Mild, Mild West

The Sisters Brothers fails to deliver either comedy or drama. Full Story Here National Review September 21, 2018 2:41 am Support Us

Ambulances at Philadelphia Airport After International Passengers Become ill; CDC on Scene

“Several ambulances at PHL after 7 passengers on 2 international flights become ill. CDC doctors investigate.” — Dave Schratwieser .@FOX29philly Several ambulances at PHL after 7 passengers on 2 international flights become ill. CDC doctors investigate.#fox29 — Dave Schratwieser (@DSchratwieser) September 6, 2018 .@FOX29philly Police:7 passengers on flights from Germany&France sickened with flu like symptoms.… Read More

Major Error in Cory Booker’s “Groping” Story – But Why?

On Thursday I wrote about Sen. Cory Booker’s 1992 column in The Stanford Daily in which he admitted to touching a female friend’s breasts (after having hand swatted away on the first attempt) and “rolling around on the bed” with her on New Year’s Eve 1984, then finding out later that she was drunk and… Read More

Senator Reveals What Dems Plan To Do If Kavanaugh’s Defeated

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii says Democrats could keep the open seat in the Supreme Court vacant for the next two years if need be. Hirono told Politico this might be the case if Kavanaugh’s nomination fall through and if Democrats take the Senate in November. Hirono brought up the seat vacancy of slightly…… Read More

Burt Reynolds Dies

Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82. A source tells Us the actor went into cardiac arrest at a hospital in Florida on Thursday, September 6. His family was by his side. After starring in TV shows such as Gunsmoke and Dan August, Reynolds rose to fame in the ‘70s for his breakout… Read More

The School Bus Massacre and Pompeo’s Bogus Certification

PBS NewsHour interviewed Larry Lewis last night in a report on Yemen and Pompeo’s dishonest certification of Saudi coalition conduct. Lewis worked for the U.S. government to try to improve Saudi coalition targeting up through 2016, but stopped after that. He wrote an analysis of Pompeo’s claims earlier this week. During the interview, Lewis made… Read More

HERE WE GO=> Christine Blasey Ford Being Advised by Obama-Clinton Democrat Operative

Surprise! Far-left activist and accuser, Christine Blasey Ford is now leaning on Obama-Clinton Democrat operative, Ricki Seidman for advice. Seidman, according to her online bio, helped confirm Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court–now she’s working to derail Trump’s SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh–SHOCKER! Far-left Politico reports: Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has… Read More

Giuliani to Mueller: Take A Hike; Trump Is NOT Answering Any Russian Questions

BOOM. “Trump will not answer federal investigators’ questions, in writing or in person, about whether he tried to block the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Giuliani tells AP” — Joachim BREAKING: New York (AP) — Trump will not answer federal investigators’ questions, in writing or in person, about whether he tried to… Read More


Donald Trump Jr. has a very clear picture of who’s behind that anonymous New York Times op-ed — and it ain’t no “senior official” in the Trump administration. We got the President’s son heading into Vaucluse Thursday in NYC with his GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and when we brought up the NYT piece — about White… Read More

NBC Ignores the Remains of Two Korean War Soldiers Being Identified

There was a bit of good news Thursday after President Trump announced that two of the 55 sets of Korean War remains returned by the North were identified. The remains were those of Army Master Sergeant Charles McDaniel and Army Private First Class Williams Jones. The identification of the remains would surely bring closure to… Read More

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones and Infowars

Twitter banned Infowars and its founder Alex Jones, following months of public pressure to do so. In a series of tweets on Thursday, the company said it had “permanently suspended” accounts associated with Jones and Infowars after numerous complaints that they violated its terms of service prohibiting repeated abusive behavior. A Twitter spokesperson told The Daily… Read More

‘Put a Bullet in Your Husband’s Skull’ US Marshals Investigating After Judge Kavanaugh’s Wife Receives Violent Threats

The U.S. Marshals are investigating after Brett Kavanaugh’s lovely wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh received threats from an unhinged leftist. Judge Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley is mother to their two young daughters, Margaret, 13 and Liza, 10. The left has no boundaries–they will attack an innocent woman and her children. The Wall Street Journal reported: Judge Kavanaugh’s wife,… Read More

Kavanaugh hearing chaos coordinated by Schumer, top Dems

The chaotic start to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was coordinated from the top by Democratic senators who wanted to stall the Supreme Court nomination process amid complaints about access to documents. Kavanaugh returns before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday for the start of formal questioning. He has delivered only his opening statement so far,… Read More

TV Writer Hopes Kavanaugh Daughters ‘Go to School Without Being Shot’

Kids aren’t off limits when it comes to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing – at least not in Hollywood. After several interruptions from protesters, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s young daughters were ushered out of his confirmation hearing on Sept. 4. Hollywood screenwriter and producer Randi Mayem Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire) took to Twitter to “hope”… Read More

New Poll Shows Cruz Is Now Behind O’Rourke in Texas Senate Race

Ted Cruz is in trouble — and so might be conservatism overall, if new polls conducted by the University of Virginia are any sign. The Center for Politics at UVA teamed up with Ipsos and Reuters to look at important battleground states, which could play major roles in the upcoming midterm election. What they found…… Read More

Ford’s ridiculous demands

(Paul Mirengoff) Citing “sources,” Fox News’ Shannon Bream reports on the demands Christine Blasey Ford and her legal team are making as a condition for her testifying about her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh: Ford team wants NO questions from lawyers, only Qs from Committee members, #Kavanaugh cannot be in the room, Kavanaugh must testify FIRST… Read More

Sen. Lindsey Graham Fires Off Midnight Tweet: “Kavanaugh Nomination is Still on Track – Stay Tuned!”

Senator Lindsey Graham; Photo: Twitter avatar Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) fired off a midnight tweet praising President Trump and reassured the American people that Kavanaugh’s nomination is still on track. “Stay tuned!” Lindsey Graham said. “Great job tonight by President @realDonaldTrump in Las Vegas laying out how strong America has become economically and how much… Read More

Kim Kardashian West visits White House to talk prison reform

Kim Kardashian West visited the White House on Wednesday to discuss prison reform with administration officials. The White House confirmed that Kardashian West was among the dozen outside guests to take part in the discussion, which focused on the clemency process. Other guests included CNN host Van Jones, Federalist Society President Leonard Leo, and retired Judge Kevin… Read More

Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbook Was Scrubbed to Hide Culture of Racism, Binge Drinking by Minors and Elitism… Update: Cached Copy of Yearbook

Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbook is littered with elitism and binge drinking by minors. The Holton girls school promoted binge drinking and promiscuity. The yearbook clearly portrays the young girls as the sexual predators of younger men. The Cult of the First Amendment posted an extensive analysis of Christine Blasey’s elitist high school where faculty promoted… Read More

Google Won’t Tell Congress If It’s Working With China on Censored Search Engine

Internet giant Google is declining to answer a series of questions from Congress about its rumored efforts to launch a Chinese-government approved censored search engine, fueling ongoing concerns about the company’s efforts to partner with repressive regimes known to conduct cyber espionage operations against the United States. Google has informed a cadre of top senators… Read More

“We Believe Christine Ford!” Far-Left Protesters Swarm Grassley’s Office – Capitol Police Arrest 56 People (VIDEO)

Low energy protesters swarmed the 7th floor of the Hart Senate building Thursday afternoon chanting “We believe Christine Ford!” Dozens of police are headed this way, reported Henry Rodgers of the Daily Caller. The far-left protesters also set up a potluck inside of Grassley’s office! VIDEO: “We believe Christine Ford. We believe Anita Hill.” Protesters… Read More

Paul Ryan: House will vote this month to make individual tax cuts permanent

The House will vote this month on a bill to make permanent the individual tax cuts enacted in December, Republican leaders said Wednesday. Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., will not wait for the post-election “lame duck” session to take up the measure, despite opposition from some Republicans who oppose a… Read More

Christine Ford Says “There Is Zero Chance” She Would Confuse Kavanaugh with Fellow Student in 36 Yr-Old Incident She Just Remembered 6 Yrs Ago

Brett Kavanaugh, Georgetown Prep school classmate Chris Garrett Is this a case of mistaken identity?  Accuser Christine Blasey Ford is waging a war on Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh with decades-old, unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault in an effort to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Ford says she first remembered the 36-year-old incident… Read More

The Late, Great USA?

Immigrants who come to America today have no mystic chords of memory to bind them to our common culture. If we do not weave these imaginative chords, their view of America will be ideological—and dictated by the Left. If we do not weave them for young people, they will be severed from the past and… Read More

The Family & the Orchard: The Story of Civilization in the “Odyssey”

Human happiness can reach such heights and depths of joy that it leaves men in awe at the goodness and sweetness of life when they behold the miracle of love’s fruitfulness in the bonds of marriage and family that multiply throughout the generations. The circle of life from Laertes to Odysseus to Telemachus tells the… Read More

Feinstein Incites Outrage After Apologizing to Kavanaugh for Hearing Disruptions

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) provoked outrage from progressive activists on Wednesday after apologizing to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for the number of protests and disruptions that have taken place during his confirmation hearing. During her opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Feinstein issued an apology to Kavanaugh for the level of vitriol… Read More

Ed Whelan’s Crackpot Theory

Ed Whelan, the influential legal commenter who runs the Ethics & Public Policy Center, blew up Twitter tonight with a bizarre series of tweets naming a high school classmate of Brett Kavanaugh’s as the potential attacker of Christine Ford. I’m not going to link to any of them, because they included the poor man’s name… Read More

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill Targeting Jeff Bezos

We are now at the point in society where members of Congress will not only introduce bills to target specific individuals, but broadcast specifically what they are doing in the name of the bill. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has introduced a bill called the “Stop BEZOS Act” in reference to Amazon CEO and owner of… Read More

Kavanaugh Sends Statement to Grassley Regarding Senate Questioning: ‘I Will Be There’

Following the bombshell allegation of sexual misconduct raised against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh last week, his impending confirmation vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee has been placed on hold indefinitely. Republican committee members have scrambled in recent days to try and accommodate Kavanaugh’s accuser — Palo Alto University professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford…… Read More

Heartless? ABC Ignores Death Threats Against Kavanaugh’s Family

Sadly, since coming forward with accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her family have received numerous death threats. Also during that time, Kavanaugh and his family have also received horrific treatment. Despite the seriousness all around, ABC’s World News Tonight sided with Ford on Thursday… Read More

Christine Blasey Ford Published Eight studies about “Abortion Pill” and Works for Company that Produces It

Professor Christine Blasey Ford, while working for Stanford University, was also affiliated with Corcept Therapeutics (2006 – 2011). Her new Wikipedia page describes her as “director of biostatistics at Corcept.” Corcept Therapeutics Inc. (CORT) has a $1.66 billion market cap (worth), with current annual sales of $216 million. Liberals and feminists are very worried that… Read More

Photos: ‘Just Like 2016!’ Massive Lines for Trump Las Vegas rally

Photos posted online from Las Vegas show a massive turnout for President’s Trump’s campaign rally being held Thursday night at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The half-mile-plus lines in the 95 degree heat are reminiscent of the huge crowds that turned out in 2015-2016 for Trump’s presidential campaign rallies. President Trump just tweeted, “Landing in… Read More

Trump denies calling Sessions ‘mentally retarded,’ ‘dumb Southerner’

President Trump in a tweet Tuesday night denied allegations in reporter Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book that he called Attorney General Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded” and a “dumb Southerner.” “The already discredited Woodward book, so many lies and phony sources, has me calling Jeff Sessions ‘mentally retarded’ and ‘a dumb southerner,’” Trump tweeted. “I said NEITHER, never used those terms… Read More

Cory Booker Admits to Sexual Assault in 1992 Stanford Column

Under the new feminist model, if a man even looks at a woman and has a sexual thought, he’s committing rape. If a man touches a woman without consent, it’s sexual assault. And if she’s intoxicated, you can’t obtain consent. Using these definitions, Sen. Cory Booker admitted to sexually assaulting an intoxicated friend when he… Read More

The Remoteness Of Reform

I just arrived home from the Catholic Medical Association annual convention, where I gave a Benedict Option talk. I’m worn out — flew in Tuesday night from Milan, then out again the next morning to Dallas. But I really enjoyed myself for my brief time in Dallas. I talked to my old friend Michael Hanby,… Read More

The Hollywood Child Abuse Epidemic No One Wants to Talk About

In the late 1990s, during the swollen stages of the dot-com bubble, Marc Collins-Rector founded Digital Entertainment Network. A sort of proto-Netflix, it would broadcast original serials on the Internet. One of them, called Chad’s World, was written and produced by Collins-Rector, and followed a young man as he moved in with his brother and… Read More

Russia Gives Up on Trump and the West

By the end of his second term, President Ronald Reagan, who had called the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” was strolling through Red Square with Russians slapping him on the back. Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive. And how have we husbanded the fruits of our Cold War triumph? This month, China’s… Read More

Trading #MeToo for Partisan Hit Jobs

Christine Blasey Ford says Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a party in the 1980s when they were both in high school. Kavanaugh says it didn’t happen. How much evidence must be arrayed against him before he’s denied a seat on the Supreme Court? That depends on who you ask. “I believe her,” said… Read More

Was White Flight a Personal Economic Decision?

The switch in development pattern the United States experienced after World War II—one where major cities lost population while a new series of auto-oriented suburbs sprung up on their periphery—is often referred to as “white flight”. When this term is used to describe the results of those decades, it broadly makes sense. But I’ve always… Read More

DEEP STATE SCALP=> Open Communist in Latest Project Veritas Undercover Video Removed From Ongoing GAO Work

O’KEEFE GETS A DEEP STATE SCALP! On Thursday, Project Veritas released its third undercover video of their ‘Deep State Unmasked’ series exposing operatives buried inside the bureaucracy secretly working to frustrate President Trump’s agenda. Just a few hours after O’Keefe rolled out the video of Commie Natarajan Subramanian bragging about slowing down Trump’s agenda, he was… Read More

Trump Jr. fires back at PETA over halloween costume meant to mock him

An odd feud between the son of President Donald Trump and PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, erupted on social media after the animal rights organization marketed a Halloween costume meant to mock his hunting hobby. “A twist on the trophy-hunting photo” PETA, which is opposed to hunting animals, is selling the… Read More

The inevitable “celebrities assure Ford they believe her” MoveOn video

A leftover from yesterday. Not all of the women in the clip are celebrities, please note, just enough to add a patina of Importance to it. What right-thinking progressive would care about a video of average Americans stating their political views without a four-second cameo from Julianne Moore? A fun fact about MoveOn, the creators… Read More

College of the Ozarks Drops Nike over Kaepernick Ad Campaign

A College In Missouri Has Decided To “choose Its Country Over Company,” And Do Away With All Athletic Uniforms Which Display The Nike Logo. The College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri, has chosen to part ways with Nike over the company’s decision to make anthem protester Colin Kaepernick, the face of their new… Read More

SENATE JUDICIARY CONTACTED the 3 Male Witnesses at Party Named by Accuser Ford — ALL DENIED ACCUSATIONS Under Penalty of Felony!

The Senate Judiciary account went on a tweetstorm regarding their investigation on the 36-year-old allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford. These tweets were posted this afternoon on Thursday after a weeklong media frenzy against Judge Kavanaugh. Blasey Ford now says she wants to testify but doesn’t know when. The committee interviewed Judge… Read More

Democrat Rep Insists Christine Ford “Does Not Have a Political Bone in her Body” …Except when She’s Marching Against Trump

Christine Blasey Ford at a Science march against Trump in 2017. Liberal hack Representative Anna Eshoo, (D-CA) spoke with Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford recently. Eshoo told reporters she believes Ford and that Christine Ford “does not have a political bone in her body.” Via SFGate: The California lawmaker who first heard Christine Blasey Ford’s… Read More

The Demands the “Ford Team” Has Made Are Ludicrous

Per Shannon Bream, here are the requests that Kavanaugh’s accuser has made: SOURCES: Ford team wants NO questions from lawyers, only Qs from Committee members,… Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 7:12 pm Support Us

Nikki Haley Reveals That The NYT Knew The Curtain Story Was Not True

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley dropped a bomb on “The Story With Martha MacCallum” on Thursday night. Haley revealed that she told the New York Times the story about her allegedly buying $50,000 curtain was false — and they published it anyway. WATCH: MacCallum asked Haley about the New York Times… Read More

Watch: John Kasich Says “John McCain Was Put to Death” (Video)

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any crazier. Enter John Kasich. When he’s not eating a free lunch or stuffing his face at varying eateries, he’s saying Sen. John McCain was killed. Freudian slip?   The post Watch: John Kasich Says “John McCain Was Put to Death” (Video) appeared first on True Pundit. Full… Read More

Dianne Feinstein: ‘Twas the media that outed Kavanaugh’s accuser

Is that right? The way DiFi puts it here, you would think Christine Blasey Ford’s name appeared like a bolt from the blue in the pages of the Washington Post on Sunday afternoon. In reality, the press had spent the previous 72 hours murmuring about a mysterious letter in Feinstein’s possession that may or may… Read More

Dana Loesch Destroys Joy Behar over Truth About Dianne Feinstein

The liberal media has unquestionably jumped to the defense of Palo Alto University Professor Christine Blasey Ford, who just days prior to a committee confirmation vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh upended everything by accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault in an alleged incident she claimed occurred more than 35 years ago. Chief among…… Read More

Truck Terrorist Who Killed 5 Accused Trump of Being Racist Before Attack

In March of last year, radical Islamist terrorist Khalid Masood used a rented vehicle to plow through a crowd of pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge in London prior to jumping out of the wrecked vehicle and fatally stabbing a police officer. British authorities have conducted an inquest into the deaths caused by the terrorist attack.…… Read More

Call me, maybe? Kim wants second summit with Trump … says Moon

Probably, I’d bet. South Korean president Moon Jae-in has continued his efforts to keep the momentum going forward for peninsular reconciliation, even as his partners Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have sent mixed signals along the way. With recent US intel suggesting that Kim has continued North Korea’s nuclear weapons production in the short term… Read More

Mistaken Identity?

(Steven Hayward) Paul (and Senator Orrin Hatch) has already mentioned the possibility that Dr. Ford’s allegation of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh may be a case of mistaken identity, based in part on Ed Whelan’s cryptic tweets that Kavanaugh is going to be fully exonerated. This has set off of firestorm of rumors and expectations.… Read More

Kavanaugh and his wife are receiving death threats too

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys made sure to point out in their letter to Chairman Grassley that their client is receiving death threat which have forced her out of her home. But she’s not the only person receiving threats. CNN reports Judge Kavanaugh and his wife are also getting death threats, some of which have been… Read More

John Legend Releases Ad Against Brett Kavanaugh And Jumps The Shark

Making Fonzi Proud I’m actually surprised the Hollywood kids did not do this during the confirmation hearings. Right before it was revealed that Christine Fords Attorney Says She Will Testify “With Conditions” news came out that actor and musician John Legend was featured in a ad coming out against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh going… Read More

Democrat Congressman Deletes Tweet Criticizing Republican Senator over Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford

Who among us has never commented on an article’s headline before reading the article itself? Unfortunately, even congressmen make the mistake. Early this morning, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) chose to respond to a Hill story in which Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) revealed her office has received “pretty ugly voicemails, threats” regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to… Read More

Watch: CNN Interview Goes Bad as Ex-FBI Asst. Director Savages Ford Accusations

A CNN interview on Wednesday with former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker didn’t work out quite the way the network was probably hoping after Swecker said the recent accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would not hold up in court. CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin asked Swecker a series of questions regarding the FBI’s involvement with…… Read More

Rebel Democrats in Congress Banding Together Against Nancy Pelosi

When she turned 75, three years ago, The Washington Post called Nancy Pelosi an “effective leader.” Three years later, and with a different president in the White House, liberal faithful like actress and activist Alyssa Milano would seem to agree. Milano has tweeted about how ‘terrifying’ the former speaker of the House and current minority…… Read More

“Concerned” Dems aren’t concerned about past sexual assaults by Dems

(Paul Mirengoff) It’s amusing, in a sickening sort of way, to hear Senate Democrats say it’s unacceptable to have on the Supreme Court someone “credibly” accused of assaulting a woman 36 years ago, when he was in high school. Who among these “outraged” Senators has complained about serving with Democratic colleagues credibly accused of, and… Read More

Mavs owner Mark Cuban faces no punishment after investigation, promises $10 million to women’s orgs

An independent investigation confirmed the allegations of sexual harassment and domestic violence inside the Dallas Mavericks’ corporate environment, according to the report released Wednesday. Despite the findings, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will face no punishment from the NBA. The billionaire has pledged to donate $10 million to domestic violence organizations. “First, just an apology to… Read More

Science: The Cultural Politics of Gluten

(Steven Hayward) And now for something completely different. . . Sometimes science can be positively hilarious, except when it sets up another screen for detecting bigotry and sexism. That’s the case for a brand new study just out from the National Institutes of Health entitled “Too picky for my taste? The effect of the gluten-free… Read More

VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Demonstrators at NYC British Consulate Demand Jew-Hater Jeremy Corbyn Repent or Resign

  Demonstrators gathered outside the British Consulate in Manhattan, organized by Amcha-Coalition for Jewish Concerns, on the day before Yom Kippur eve, to denounce England’s Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn‘s anti-Semitism and the hate he has engendered in Britain’s political and social systems. [] [/] Flickr slideshow “Holding placards such as ‘Corbyn:  Evil Anti-Semite. For… Read More

Nutrition studies used for government guidelines retracted following accusations of ‘junk science’

The Journal of the American Medical Association announced Wednesday that is has retracted six studies authored by Cornell University food researcher Brian Wansink. His work influenced government nutrition guidelines including the Obama-era Smarter Lunchrooms program. The papers were retracted by JAMA after investigating claims that Wansink’s studies were based on invalid data. What are the… Read More

<i>Roe</i>’s Place in the Confirmation Wars

It’s reasonable to hope Kavanaugh will vote to overturn Roe. It’s also proper for him not to commit to doing so. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 2:57 pm Support Us

VIP Live, Tonight!

(John Hinderaker) Tonight, starting at 7 p.m. Central time, we are doing a VIP Live event. If you are a VIP member, you will get an email with a link to a live YouTube address where you can watch the event and submit your own comments and questions. What will we be talking about? For… Read More

That’s Not How Evidence Works

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has it exactly backwards. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 2:42 pm Support Us

U.S. Sanctions China for Buying Russian Arms

The sanctions unveiled Thursday related to China’s purchase of fighter jets and missiles from Russia’s state arms exporter. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 2:42 pm Support Us

Is Another Kavanaugh Allegation About to Land?

Protesters opposed to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, are arrested outside the office of Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in the Hart Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Up front, I’ll state that it is my opinion that the allegation made by Christine… Read More

Report: Ford ready to negotiate about testifying next week

(Paul Mirengoff) Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has little choice but to give evidence to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and do so promptly. If she persists in refusing, Judge Kavanaugh almost certainly will be confirmed more or less on schedule. Ford’s objective all along has been to prevent this result. Thus, it has seemed… Read More

Christine Fords Attorney Says She Will Testify “With Conditions”

This is just going on and on and on and on…… Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Ford through her attorney now says that she will testify. Not on Monday. Not without terms being “fair” Not without her safety being guaranteed. According to the breaking wire at CNN: Christine Blasey Ford opened the possibility she would testify… Read More

Sen.Cory Booker’s admitted to sexually assaulting high school friend in 1992

By all rights, Booker should resign. And Muslim Brotherhood serial sexual assaulter Hakim Hummand (nee Keith Ellison) should too. As for Kavanaugh, the far-left professor’s accusation is without any evidence. None. It’s just another vicious lie for the party of destroyers. New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker is facing accusations of hypocrisy over his calls… Read More

After Dems Refuse to Listen, Ellison Accuser Releases Medical Records

The accusations came rapid-fire against Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison earlier this year. In August, CNN noted that while it was “in the process” of reporting a story about Karen Monahan and her allegations that Ellison had physically assaulted her, Monahan’s son opted to go public with a bombshell posting on Facebook that alleged there was…… Read More

David Hogg’s Pal Cameron Kasky Ditches Anti-Gunners After Meeting Real Gun Owners

One of the Florida teens who shot to national fame by opposing gun rights after February’s mass shooting in Florida has told Fox News Radio that he’s leaving his anti-gun organization and looking for bipartisanship after meeting responsible gun owners. Cameron Kasky co-founded an anti-gun group called March for Our Lives after the “March For Our Lives” demonstration…… Read More

DOJ Is Assessing Employee Featured in Undercover ‘Deep State’ Video Released by Project Veritas

The conservative activist group Project Veritas is creating shockwaves around the nation’s capital with its latest undercover videos. On the videos, federal employees boasted about slowing President Donald Trump’s agenda with resistance from the inside the government — effectively acting as the kind of “deep state” President Donald Trump’s supporters are so suspicious of. A…… Read More

Proving Your Race

A business owner in Washington State wants to use his DNA ancestry-test results to qualify him as a minority contractor. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 1:57 pm Support Us

‘Creepy Line’ Documentary Shows Dark Side of Social Media

<p>It’s hard to paint a positive picture of big tech companies, especially when it becomes apparent that they are manipulating users. On September 19, The Creepy Line, a documentary on Facebook and Google, will premiere in Washington D.C.  “Facebook and Google started with a great idea and great ideals,” said journalist Peter Schweizer in his… Read More

Theresa May: Losing With Chequers

Theresa May’s “Chequers” Brexit proposal was always likely to be rejected by Brussels, and that’s just what has happened. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 1:27 pm Support Us

Episode 61: Meet Me In St. Louis

Jonah answers listener questions and discourses on socialism with the help of his Sancho Panza. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 1:27 pm Support Us

New Facebook Marketing Chief Backed Dems, Like Predecessor

<p>Facebook has announced its new incoming chief marketing officer, Antonio Lucio. Lucio will be replacing Gary Briggs who, in January, said he would be leaving after four and a half years to pursue advisory work–and to help the Democrats in the midterms and through 2020. Like his predecessor, Lucio has also indicated he supports Democrats.<br… Read More

What is Dianne Feinstein hiding?

(Paul Mirengoff) That letter Christine Blasey Ford gave to California Democratic lawmakers containing her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh must be a highly flawed document. First, Sen. Feinstein sat on it for months. She didn’t give it to the FBI. She didn’t publicize its contents. She didn’t even use the allegations when she had opportunities to… Read More

Facebook Claims Glitch Marked Zito Story as Spam

<p>Facebook claims it was besieged by a glitch that unintentionally marked posts as spam, fueling outrage that Facebook is allegedly engaging in politically based censorship. The incident follows several high-profile problems highlighted by site critics, especially on the right.</p> <div> </div> Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 September 20, 2018 1:12 pm Support Us

Congolese Cobalt Mines, Child Labor and The Price of Profit

What responsibility – if any – does a major corporation have to ensure that the resources they use for their products are ethical and produced from fair business practices? Some might say none. The purpose of a business is to make money and it is up to the government of any given region to ensure… Read More

The Cultural Clash Around #MeToo, Comedy, And Kavanaugh

SUBSCRIBE TO THE FEDERALIST RADIO HOUR HERE. Emily Jashinsky, culture editor at the Federalist, joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the cultural surge around #MeToo, and it’s manifestation into politics, comedy, and this moment in American history. They discuss the backlash to Norm MacDonald’s new show, Louis C.K., and the comparisons… Read More

“Ballade of the Modern Female”

She’s earnest for equality And vigilant for women’s rights; She frowns on all frivolity, Of justice she is keen to scale the heights, And to this end she sat up nights And studied law—you get the gist— And now she’s qualified in slights. They say she is a feminist. Show her a discontent and she’ll… Read More

CNN: Say, Trump is handling this Kavanaugh accusation pretty well

CNN has become so unrelentingly anti-Trump that it really stands out when they publish a story that seems to have something positive to say about the president. As I write this, one of the top articles on the network’s homepage is titled, “Aides quietly stunned by Trump’s respectful handling of Kavanaugh accuser.” Okay, that’s more… Read More

Twitter Bows to CNN and Bans Alex Jones Permanently

<p>In an unsurprising reversal, Twitter decided to ban conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and InfoWars from its platform as of Sept. 6.</p> <p> </p> Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 September 20, 2018 12:57 pm Support Us

Tech Researcher Epstein Warns Conservatives: Get Off Gmail!

<p>Google has more power and control than most people realize and a top tech researcher is warning about it. In an interview at the D.C. premiere of the Creepy Line, a documentary on the dangers of Google and Facebook, Dr. Robert Epstein told the Media Research Center that Google was building personal profiles of users… Read More

Media Elite Mock ‘Crazy’ Trump and Conservative ‘Paranoia’ Over Censorship Claims

<p>Men did land on the moon, and social media/search platforms are biased against conservatives. But to lefty Hollywood stars and media pundits, Donald Trump noting the latter is tantamount to conspiracy theories denying the former. The <a href=”” style=”text-decoration-line:none”>censorship of conservatives by Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube</a> has been proven, and is on-going. But the… Read More

Brett Kavanaugh and the Therapy Mob

Too many of his detractors mistake the man for their abstract mental mock-up of a “privileged” preppy white male. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 12:42 pm Support Us

EU Has Its Sights Set On Amazon

EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said on Wednesday that the EU has started a preliminary investigation into Amazon’s over potential antitrust violations. Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 12:42 pm Support Us

Why We Hate the Media, Kavanaugh Edition

(Steven Hayward) It is hard to single out the most egregious media treatment of the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh because the field is so large and the competition so intense. But The Guardian at least deserves to make the Finals with its story today entitled “‘No accident’ Brett Kavanaugh’s female law clerks ‘looked… Read More

Beto O’Rourke Labels Police as Racist, Claims They Are the New Jim Crow

Texas Senate challenger to Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke, is proving that he’s willing to sink as low as possible into the depths of the hard left. This time, O’Rourke took aim at police, essentially calling them racists during a town hall at Prairie View A&M University. The video was transcribed by Ryan Saavedra at the Daily… Read More

Academic Jihad: Hundreds of Newton Residents Petition School District for Proselytizing for Islam, Islam-biased, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Instructional Materials

American schools are proselytizing for Islam in the classroom. This dangerous trend has been increasing over the past ten years, to a point where innocent children are being forced to say the shahada and learning the central tenets of Islam. Other religions are given short shrift, and the little attention they are given is negative… Read More

Ted Cruz Opponent Beto O’Rourke Says Police Are ‘The New Jim Crow’

At an event at Prairie View A&M University in Texas on Wednesday, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Beto O’Rourke agreed with the assertion that the police are “the new Jim Crow.” The Texas Democrat began his remarks by talking about the historic injustices against African-Americans in the criminal justice system, saying it began when prisons… Read More

Boss emeritus: Overturning burden-of-proof precedent “so dangerous”

Indeed it is, and our boss emeritus Michelle Malkin did a fine job of pointing out why in a passionate appearance on Fox & Friends this morning. After first pointing out the “selective belief” of women by Democrats — anyone hearing Maizie Hirono talking about Karen Monahan and Keith Ellison? — she makes an even better… Read More

Kaepernick to Receive Medal from Harvard

The controversial free-agent quarterback will be among eight recipients of Harvard’s ‘highest honor in the field of African and African-American studies.’ Full Story Here National Review September 20, 2018 12:12 pm Support Us