry fire training you really should give it a try, it’s a great way to help you become a much better shooter without having to go to the range. I try to get in some dry fire trigger time almost daily. The only downside of dry fire training is having to… Read More

Catholic Bishop: Gun Control is a ‘Social Justice Issue’

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy called gun control a “social justice issue” because “the problem of guns in our culture leads to so many deaths by guns.” The post Catholic Bishop: Gun Control is a ‘Social Justice Issue’ appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 3:36 pm Support… Read More

Texas Attorney General Wants Armed Security in Churches

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called for armed security in places of worship following a church shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX, that left at least 26 people dead. The post Texas Attorney General Wants Armed Security in Churches appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 3:36 pm Support… Read More

A SIG Sauer P320 For My 9-Year-Old

As a parent and firearm enthusiast, the aspect of introducing your child to firearms can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Thanks to modern-day technology, there are many ways to interactively teach a child rules of firearm safety before they even pick up a firearm. This includes laser training. And what better to practice with than… Read More

Nammo’s 40mm Anti-Drone Programmable Airburst Ammunition

Norwegian ammunition company Nammo has come up with a solution to the anti-drone predicament. The company’s answer is to develop 40x53mm high-velocity grenades using programmable components that allow soldiers to lase the distance to an enemy UAV, transmit that data into the grenade, which then programs that grenade to airburst at that particular altitude. Using bursts to… Read More

New Reloading Accessories from Creedmoor Sports

Creedmoor Sports announced a number of new products to assist reloaders with rolling their own loads. The four new items include a pair of loading blocks, a case trimming platform and an annealing pilot holder. Wilson Case Trimmer Platform This mounting board is designed for the L.E. Wilson case trimmer. It can store nine different… Read More

CCI Polymer Coated .22 LR Ammunition

CCI has introduced .22 LR ammunition with polymer coated bullets. Although the polymer coating is nothing new in the industry, looks like nobody has commercially offered polymer coated .22 LR before. These CCI cartridges are loaded with 40-grain bullets traveling at a muzzle velocity of 1,235 fps. The 22plinkster YouTube channel has released a video review where the host of… Read More

Level IV Armor, and the Future of Small Arms: Brief Thoughts 001

With Level IV armor rising in availability, calls for “overmatch”, and the increased presence of urban warfare, will designers be able to meet the requirements for future small arms? Forumgoer Poliorcetes raised this question in a discussion at the Military Guns & Ammunition forum: Now we are in a potentially difficult situation. On the one hand,… Read More

Mass. Becomes First State to Ban Bump Stocks After Vegas Shooting

The Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas transformed the “bump stock” from a redneck party trick into Public Enemy Number One. The post Mass. Becomes First State to Ban Bump Stocks After Vegas Shooting appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 3:20 pm Support Us

NFA SITREP: Approval Wait Times Are Dropping

We often talk about the past year and a half inside the world of the National Firearms Act (NFA) as being difficult for manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Not that we need reminding, but proposed legislation as well as the new application processes imposed in mid 2016 have created a bit of turmoil, mostly for the… Read More

The Zenith Z-5 9mm Roller Delayed Carbine

Zenith and MKE have been busy. While earlier this week we discussed the new Z-43P rifle, today we can relay the announcement of a 9mm roller delayed carbine. Sporting (get it) a 16.1” barrel and the apppropriate number of U.S. made parts, the Z-5 is 922r compliant firearm. Meaning it can be imported and sold… Read More

How to Mount A Scope with Ease

Learn how to mount a scope. If your equipment fails you on the shot of a lifetime, don’t let it be the fault of an over-glorified Walmart greeter. The post How to Mount A Scope with Ease appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 3:05 pm Support Us

Gear Review: MagnetoSpeed M-Series Grip MonoPOD

Early this fall we reviewed the new M-Series Grip System from MagnetoSpeed, but the MonoPOD wasn’t yet ready. Just in time for the holidays, MonoPOD grip inserts are now shipping. Naturally, TTAG took one for a test drive. If you haven’t yet read that M-Series Grip System review, here’s the Tweet-length version: it’s an AR-15… Read More

Feinstein Announces Assault Weapons Ban of 2017

For the umpteenth time, Sen. Feinstein has introduced sweeping gun control legislation that takes specific aim at commonly owned and widely popular firearms and accessories. The post Feinstein Announces Assault Weapons Ban of 2017 appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 2:51 pm Support Us

Mossy Oak debuts new Dieback Thigh Rig for hunters

The Dieback Thigh Rig replaces fanny pack style bags for a more tactical look. (Photo: Mossy Oak) Mossy Oak borrows from the styles of the tactical world to deliver the new Dieback Thigh Rig designed for hunters who wish to forgo fanny pack style bags. The Dieback Thigh Rig fits onto the hips of hunters,… Read More

BATFE Offers Reward In Gun Store Robbery

Officials with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives–which is, unfortunately, the name of a government agency and not the most awesome convenience store in the history of man–are asking for help from the public following the robbery of an Ohio gun store, and they’re willing to pay if that help lands them their… Read More

Feds announce $98 million in funding to put local cops on the street

In all, the awards will fund 802 new full-time law enforcement positions in 179 agencies across the nation, with an eye towards community policing. (Photo: Dept. of Justice) U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced the awards for the Justice Department’s Community Oriented Policing Services program, which gives federal dollars to up the number… Read More

Brownells Edition Victory Barrels by Victory First

Victory First is proud to announce the expanded partnership with Brownells with the manufacturing of the Brownells Edition Victory barrels by Victory First. The debut offerings are match grade, drop in handgun barrels that have been vigorously tested and developed by Matt Jacques of Victory First. The Victory barrels have been under production for the… Read More

New from Noveske: Ghetto Blaster

Noveske announced this morning a new lightweight AR platform chambered in either 5.56 NATO or 300 AAC Blackout dubbed the “Ghetto Blaster.” The general design for the rifle is strikingly similar to the Honey Badger from Kevin Brittingham’s new firearms company Q, which is a refined version of the AAC Honey Badger (AAC was owned… Read More

Shannon Watts: Talk about gun storage before turkey

The gun control advocate took to social media to urge those headed to spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving to ask them about how they store their guns beforehand. “It’s #ThanksgivingWeek: Have you asked the friends and family your kids are visiting if there are guns in their homes and how they store… Read More

A reader’s guide to gun sales

Reports on gun sales often follow a tragedy that forces a national debate about gun ownership. When figures are up, they’re interpreted as successful political efforts by pro-gun organizations. When they’re down, the opposite is true. But sometimes results reported are askew or incomplete. They miss the larger patterns that exist or outright misrepresent the… Read More

Trump Responds to Question About ‘Extreme Vetting’ for Gun Buyers

Should we have extreme vetting for gun purchasers following the shooting in Southerland Springs, TX? President Trump answers. The post Trump Responds to Question About ‘Extreme Vetting’ for Gun Buyers appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 1:34 pm Support Us

The Definitive Piece on the 2016 Election, Its Coverage and the Voters

  I was just DMing a pal, telling her that much of the coverage of the 2016 election felt like gaslighting to me. That people just ran with the “economic anxiety” narrative like a football made of chocolate and orgasms had me tearing my hair out. After becoming bald, the never-ending torrent of “Trump voters… Read More

Colt’s Doing a Limited-Edition Run of Non-NFA 37mm M203 Launchers

“For the first time ever the Colt M203 Grenade Launcher offered in 37mm, built in a lightweight, single-shot, breech-loaded weapon.” The post Colt’s Doing a Limited-Edition Run of Non-NFA 37mm M203 Launchers appeared first on GunsAmerica Digest. Full Story Here Guns America Blog November 21, 2017 1:19 pm Support Us

Taking Time Off From

We’ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. Full Story Here PLan Prepare Survive November 21, 2017 1:17 pm Support Us

The CZ 550 American Safari Magnum in .375 H&H — Full Review

The mere mention of the word obtains my undivided attention; it is the concept of a hunting adventure in the wild places of Africa, and is undoubtedly my happy thought. The word safari is taken from the KiSwahili dialect of East Africa, and it simply means ‘journey.’ It represents the challenge of shooting a big-bore… Read More

Portable Packable Power: The Kahr S9 Compact 9mm

Always bring enough gun. That line writes well. It also embodies a great deal of well-reasoned tactical gravitas. If ever you should find yourself in the midst of a Real World balls-to-the-wall gunfight you don’t want to be the guy suffering a terminal case of pistol envy. However, I always thought that whoever first penned… Read More

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – EDFX

EDFX’s latest carry compliment includes a what looks like a customized GLOCK 43. See what else he’s toting these days at Everyday Carry . . . The post Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – EDFX appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Full Story Here The Truth about Guns November 21, 2017 1:04… Read More

The Best Way to Conceal Carry — Two is One and One is None

“One is none, two is one.” I first heard this many years ago from some U.S. Navy SEALs I trained with. They were referring to doubling up on detonators for explosives but I’ve since applied this principle to knives, flashlights and, of course, concealed carry pistols. Another phrase you’ll hear tossed around is, “The fastest… Read More

Climate and Capitalism

One doesn’t expect to see a full rant against capitalism in the New York Times, but I guess we are moving into different times. Benjamin Fong’s op-ed about capitalism being the problem in dealing with climate change reads exactly like something one would read in Jacobin, for good and for problematic. I compare this to… Read More

Budget Crowdsourcing

Kentucky Population Density. By Jim Irwin; CC BY-SA 3.0 My friend Greg Coulson has put together an interesting project, designed to produce political engagement and also generate ideas for managing Kentucky’s pension crisis.  Greg is a candidate for Kentucky’s 78th House district, a district that until recently was occupied by a Democrat. Here is appealingly… Read More

Lone Survivor Foundation To Raffle Off M&P 2.0 Compact 9mm For Harvey Victims

If you’ve seen the movie “Lone Survivor,” you’re probably familiar with Marcus Luttrell. He’s the guy Mark Walberg was portraying in the film, after all. Since returning, Luttrell hasn’t exactly been all Hollywood, either. In addition to his odd film appearance here and there, he also works to make lives better for veterans. The foundation… Read More

KRG To Launch Bravo Precision Rifle Chassis On Black Friday

Kinetic Research Group will introduce their latest precision rifle chassis, the Bravo, on Black Friday. They’ve been working hard to bring you a lightweight, ergonomic, and feature-rich chassis at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. The Bravo sports a very attractive list of features usually only found on chassis costing much more: -Inlets available for… Read More

The Art of Monstrous Men

I’ve been debating how to handle the great art of horrible men. There are many ways to handle this. If you don’t want to watch any Polanski films again, that’s certainly one’s right, but I am not going to stop watching Chinatown once a year. Where it gets more tricky is when the art itself… Read More


…I did find this for ya. Yes, I know: we try not to be the “moonbeams and butterflies” column. However, it is Thanksgiving week, and I’m tired of having to write about the grim stuff that’s been in the news … Read more Full Story Here Masad Ayoob November 21, 2017 11:51 am Support Us

Cabela’s Black Friday Deal Just Might Be Worth the Crowds

Let’s be honest: Black Friday shopping is a nightmare. The lines, the crowds, the waking up at 3 a.m. so you can be the first one through the doors. More often than not, the stuff just isn’t worth it. However, we might have just found a deal that is. This year, Cabela’s is giving away “mystery envelopes”… Read More

One prick down

Another 20 bazillion to go. Charlie Rose’s CBS News career came to an unceremonious end Tuesday when the network fired him over allegations of sexual harassment. “A short time ago we terminated Charlie Rose’s employment with CBS News, effective immediately,” CBS News President David Rhodes wrote in a note to staff. “This followed the revelation… Read More

RECOILtv Gun Room Video: Skeli X11

RECOILtv Gun Room (s02e3): Skeli X11 Soon to be featured in the latest issue of RECOIL, the X11. This design incorporates elements from America’s favorite rifle, while seeking to address some of its drawbacks. Housed inside an extruded aluminum upper receiver lies a shortstroke piston acting on a bolt carrier, which rides on twin guide… Read More

Question of the Day: 43 Machine Guns. Pick Three!

In the video below, Washington County Machine Guns of Southwest Pennsylvania fire its entire inventory of 43 rental machine guns and pistols. Which begs the question: if you could have one, which one? Which is a stupid question, really. So the real question is: if you could have any three, which three? For me it’s… Read More

Net Neutrality

Get ready to pay premium prices to read LGM! The Federal Communications Commission announced on Tuesday that it planned to dismantle landmark regulations that ensure equal access to the internet, clearing the way for companies to charge more and block access to some websites. The proposal, put forward by the F.C.C. chairman, Ajit Pai, is… Read More

Northern California Gunman Exploited ‘Honor System’ On Gun Ownership

The gunman in last week’s shooting in Northern California proved that even California and its strict rules on gun ownership weren’t enough to prevent a maniac looking to kill people. In this case, it appears the killer exploited the state’s “honor system” regarding firearm ownership. When [the killer] told a judge in February that he’d… Read More

6 AK-47 Rifles Under $800

There are a few great debates among hoplophiles that will never be resolved. GLOCK vs. 1911, .45 ACP vs 9mm, AR vs. AK. If you’re one of the legion who answer AK in the great rifle platform face-off, you’re in good company. While Mikhail Kalashnikov’s design may not offer the modularity that Eugene Stoner’s gun… Read More

Atibal Releases sub-$500 1-6x FFP Optic

As low-power variable optics (LPVO) become more popular–we’re going to see more options. In recent years we’ve seen them span the whole scale in both price and feature sets. Earlier this year we reviewed their beer-money-budget 1-8x Atibal XP8. Freshly announced from Atibal is the XP6 Mirage, a front focal plane (FFP) variable optic under… Read More

Animal rights group files lawsuit to stop Indiana’s deer rifle season

The Center for Wildlife Ethics says the Indiana Department of Natural Resources lacks the authority is issue the emergency rule to allow rifle hunting on public land this season (Photo: DNR) Arguing the state’s conservation agency lacks the authority to greenlight the season, an animal welfare group has filed a lawsuit to halt rifle-hunting for… Read More

Wilson Combat unleashes Super Sniper Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

The Super Sniper Rifle offers a 6.5 Creedmoor platform with optional Wilson Combat stencil on the frame. (Photo: Wilson Combat) Wilson Combat debuted a new Super Sniper Rifle chambered in precision shooting’s darling round, the 6.5 Creedmoor. The Super Sniper boasts a Wilson Combat Recon Tactical 22-inch match grade barrel on an overall 42-inch length… Read More

Milipol 17 – EMD / S&S Precision

Bretagne-based EMD has an awesome booth which showcases the products of their various vendors. Above you can see a manakin set up as a K9 handler wearing kit from a variety of manufacturers including S&S Precision. While the booth is awesome, something S&S Precision is exhibiting in it is very interesting. They have new handwear… Read More

Shannon Watts: Pry Into People’s Personal Lives, Property This Thanksgiving

Shannon Watts is just one of many busybodies, but she’s best known for her busybody attitude regarding guns. After all, The Moms Demand Action founder is really something of a one-trick pony. Her latest? Pester friends and family this holiday season regarding firearms. It’s #ThanksgivingWeek: Have you asked the friends and family your kids are visiting… Read More

Fostech Origin 12: Modern-Day American Saiga? [VIDEO]

“There is a lot of appeal in a Saiga shotgun,” Mike Searsen writes over at And yet . . .”The factory versions with their sporting style stock and diminished capacity magazines leave much to be desired. Some individuals and a few companies have made conversions to these shotguns.Yet the reliability of them is more… Read More

David Duke, Donald Trump, and Economic Anxiety (TM)

Adam Serwer has a brilliant essay about how people tried to delude themselves about racist political campaigns: Thirty years ago, nearly half of Louisiana voted for a Klansman, and the media struggled to explain why. It was 1990 and David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, astonished political observers when he… Read More

Video: Should You Be the Good Samaritan?

The reason most start carrying a concealed weapon is self-protection, with the protection of those around you as a close second. When those around you are your loved ones, and the people whose lives or health is being threatened, it is a fairly easy decision of when to get involved. However, when the threat is… Read More

Seems legit…

“Dear Costumer…” I’m surprised they didn’t ask me to do the needful and send bobs and vagene while they were at it.. Full Story Here Books Bikes Boom Sticks November 21, 2017 7:34 am Support Us

Home Again, Home Again…

A much needed vacation in a cabin in the Smokies with a few friends. I didn’t do anything remotely work-like after the first day, either. Since writing is work now, that meant I kinda neglected the blog, so… sorry-not-sorry? Also, after four full days of low-level debauchery, half-assing my carb counting, and way overshooting my… Read More

CTS Targets announces name change, new products on horizon

The old logo, pictured above on a steel target, will soon be replaced with an all-new design reflecting the company’s name change. (Photo: CTS Targets) CTS Targets ditches its old name, Competition Target Systems, in favor of the more holistic Complete Target Solutions, launching a new logo alongside the name change. The company announced the… Read More

TYR Tactical Tuesday – Black Friday

The TYR Tactical® Black Friday Sale is going on now. Free Giveaways, Doorbusters, CLOSEOUT Prices & So Much More! What you’re looking for not on sale? Take 17% off your retail purchase with coupon code: BLKFRIDAY. Offer ends 12.01.17. Full Story Here Soldier Systems November 21, 2017 7:05 am Support Us

Quote of the Day: Second Amendment Absolutist Abracadabra!

“I think that there is this idea that the Second Amendment is an absolutist text and that if you quote those words those are the most magical words that open up all the doors to whatever weapons you want and however you want to carry them and I simply think that’s not true because Supreme… Read More

Mirrorless Musings…

So, it’s been coming up on a decade now since modern, mainstream Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras made their debut. Countless pixels have been slaughtered over when they’ll completely replace DSLRs, but I think we’re a long way from that day, especially for professional and advanced hobbyist use. I do think that they will continue to… Read More

California gun rights supporter destroys AR-15 after mass shootings (VIDEO)

A California gun rights supporter has reacted to the mass shootings around the country in a way some gun enthusiasts may find surprising — by destroying his own AR-15 rifle with a sledgehammer. Chad Vachter, a gun owner from Bermuda Dunes, California, explained his reasoning for smashing the AR to local news outlet KMIR, saying he… Read More

California Man Claims He Destroyed His AR-15 To Stop Mass Shootings

The nation is a little on edge regarding firearms. It’s also primed for people who want to pretend to be heroes to the anti-gun zealots, which may account for a recent news report from Riverside, CA. That’s where Chad Vachter decided to destroy his AR-15…and do it all in front of the camera. Gun owner destroys… Read More

Milipol 17 – H&K 416F

Earlier this year, the French Army selected the 5.56mm Heckler & Koch 416 to replace the FAMAS, issued since the 1970s. Offered in Standard (14.5” barrel) and Carbine (11” barrel) models, the HK416 F features the latest ambidextrous controls. However, there are also a few differences on the French version.  First, the barrel allows the… Read More

Milipol 17 – H&K 416F

Earlier this year, the French Army selected the 5.56mm Heckler & Koch 416 to replace the FAMAS, issued since the 1970s. Offered in Standard (14.5” barrel) and Carbine (11” barrel) models, the HK416 F features the latest ambidextrous controls. However, there are also a few differences on the French version.  First, the barrel allows the… Read More

Bump stock maker to resume sales Cyber Monday

Slide Fire announced a Cyber Monday sale, nearly eight weeks after public backlash against bump stocks skyrocketed demand and depleted the company’s existing inventory. (Photo: Slide Fire Solutions/Facebook) Slide Fire, the inventor of the now-infamous bump stock, will resume sales Cyber Monday. The Texas-based company sent an email this week detailing its plan to release a slew… Read More

One Year

It’s been one year since SEK passed.  There’s not a day that it doesn’t occur to me that he would’ve been the absurdist chronicler that the Trump Era needs.  We all still miss him terribly.   If you know of anything that can be added to the Memoriam page, please indicate so in comments. Note… Read More

Springfield Armory XD-E pistol now available in .45 ACP

The .45 ACP joins the 9mm round on Springfield Armory’s latest pistol series, the XD-E. (Photo: Springfield Armory) To the delight of .45 ACP fans, Springfield Armory announced a new XD-E pistol model chambered in the venerable round, giving Springfield fans the choice of 9mm or .45 ACP. Featuring a 3.3-inch barrel on a 6.75-inch… Read More

Milipol 17 – Meprolight

Although they were released earlier this year, this was the first time I had gotten my hands on Meprolight’s MicroTDS and FT Bullseye. MicroRDS The MicroRDS is intended to allow a shooter to attach a red dot sight to his pistol by removing the rear sight and replacing it in the dovetail with the MicroRDS… Read More

Milipol 17 – Scopex / Velocity Systems

Scopex is exhibiting the full range of Velocity Systems and Mayflower Research & Consulting kit, including armor, load carriage and clothing. I don’t think there are in surprises in here, but I like the display. Full Story Here Soldier Systems November 21, 2017 3:35 am Support Us

Laughing When It Hurts and Why Your Trump Jokes Suck

I’ve done a little (ok maybe not so little) vlogcast with Aryeh Cohen Wade over at Culturally Determined on based on my earlier post about When Its Okay To Dress Like Hitler.   Aryeh and I talk about the ways Anglo-American comedy in film was against Hitler during WWII and how the nature of… Read More

Milipol 17 – TR Equipement / Stidd

TR Equipement is exhibiting the new DPD System 2 by Stidd. It’s an optionally manned underwater propulsion system with a completely new navigation system, designed specifically for it. It can be manually operated, or the RNANAV2 system, powered by Greensea can be programmed to swim the route as well as loiter duirng a mission, or… Read More

Milipol 2017

Bienvenue a Milipol 2017! Full Story Here Soldier Systems November 21, 2017 1:49 am Support Us

SureFire Exhibiting At Milipol Paris 2017

Fountain Valley, CA–SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest–and most innovative–illumination tools and tactical products, will be exhibiting at the Military and Police exhibition in Paris, France on 21-24 November 2017 at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. Milipol is the leading event dedicated to homeland security, and is organized under the auspices of the French Ministry… Read More

Other things I did.

I learned how to play two fun new party games yesterday. First, I was secretly Hitler and managed to get elected Chancellor! Then I built amazing monsters to destroy armies of babies!. Full Story Here Books Bikes Boom Sticks November 20, 2017 10:04 pm Support Us

The only way I could feel like this…

…would be if I stayed up until 4AM sipping bourbon in a hot tub on a balcony in the mountains.. Full Story Here Books Bikes Boom Sticks November 20, 2017 9:48 pm Support Us

The View From the Porch…

…is pretty sweet, here in Redneck Gstaad. Full Story Here Books Bikes Boom Sticks November 20, 2017 9:34 pm Support Us