TV Club: iZombie fixes its big Blaine problem

Sometimes iZombie is so jam packed that it feels like the writers have a wager to see just how many things they can fit into the episode before it totally collapses. “Eat A Knievel” is crammed to the gills with plot, yet mostly manages to make it all fit together into a cohesive, entertaining episode… Read More

TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its optimistic vibe skip town

After last week’s dirty cop introduction and reveal in “The Slaughterhouse,” this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale has things escalate quite quickly on that particular story front. In fact, finally, (part of) the Nine-Nine’s existence is threatened with some high stakes… But it’s also to somewhat uneven results. With “The Bank Job,” the biggest problem with… Read More

TV Club: Twin Peaks turns nostalgia and garmonbozia up to the max, for good or ill

In “The Return, Part 3,” exasperated as Lucy and Andy get sidetracked by seemingly irrelevant evidence, Hawk blurts out, “It’s not about the bunny!” After a beat, he second-guesses himself, asking “… is it about the bunny? No! It’s not about the bunny.” The conference room’s adorable doughnut disturb sign notwithstanding, this show was never… Read More

TV Club: Survivor: Game Changers crowns a winner

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs. Sarah’s anger after Tribal Council… Read More

Twitter Co-Founder Apologizes For Role In 2016 Election

Calling the internet “broken” and saying it helps spread hate speech, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams apologized for his site’s role in the 2016 election. What do you think? “At least he realized the error of his ways before any real damage was done.” Evan Stadler Check Forger “The fact that he helped millions of Americans… Read More

How To Get Ready For Summer

How To Get Ready For Summer A Primer on Elon Musk’s Business Initiatives Tips On Asking For A Promotion The International Space Station By The Numbers Marijuana Legalization By The Numbers Top Best-Selling Video Game Consoles Healthy Cooking Substitutions Most Popular Subscription Box Services DMV Survival Tips How To Choose The Right Credit Card How… Read More

Instagram Worst Social Network For Mental Health

A study of social media sites found that Instagram had the most negative influence on users’ mental health. What do you think? “This explains why everyone was so happy before Instagram.” Leon Klinman Eaves Installer “As a fitness model and exotic travel blogger, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Ellen Sharp Fitness Model… Read More

Dave & Buster’s Opens New Fine Dining, Gaming Outpost David & Benedict’s

DALLAS—In a bold move marking its first foray into the luxury market, restaurant and video arcade chain Dave & Buster’s announced Thursday the opening of David & Benedict’s, a new fine dining and gaming outpost in the Napa Valley region of Northern California. According to company spokespeople, the lavish yet tastefully modern Rem Koolhaas–designed gaming… Read More

Gianforte Wins Special Election

Republican candidate Greg Gianforte has won Montana’s special House election only 24 hours after allegedly assaulting a reporter, an incident for which Gianforte has now apologized. What do you think? “I believe everyone deserves forgiveness once a couple minutes have passed.” Keith Winkelmann Shale Supplier “Just as long as he’s learned his lesson that he’ll… Read More

TV Club: Great News closes out its debut season with a heartfelt scoop of justice

Great News closes out its debut season by concluding the Biscuit Blitz arc and reexamining Katie and Carol’s relationship, the series’ emotional throughline. The former is a mixed bag, mostly because the plot mechanics of Katie’s scoop are fairly tired (the president of the network owns Biscuit Blitz, and she’s Greg’s grandmother!), but the latter… Read More

TV Club: Barry Allen outraces the darkness in The Flash season finale

As many viewers expected, The Flash pulled a giant bait-and-switch in its season finale, negating the tragic ending of the penultimate episode. True, there was still some tragedy involved, as HR sacrificed himself for the team, earning a measure of nobility for a comic-relief character. (I have to admit, even though I was pretty sure… Read More

TV Club: Hail Varga, Fargo’s King Of White Noise

I’ve written before about how Varga is more or less filling the same role that Malvo did in Fargo’s first season—the preternaturally assured villain one step ahead of nearly everyone—and while that’s certainly true in the broader sense, it does a disservice to the character (and to the season) to leave it at that. Varga’s… Read More

TV Club: Archer: Dreamland ends on a bloody, heartbroken nightmare

So, what are we doing? Are we just jumping right into this? Because tonight’s Archer is one of the strangest, darkest things this show has ever done, and I’m honestly at a bit of a loss as to how to approach it. The first half of “Auflösung”—German for “resolution”—is pretty normal Archer fare: everybody takes… Read More

Most Notable Google Ventures

Ten years ago this week, Google Street View launched, offering panoramic views of locations all over the world. As the tech giant continues to debut new projects, The Onion highlights some of Google’s most ambitious ventures to date: This service finally launched in 2001 after years of Google being overrun with people searching for “webpage… Read More

FBI Investigating Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival, which promised guests a luxury music festival experience before stranding them on a deserted island, is being investigated by the FBI for fraud. What do you think? “Charging $5,000 to see Ja Rule should be an instant tipoff that something isn’t on the level.” Joshua Hess Lawn Planner “I heard the interviews… Read More

Mom Finds Disturbing Reading Material In Teenage Son’s Bedroom

OMAHA, NE—Saying she felt disgusted and saddened by the shocking discovery, local woman Beth Loomis told reporters Thursday that she was deeply disturbed after finding recruitment reading material from the Baylor University football team in her teenage son’s bedroom. “I was taking the sheets off Ryan’s bed for washing, and I happened to notice some… Read More

‘Star Wars’ Turns 40

When George Lucas’ Star Wars premiered in 1977, the movie quickly became a phenomenon. On its 40th anniversary, The Onion looks back on the franchise’s defining moments: Everything Star Wars stole from George Lucas decides to expand his short PSA about the dangers of trash compactors into a feature film The FCC receives thousands of… Read More

Just Who Are The Trumps, Exactly?

The documents referred to in this editorial are part of a trove of classified files provided to The Onion by an anonymous whistleblower in the White House. All of these documents can be found here. While Donald Trump has courted the media spotlight for more than four decades, his wife and children have maintained notably… Read More

MSNBC Most Popular Cable News Network

After trailing its competitors for years, MSNBC just marked its first week ever as the most watched cable news network, with CNN second and Fox News third. What do you think? “Yeah, but it’s kind of shameful how they resorted to cheap eye candy like Chris Hayes to boost ratings.” Andrew Stefans Dressage Coach “It’s… Read More

Empty Wall Behind Couch Falls Into Girlfriend’s Crosshairs

ATLANTA—Zeroing in with laser focus on the far side of the apartment, area woman Jess Macindoe placed the wall behind her boyfriend’s couch squarely in her crosshairs, sources confirmed Friday. Macindoe, whose pupils reportedly dilated at the unadorned white space as she prepared to act, sized up the wall’s entire 8 by 12 feet and… Read More

Life: Environmental Disaster: The Oceans Are Now Irreversibly Polluted With Cell Phones That Businessmen Have Thrown In After Realizing What’s Truly Important Is Family

Brace yourself for some disheartening news about the future of our planet. We’ve long known about the harm humans do to the global ecosystem, but this really puts the scope of the destruction in perspective: A recent study from the Environmental Protection Agency found that the oceans are now irreversibly polluted with cell phones thrown… Read More

Video: This Is America: Pauline

ClickHole uses invented names in all of its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. ClickHole is not intended for readers under 18 years of age. © Copyright 2017 Onion Inc. All Rights Reserved. Full Story Here ClickHole May 27, 2017 3:24… Read More

Bo Obama Addresses Graduates Of Dayton Obedience School

DAYTON, OH—Calling on the 2017 class of canines to make the most of their training as they head out into the world, former first dog Bo Obama delivered a stirring commencement speech Friday to graduates of the Dayton Obedience School. “It was such an honor to have Bo Obama encouraging these fresh-faced young pups to… Read More

Best Sports Stadiums

As Detroit prepares to demolish and say goodbye to the storied Joe Louis Arena, Onion Sports examines some of the greatest stadiums of all time. Has been selected by The Saginaw News as the best 100,000-plus-seat venue in Washtenaw County for 13 consecutive years. Grunts travel up to 150 percent faster on clay courts than… Read More

News: Education FTW: ‘Sesame Street’ Showed Grover Laying An Egg That Elmo And Ernie Both Hatch Out Of To Teach Children Not Everything Can Be Explained With A Catchy Little Song

It’s been almost 40 years since Sesame Street first entered our homes and our hearts, but even after all this time, it’s still finding new and powerful ways to enchant and educate kids all over the world. Yesterday, the show proved once again that it remains one of the most innovative and powerful voices in… Read More

Jenelle Evans Reaches Custody Agreement Over Son Jace

Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara’s custody battle regarding Jace is finally settled. “I’m not restricted to when my mom says I can have my son anymore,” the Teen Mom 2 cast member told E! News, “and at the moment, that’s all I care about. [I] just want to spend time with my son. He… Read More

Sia Channels Wonder Woman On Powerful New Song ‘To Be Human’

Sia, a known sucker for movie soundtracks, has whipped up yet another epic anthem for the big screen. This time around she channels her inner Justice League heroine for “To Be Human,” from the upcoming Wonder Woman flick. Like “Angel by the Wings,” “Never Give Up,” and most of Sia’s other soundtrack songs, this one… Read More

Can Teen Mom OG‘s Farrah And Simon Really Be Just Friends?

Farrah‘s relationship with her ex Simon is, in a word, complex — from an engagement ring purchase that didn’t result in a proposal to cordial business collaborations and a rocky vacation to Hawaii, the Teen Mom OG on-again off-again couple has navigated their way through some unique scenarios and managed to stay in each other’s… Read More

Katy Perry Is The Perfect American Idol Judge

Earlier this month, Katy Perry was announced as the newest American Idol judge — which, for some, was surprising news. The series, tentatively scheduled to relaunch with its 16th season in March 2018, is in the midst of a serious overhaul, with even mainstay Simon Cowell having jumped ship. So why would a major A-list… Read More

X-Men Spinoff The New Mutants Will Be A Straight-Up Horror Movie

The New Mutants is going to be a superhero film unlike others. Or at least, an X-Men film unlike any other. According to director Josh Boone, forget the costumes and the supervillains. It’s going to be a “full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe,” he told EW. Boone, a lifelong Marvel Comics fan, credits… Read More

Jack Antonoff Gets Deliriously Nostalgic On New Bleachers Song

Jack Antonoff has shared another new Bleachers song, and it takes everything you already love about Bleachers — ’80s pop influences, ecstatic songwriting, etc. — and kicks it all up a few notches. “I Miss Those Days” is, as the title suggests, all about nostalgia. But this isn’t a song made for soundtracking your weepy… Read More

Factcheck: Whale strandings and offshore windfarms – Carbon Brief

Last Saturday, two dead whales washed up on the coast of Suffolk, in eastern England, and a third was spotted floating at sea. What happened next illustrates how news can spread and evolve into misinformation, when reported by journalists rushing to publish before confirming basic facts, or sourcing their own quotes. The death of the… Read More

The Timeless Joy Of Todd Rundgren

In this life of strife and complication, it’s so nice to occasionally just love something — and man, do I love Todd Rundgren. The Pennsylvania power-pop savant is best known today for “Hello It’s Me,” the winsome single that made him a radio staple 45 years ago, with its extremely ’70s take on love as… Read More

Here’s How Ludacris Is Getting Hands-On For Fear Factor

Just how seriously is Ludacris taking his new job as the host of MTV’s Fear Factor reboot? In a new promo for the show, the rapper/movie star/TV personality takes it upon himself to head into a laboratory and cook up ways to freak the hell out of contestants. [embedded content] “These are dung beetles —… Read More

Don’t Let The Trump Shake The Hand!

There are a few things Donald Trump wishes you would remember about him. First, he was the most impressive Electoral College winner in history. Also, he is the only person to ever build an ice rink. Lastly, the man abhors hands: small ones, large ones, ones that just excavated large or small nostrils, hands that… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's suspect claim about Iran's collapse – Aurora Sentinel

WASHINGTON | As President Donald Trump tells it, Iran would be a collapsed state by now if only the Obama administration had refused the 2015 deal that eased economic sanctions in return for a freeze on Iranian nuclear development. This starved-into-submission scenario, however, doesn’t fit with the circumstances of that time. Here’s a look at Trump’s… Read More

FACT CHECK: Did Trump Leak Classified Info About Nuclear Subs? – The Daily Caller

Media outlets began to circulate on Wednesday that President Donald Trump had revealed sensitive military information in a phone conversation with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte by discussing the presence of two nuclear submarines near North Korea. Verdict: False The transcript of the April call reveals Trump discussed with Duterte the U.S. response to the threat… Read More

A Semi-Complete Timeline Of Rihanna Inventing Double Denim

If you thought the Canadian Tuxedo, a.k.a. double denim, peaked with Britney and Justin, think again. Rihanna continues to dutifully carry the torch of double denim. No one wears jean-on-jean like her. For proof, let us look back at some of her most iconic denim moments. I don’t know about you, but after looking at… Read More

The Boys From Disney’s Jessie Just Graduated High School, So We’re Fossils Now

Boyce excitedly ‘grammed a mini-album. “WE MADE IT!!! 5/25/17 😭🎓🎉,” he gushed. His Descendants director, Kenny Ortega, reposted one of Boyce’s pics with the caption: “#carpediem my brilliant Cam! I know your greatest adventures lie ahead of you. Love and All My Congratulations 🎓#thecameronboyce.” Full Story Here MTV News Latest May 26, 2017 2:25 pm… Read More

Shawn Mendes Urges Fans Not To Be Afraid After Manchester Attack

After tributes from Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes is the latest artist to honor the victims of the attack in Manchester, which occurred on May 22 at an Ariana Grande concert. At a show in Paris on Wednesday night (May 24), Mendes took some time to speak to his fans about the unwavering… Read More

MTV News Social Justice Forecast May 25–June 3

Social justice organizers often find creative ways to build solidarity within communities, whether by presenting music, sharing food, or even putting on festivals. This week, we’re looking at a few events that use unique means to unite people and pave the way for a better future. If there’s something on the horizon in your area… Read More

New ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Laws Raise Concerns Among Activists

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Following a spike in deadly attacks on police, more than a dozen states have responded this year with “Blue Lives Matter” laws that come down even harder on crimes against law enforcement officers, raising concern among some civil rights activists of a potential setback in police-community relations. The new measures… Read More

Man Pricked by Hypodermic Needle While Using Gas Pump

Jacqueline Medina says that on 22 May 2017, her father Jose was driving to his job in Moreno Valley, California, when he stopped at a gas station on Alessandro Boulevard to fill up his tank. Both were surprised when the routine activity landed him in the hospital. Jose Medina found himself cut by a hypodermic… Read More

Is This ‘Monster Bullfrog’ Real?

CLAIM A photograph shows a man holding a 13-pound bullfrog. RATING FALSE WHAT’S TRUE A photograph showing a man holding a large bullfrog is real. WHAT’S FALSE The bullfrog is being held out toward the camera, making it appear larger than usual; This bullfrog does not weigh 13 pounds. ORIGIN On 25 May 2017, the… Read More

This Week In Garbageville

Welcome to the week in which Donald Trump left the country and temporarily stopped tweeting, and a conservative writer wrote that Melania and Ivanka Trump looking nice and being quiet in Saudi Arabia showed the “power of femininity,” because women are at their most powerful when they do absolutely nothing. Donald Trump Goes Away Did… Read More

Ariana Grande Planning Benefit Concert in Manchester

NEW YORK (AP) — Ariana Grande has vowed to return to Manchester, England, to give a concert to raise money for the victims of Monday’s deadly bombing at her show there. In a statement on Friday, the pop star says “we won’t let hate win” and offered to “extend my hand and heart and everything… Read More

Former Texas Nurse Accused of Killing Dozens of Kids in ’80s

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas nurse who is in prison for the 1984 killing of a toddler has been charged with murder in the 1981 death of an infant, and authorities said Friday that they think she may have killed up to 60 young children around that time. Genene Jones, 66, has been serving concurrent… Read More

KISS Concert in Manchester Canceled after Terrorist Attacks

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — KISS has canceled its show at the arena where deadly terrorist attacks occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, earlier this week. Live Nation announced Friday that the rock group’s May 30 concert at Manchester Arena will not take place. Band members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and… Read More

Fake Celebrity Skin Care Ads Dupe Consumers with ‘Free Trial’ Offers

Despite what you may read on the Internet, Priscilla Chan — pediatrician, philanthropist, and wife of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg — has not launched her own skin care venture, nor is she offering “free trials” of an anti-aging wrinkle cream she supposedly invented. Nor, for that matter, is reality television star Joanna Gaines quitting her… Read More

Painting of Tamir Rice Shooting Withdrawn from Art Festival

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The artist of a painting depicting the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice has withdrawn the piece from a Pittsburgh arts festival after an outcry that the white artist was exploiting black pain. Tom Megalis’ painting “Within 2 Seconds, the Shooting of Tamir Rice” was among 54 works accepted into this year’s Three… Read More

The Latest: Manchester Chief Notes Rise in Hate Crimes

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — The Latest on the concert bombing in England (all times local): 5:10 p.m. The police chief in Manchester says there has been an increase in reported hate crimes since the suicide bombing at a pop concert in the city. Greater Manchester Police Chief Ian Hopkins said Friday there is no place… Read More

Did Pope Francis Slap Away President Trump’s Hand?

CLAIM A video shows Pope Francis slapping away Donald Trump’s hand. RATING FALSE ORIGIN A short clip purportedly showing Pope Francis slapping away President Trump’s hand during a photo-op at the Vatican was widely shared on social media on 24 May 2017: [embedded content] [embedded content]   This video does not show a real interaction between… Read More

Portland Burrito Shop Closes After Allegations of Cultural Appropriation

CLAIM Public criticism and allegations of cultural appropriation caused the closure of Kook’s Burritos RATING UNPROVEN ORIGIN In May 2017, a controversy emerged surrounding Kook’s Burritos – a Portland, Oregon, pop-up burrito shop run by Liz “LC” Connelly and Kali Wilgus. In a feature article published in the local Willamette Week newspaper on 16 May… Read More

Fact Check: The Bloom County Lawyer Letter – The Weekly Standard

Thursday on Facebook, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed (of Bloom County fame) posted a letter purportedly from President Donald Trump’s New York attorney, Marc E. Kasowitz, taking Breathed to task for disseminating “flagrantly altered photos [of the president] wearing apparel featuring your artwork.” The letter bore the date-stamp May 23 and was accompanied by a brief note… Read More

President Trump’s claim that he’s already saved ‘millions of jobs’ on his foreign trip

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, President Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni during the summit in Sicily of the Group… Read More

Fact Check: Manchester Bombing Rumors and Hoaxes – New York Times

By LINDA QIUMay 24, 2017 After the bombing in Manchester, England, this week that killed 22, internet users and publishers have spread rumors and hoaxes, and miscast blame. How much of this false information is intentional trickery or well-meaning confusion is difficult to know. But below we look at some themes of misinformation, along with context and… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Trump sides with French winner, at least now – Washington Post

By Bradley Klapper | AP, WASHINGTON — It seems President Donald Trump is siding with the winner of the French election, at least now that he’s won. During France’s campaign, Trump spoke favorably about only one candidate, Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front. But a French official quoted Trump as telling the victor, President Emmanuel… Read More

Explaining the CBO’s vision of health-care catastrophe in the GOP plan

Demonstrators protest before a town hall meeting with Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) in Willingboro, N.J., on May 10. MacArthur wrote a crucial amendment to the American Health Care Act. (Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images) The new Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act, the House GOP replacement for Obamacare, demonstrates how difficult it is to craft… Read More

The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

In mid-May 2017, Fox News published a story (since retracted) pushing a conspiracy theory that Seth Rich, a 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer, had leaked tens of thousands of hacked e-mails to document dumping site WikiLeaks just before he was murdered. Although the story was quickly debunked, the rumor that the murder was a coverup galloped across… Read More

Fact Check: What's the Real Story on Seth Rich? – The Weekly Standard

Ten months after his death, reports continue to circulate concerning the murder of Seth Rich, a 27-year-old data analyst for the Democratic National Committee. Seth Conrad Rich died hours after what police investigators (who are still working on the case) have long said was likely an attempted robbery. Online conspiracy theorists and cable news commentators,… Read More

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Eases ‘Guardianship’ Rules Against Women?

CLAIM Saudi Arabian King Salman has issued an order allowing women more access to services. RATING MOSTLY TRUE ORIGIN King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Sau of Saudi Arabia reportedly issued an order in April 2017 that would allow greater freedom for women in his country, while retaining codified examples of its “guardianship” policies. According to… Read More

CNN Clashes With Lawmaker Over Report on Jeff Sessions

On 25 May 2017, CNN hit back at a lawmaker from South Carolina after he criticized its reporting on meetings between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Early in the day, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) posted on his Facebook page that the network had “been forced to retract” the story, which was published… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Did Trump really favor Macron in France? – Washington Post

By Bradley Klapper | AP, WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump told France’s new president that he was “my guy” in the recent election, a French official said Thursday. The record shows only favorable words from Trump for centrist Emmanuel Macron’s opponent, the defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. A look at Trump’s views, before and now, on… Read More

General Douglas MacArthur on Interplanetary War

CLAIM During a 1955 speech at West Point, General Douglas MacArthur told assembled cadets: “The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.” RATING FALSE ORIGIN This item is a difficult one to classify: It’s literally false as… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Did Trump really favor Macron in France? – Virginian-Pilot

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump told France’s new president that he was “my guy” in the recent election, a French official said Thursday. The record shows only favorable words from Trump for centrist Emmanuel Macron’s opponent, the defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. A look at Trump’s views, before and now, on this month’s… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Did Trump really favor Macron in France? –

By BRADLEY KLAPPER, Associated Press WASHINGTON — During France’s recent election campaign, President Donald Trump spoke favorably about only one candidate, Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front. But a French official is quoting Trump as telling the election’s winner, centrist President Emmanuel Macron, that he favored him all along. According to the official,… Read More

Bill Murray and Hunter S. Thompson Wore Vulgar T-Shirts?

CLAIM Bill Murray and Hunter S. Thompson were photographed wearing shirts reading “Buy Me Brunch” and “Polite as Fuck.” RATING FALSE ORIGIN On 25 May 2017, the History Lovers Club Twitter account posted an image of actor Bill Murray and author Hunter S. Thompson on a boat apparently wearing t-shirts that read “Buy Me Brunch” and “Polite as Fuck.” … Read More

James Lankford – Did Obamacare premiums double in most states this year? No

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the House-passed Republican health care bill would leave 23 million more Americans without insurance by 2026. Republicans counter that the situation with the Affordable Care Act is dire. “Obamacare is collapsing. We must do something,” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said in a Facebook post May 24. “This year, a… Read More

Fact check: Vice President Pence misleads on premiums – USA TODAY

Vice President Pence waves while speaking during his visit to Cajun Industries in Port Allen, La., on May 24, 2017.(Photo: Bill Feig, AP) Vice President Pence went too far in claiming that a new report showed that “the average premium across this country has actually doubled under Obamacare.” The report, from the Department of Health… Read More

Did a Man in Montana Catch a Three-Foot Long Grasshopper?

CLAIM A photograph shows a man holding a 3-foot grasshopper. RATING FALSE ORIGIN For several years, a black-and-white photograph purporting to show a man holding an enormous grasshopper has been widely shared on social media:  The most obvious sign that the image is doctored, of course, is that grasshoppers simply don’t get that big. The… Read More

Does Sheriff David Clarke Wear 'Fake' Military Medals? –

CLAIM Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke wears fake military medals. RATING FALSE ORIGIN In May 2017, after the Department of Homeland Security reportedly tapped Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke for a job, stories appeared about the medals he typically wears to adorn his lapels, with many pointing out that Clarke has never served in the military. These articles mainly dealt with… Read More

FactCheck: Pence misleads on premiums –

Vice President Mike Pence went too far in claiming that a new report showed that “the average premium across this country has actually doubled under Obamacare.” The report, from the Department of Health and Human Services, focuses only on insurance purchased on the exchanges in 39 states and notes that it is “an approximation” with… Read More

Fact check: Satan did not write Alien: Covenant – A.V. Club

It’s rare to see the kind of far-ranging critical disagreement that Alien: Covenant has engendered. Some are praising it as a great return to form for both the franchise and Ridley Scott, while others see it as a parade of rote slasher tropes awkwardly welded onto an old-school mad scientist yarn. Even here in The… Read More

Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing

CLAIM The SS Cotopaxi has been discovered by the Cuban Coast Guard 90 years after it vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. RATING FALSE ORIGIN On 18 May 2015, World News Daily Report published an article positing that the Cuban Coast Guard had intercepted the SS Cotopaxi, a ship that disappeared in the area known as… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's theory about Iran's collapse – SFGate

Bradley Klapper, Associated Press Updated 12:47 am, Thursday, May 25, 2017 Photo: Sebastian Scheiner, AP Image 1of/1 Caption Close Image 1 of 1 U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands at the Israel Museum, in Jerusalem, Tuesday, May 23, 2017. U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake… Read More

Fact check: Double-counting growth in Trump's budget – USA TODAY

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney rests his hands near a copy of the FY2018 budget as he testifies at a House Budget Committee hearing on May 24, 2017.(Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds, AFP/Getty Images) How does President Trump’s proposed budget reach a balance in 10 years, as the administration says it will? With 3%… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Trump exaggerates record while abroad – The Providence Journal

By CALVIN WOODWARD and CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER / Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s a new U.S. export: President Donald Trump’s exaggerations about his record. In his speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday during his first foreign trip as president, Trump claimed to have accomplished record spending on the armed forces, even though Congress has… Read More

Pope Francis Smiled with President Obama, Frowned with President Trump?

CLAIM An image accurately compares Pope Francis’ mood during a visit with President Obama and another visit with President Trump. RATING MOSTLY FALSE ORIGIN A photograph purportedly showing Pope Francis’ dour mood during a visit with President Trump went viral on 24 May 2017 after social media users compared it to a second image of… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's theory about Iran's collapse – News & Observer

President Donald Trump asserted this week that Iran was six months from ruin before its economy was saved by the nuclear deal with the West. That scenario, though, does not fit with the circumstances of that time. Here’s a look at Trump’s statement on the 2015 deal that eased economic sanctions in return for a… Read More

Fact Check: No, the Republican Healthcare Bill Would Not Cause 23 Million People to “Lose” Insurance – Townhall

As Katie reported last evening, the latest Congressional Budget Office score of the House-passed American Health Care Act contains good news and bad news for the GOP. On the bright side, it appears that its central fiscal outcome complies with reconciliation rules, which would allow the process to move forward without a complicated tweak-and-do-over vote in the House. The… Read More

GOP Candidate in US House Race Thursday Charged with Assault

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — The Republican candidate in the nationally-watched election Thursday for Montana’s sole congressional seat has been charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly grabbing a reporter by the neck and throwing him to the ground. Voters decide in the special election whether Republican Greg Gianforte or Democrat Rob Quist will fill the U.S.… Read More

Gold Star Father Khizr Khan Plans Book for Young People

NEW YORK (AP) — Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who became a national celebrity after speaking at last year’s Democratic National Convention, has a book planned for young readers. Khan’s “This Is Our Constitution” comes out Nov. 14, Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers told The Associated Press on Thursday. The book arrives… Read More

The Latest: Queen Meets Victims, Calls UK Bombing ‘Wicked’

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — The Latest on the investigation into the Manchester concert bombing (all times local): 1:05 p.m. Queen Elizabeth II has told children injured in the Manchester bombing that the attack was “dreadful and wicked” as she visited a children’s hospital to meet victims, families and medical staff. The 91-year-old monarch told 14-year-old… Read More

The Latest: Journalist Says Gianforte’s Account Incorrect

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — The Latest on the assault case against Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for a Montana congressional seat in a Thursday special election. (all times local): 5 a.m. The Guardian reporter who authorities say was assaulted by a Montana Republican candidate for a U.S. House seat says he never touched the politician… Read More

Florida Student Accused of Changing Grade from F to B

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A 22-year-old student is accused of sneaking into a building and illegally logging into a Florida university’s grading system to change his failing grade to a B. Sami Ammar turned himself in at the Orange County Jail in Orlando on Wednesday and now faces a felony charge of accessing a computer… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Medicaid a target for cuts despite assurance – ABC News

Medicaid is clearly in line for cuts under President Donald Trump’s budget despite assurances to the contrary from his budget chief. Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, while introducing the budget Tuesday: “There are no Medicaid cuts in the terms of what ordinary human beings would refer to as a cut.… Read More

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's theory about Iran's collapse – News 12 Westchester

By BRADLEY KLAPPERAssociated Press WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump asserted this week that Iran was six months from ruin before its economy was saved by the nuclear deal with the West. That scenario, though, does not fit with the circumstances of that time. Here’s a look at Trump’s statement on the 2015 deal that… Read More

Does an HHS appointee believe abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

Charmaine Yoest, assistant secretary of public affairs for the Department of Health and Human Services. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press) I was surprised, then, when the next thing she said was that abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists… Read More

Video: Health care premiums will increase under the GOP health plan

Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler explains how the Congressional Budget Office projects health care premiums will change if the American Health Care Act is passed into law. (Meg Kelly/The Washington Post) Please watch the Fact Checker’s video explanation of how health-care premiums will increase over the next decade under either the Affordable Care Act… Read More

Donald Trump – Trump goes a bit overboard with icebreaker claim

“I’m proud to say that under my administration, as you just heard, we will be building the first new heavy icebreakers the United States has seen in over 40 years.”   — Donald Trump on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 in a U.S. Coast Guard commencement speech By Smitha Rajan on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at… Read More

Fact-checking a rosy portrait of the American Health Care Act

Released in late May, American Action Network’s video asks viewers to thank Republicans in the House of Representatives for passing the American Health Care Act. (American Action Network) “As a mom, rising health care costs are a big concern. My family lost our insurance and doctor because of the Affordable Care Act. But now, we… Read More

Fact-checking a rosy portrait of the American Health Care Act

Released in late May, American Action Network’s video asks viewers to thank Republicans in the House of Representatives for passing the American Health Care Act. (American Action Network) “As a mom, rising health care costs are a big concern. My family lost our insurance and doctor because of the Affordable Care Act. But now, we… Read More

President Trump vs. James B. Comey: A timeline

(Michael Reynolds and Shawn Thew/European Pressphoto Agency) The Fact Checker earlier produced a timeline on the firing of Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. Now that story has merged with President Trump’s firing of FBI director James B. Comey. Below is a new timeline, incorporating some elements of the Flynn timeline. Key aspects of… Read More

365 days of Trump claims

During President Trump’s first 100 days, The Fact Checker started producing a list of every false or misleading statement that he made. When April 29 was history, it turned out that the president had made 492 remarks worthy of inclusion in our interactive graphic. That was an average of 4.9 claims a day. We thought… Read More

Duffel Blog — The American Military’s Most-Trusted News Source

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Tuesday it had awarded a sole-source contract to United Airlines for work related to the forcible removal of President Bashar al-Assad from Syria. The contract, worth $2.1 billion, tasks the airline… PYONGYANG — In a breakthrough negotiation amid escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed… Read More

Translating McMaster’s rhetoric on the Russia-leak story

National security adviser H.R. McMaster. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) When a White House is confronted with a negative news story, officials face a difficult challenge if the story is largely correct. A common PR technique is to deny things that are not in the story or to make sweeping declarations while ignoring the specifics. The… Read More