Watch: Look Who Showed up at Trump Boy Scout Speech… Media Horrified

Advertisement – story continues below President Donald Trump traveled to West Virginia on Monday to deliver a speech to the quadrennial Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree, and it really got the media all hot under the collar. It’s who showed up that had them especially upset — specifically, a Boy Scout crowd made up… Read More

Some Hijinks on the Harvard Fraternity Ban

A couple of weeks ago, Harvard made a controversial announcement — a committee of faculty, administrators, and students had recommended that the university institute a ban on social groups, including fraternities, sororities, and final clubs. Accompanying the decision was an explicating report, which declared such organizations contrary to Harvard’s core values and noted that only… Read More

Back From the Dead

Amazingly enough, it seems fairly likely — although there are no guarantees — that the Senate leadership will get the motion to proceed today to begin the debate on the health-care bill. And there’s a pretty good chance the GOP will at least pass some small vehicle to get to a conference with the House, which… Read More

‘The Mooch’ Could Be Exactly What We Need

Following Anthony Scaramucci’s smooth debut on Friday as the new White House communications director, the media quickly pivoted from his current performance to his liberal past, scouring through his Twitter feed for damning comments. Conservatives from Rick Wilson to Dana Loesch expressed concern about 2012 tweets in which Scaramucci supported gun control, gay marriage, and… Read More

The Plenary Pardon Power (and the Powerful Check of Impeachment)

Just posted on the National Review home page is a short article of mine under the title The Pardon Power is Absolute (with the subheading “But so is Congress’ impeachment power”).  My argument, in a nutshell, is that the president’s pardon power is constitutionally unlimited (with respect to federal crimes): he may pardon whomever he… Read More

CNN Host: New York Times Is 'Balanced,' 'Middle of the Road'

CNN Newsroom host Poppy Harlow made the ridiculous claim last Thursday that The New York Times is an “unbiased” publication: “I’ll just say, it’s good that he’s giving an interview to a, you know, down the middle, unbiased publication like The New York Times.” This wasn’t the first time that the media has pushed their… Read More

Washington Examiner’s ‘Mainstream Media Scream’ with the MRC’s Assessment

Since late January of 2012, the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard has once a week featured a “Mainstream Media Scream” selection in his “Washington Secrets” column. For each pick, usually posted online on Monday, I provide an explanation and recommend a “scream” rating (scale of one to five). This post contains the “Mainstream Media Screams” starting… Read More

Nets Cover Baby Orca’s Death More Than Charlie Gard

When it comes to the value of life, the networks are prioritizing a baby animal above a baby human – down to the very minute.  During Tuesday morning’s news shows, the three broadcast networks combined spent more time on a 3-month-old orca’s death than on a 11-month-old British baby’s impending death. As an infant, Charlie Gard… Read More

Trump to US: 'We're Going to Give You Great Healthcare'

President Donald Trump said Tuesday Republicans will give the American people “great healthcare” minutes after the Senate passed a crucial vote on healthcare reform. “Now we move forward towards truly great healthcare for the American people,” Trump said during a joint White House press conference with Saad Hariri, the prime minister of Lebanon. “We look… Read More

POLL: What Will Happen To Obamacare?

Earlier today, the Senate passed a motion to proceed on repealing Obamacare. This is just the first step, and what will ultimately happen is far from certain. What’s your prediction, Dear Reader? Take Our Poll Tags: ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Poll Full Story Here The Daily Caller July 25, 2017 2:34 pm Support Us

Why People Like Al Gore Hate The World’s Poor

Manipulating people isn’t something to be proud of. Granted, marketing campaigns and large corporations know how to leverage the emotions of people. The same goes for politicians. However, at what cost? For Al Gore, the cost of manipulating people comes at the price that negates industrialization in some of the poorest places in the world.… Read More

Bernie Sanders: GOP Is ‘Right Wing Extremist Party’ [VIDEO]

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric continued its downward spiral when he referred to Republicans as a “right wing extremist party” on Tuesday. Sanders trashed the GOP for its proposed health care bill in the Senate during an interview with MSNBC. He accused them of throwing millions of people of health care so that they can appease billionaires… Read More

Morale Low And Tumult High At New York Times

The New York Times is set to undergo another round of buyouts in the coming weeks, demoralizing journalists and creating a deep unease in the publication’s newsroom, according to Vanity Fair. “The mood at the paper is poisonous in a way I’ve never seen it in the past 15 years,” one editor told Vanity Fair’s Mike Pompeo.… Read More

Daily Vaper: iJoy Limitless XL Tank Review

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Afternoon Mirror: Two D.C. Journos Tie The Knot

 Quote of the Day: “Some dude told me to turn my phone off while I was standing right next to a gallery staffer. I wasn’t filming. I refused.”  — Paul Rigney, NBC News photographer. Two Washington journalists get hitched  On Monday, The Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams and soon-to-be RealClearPolitics‘ columnist Anneke Green got married. The… Read More

Study: Nearly 90 Percent Of Football Players Show Signs Of Brain Disease

A recent study of the brains of more than 200 former football players found evidence of a degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, commonly known as C.T.E. Released by the American Medical Association, the report diagnosed 177 former players, aged from the NFL to high school, with some degree of C.T.E. This disease has been linked to the constant head… Read More

Senate Votes To Begin Debate On Obamacare Repeal

Republican senators voted Tuesday to move forward on the long-promised Obamacare repeal as bill details remain undetermined. The vote took place as senators waited for Sen. John McCain, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, to make his triumphant return to Capitol Hill and cast the vote that tied the motion 50-50. The tie included 50 Republicans… Read More

Reminder: The Obama administration has a terrible record on Russia

Being sufficiently anti-Russian has become a significant measure of credibility in Washington over the past year. Today at Politico Magazine author James Kirchick looks back at the Obama administration’s record in this regard and finds it lacking. Many of the points Kirchick makes are ones Hot Air readers will already be familiar with. I’ve lost… Read More

Paul: I’ll vote to proceed on ObamaCare repeal

Can the Magical Mystery ObamaCare Repeal Bill get past a motion to proceed today on the Senate floor? Mitch McConnell got a boost for his showdown attempt from a surprising source late this morning. Rand Paul says he’ll vote yes on the MTP as long as the 2015 repeal bill comes up first — but… Read More

JUST IN: Over 2,000 People Dead… Trump Tried To Warn Us

(Angry Patriot) – When he was still just a candidate for president, Donald Trump was excoriated in the mainstream press for suggesting that many illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals. President Trump’s dark view of Mexico has been proven right once again. June was the deadliest month in Mexico in over twenty years. All told, 2,234… Read More

GOP leaders unveil revised healthcare bill to repeal and replace Obamacare

This week, Senate Republican leaders released their revised version of the healthcare bill aiming to repeal and replace Obamacare. GOP leaders included new changes in the hopes of winning over additional votes from conservatives and moderates. The Hill has the full report: Importantly, the bill largely keeps the Medicaid sections the same, meaning that deeper… Read More

Congress moves to fund President Trump’s border wall

Congressional Republicans are planning to provide funding to help President Trump uphold his campaign promise to build a wall on our southern border. Congress will vote on allocating $1.6B for the project while Democrats are promising to shut the government down to stop President Trump’s attempts to secure our borders and enhance our national security.… Read More

Unreal: New US Carrier Sets Sail With Shock Change Liberals Love

Advertisement – story continues below The new and improved USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier comes with all the bells and whistles but liberals will be happy about the one thing it’s missing. That one thing? Urinals. If you think this sounds strange, you’re not alone. Advertisement – story continues below Related Stories It seems… Read More

The President’s Pardon Power Is Absolute

Donald Trump is right, or more precisely, his lawyers are: The president’s constitutional power to grant pardons for violations of federal law is absolute. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution grants the president the unqualified power to “grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.” Legally, the… Read More

California Imam: 'Annihilate' Filthy Jews

Not everything needs commentary; sometimes words just speak for themselves. For example, hear what Imam Ammar Shahin told an audience at Islamic Center of Davis, located across the street from the University of California-Davis, in his sermon on Friday: Oh Allah, liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews. Oh Allah, destroy those… Read More

Illinois College Threatens ‘Disciplinary Proceedings’ for ‘Offensive Language’

Carl Sandburg College in Illinois may put students through “disciplinary proceedings” for using “offensive language” or “disparaging comments” — a policy that some argue exposes the college to First Amendment lawsuits. According to an article in Campus Reform, the college’s Student Code of Conduct allows administrators to “initiate disciplinary proceedings against” any student who “is… Read More

Venezuela Descends Into Dictatorship, But Networks Can’t Be Bothered

Venezuela’s oppressive, socialist president hopes to seize even more power, yet the broadcast networks continue to largely ignore his country’s violent descent into dictatorship. With over 100 Venezuelans dead from the rapidly escalating violence between the government and protesters, a special vote will take place on July 30 to give authoritarian president Nicolas Maduro the… Read More

Michael Moore Cheers Twitter Milestone by Funding ‘Anti-Trump’ Causes

Liberal activist and film maker Michael Moore has decided to celebrate his Twitter account surpassing the five million-follower mark by doing what he loves best: trying yet again to bring down GOP President Donald Trump. On Monday, July 24, the creator of such “schlockumentaries” as Fahrenheit 9/11 — a 2004 film criticizing then-President George W.… Read More

CNN and Wolf Blitzer Obsess Over Russia and Kushner

If  you would like to become a CNN producer for Wolf Blitzer, the above line is pretty much all you need to recite into the mic leading to his earpiece. In fact most CNN shows, and especially the July 24 Wolf show, could be renamed the Kushner Kuhner Trump Russia Kushner show.  Wolf and much… Read More

CNN Sends Out Alert for Cillizza Article Making Fun of Trump

CNN actually sent out this mobile alert Tuesday: <<< Please support MRC’s NewsBusters team with a tax-deductible contribution today. >>> The alert aspect of their app is meant for news notifications, but CNN just can’t help itself as it continues its war on the president. Could you imagine CNN putting out a notification such as, “Analysis: Obama’s… Read More

Newsweek Delights That ‘Left’ Thinks Trump Speech Was ‘Hitler Youth Rally’

Newsweek, the failing magazine that went digital only and then barely came back to life, on Tuesday delighted in the “left” calling Donald Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts a “Nazi Hitler Youth rally.”  With little sense that it was outrageous to compare a democratically elected president to genocidal murderers, Newsweek writer Cristina Silva slimed, “Trump,… Read More

Fox News' Timpf Alleges Assault at Speaking Engagement

Fox News’ “Specialist” host Kat Timpf said a man dumped water on her head ahead of her speaking engagement in Brooklyn on Monday night. I’m at Union Pool in BK, about to speak at my friend @BenKissel‘s campaign event, a guy walks in, dumps an entire bottle of water on me … — Kat Timpf… Read More

Rep. Castro: Sessions Will Probably Be Gone in a Few Days

Rep. Joaquin Castro said Tuesday he’s finding himself in a “weird position” concerning Attorney General Jeff Session’s future, as he did not think the former senator should have gotten the job to begin with. At the same time, though, the Texas Democrat told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he doesn’t think President Donald Trump should be able… Read More

Report: Ivanka Trump Has 'Confidential' Relationship With Kushner Lawyer

Ivanka Trump has a “confidential relationship” with white-collar defense lawyer Abbe Lowell – the same attorney defending her husband, The National Law Journal reported Tuesday. The publication initially posted a story claiming the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump was being represented by Lowell, The Hill reported. But after the White House pushed back on… Read More

Frank Sinatra’s Wife Dead At 90 Years Of Age

Barbara Sinatra, the wife of Frank Sinatra, has passed away at the age of 90. The late singer’s wife died of natural causes “comfortably surrounded by family and friends” at her home in Rancho Mirage, California, a spokesman of the family told Fox News. Sinatra, born Barbara Blakeley, began her modeling career at the age… Read More

North Korea Expected To Have ‘Reliable, Nuclear-Capable ICBM’ As Early As Next Year

North Korea is reportedly able to field a reliable, nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile much earlier than initially expected, according to U.S. officials. A confidential assessment from the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency predicts North Korea will have a reliable, nuclear-armed ICBM that can strike the U.S. as early as next year, two years earlier than expected, according to… Read More

Gays Love The First Amendment – Except When They Don’t

Many LGBT people who run in leftie circles were pleased with last month’s ejection of women carrying Star of David pride flags from Chicago’s Dyke March. Seeing the “intersectionality” between lesbian equality and Palestinian rights, they didn’t want any hint of support for Israel at their event, even if only vaguely via symbols carried by… Read More

Trump: ‘I’m Just Looking’ At Whether To Fire Sessions

President Donald Trump told The Wall Street Journal Tuesday that he is “just looking” at whether he will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The comments from the president came after repeated criticism of the attorney general. Trump told the New York Times last week that he regretted nominating Sessions, tweeted Monday that Sessions is “beleaguered,” and went on to tweet… Read More

Sen. John McCain Staying In The Senate [VIDEO]

In a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, Arizona Sen. John McCain announced he will continue to serve in the Senate despite his recent brain cancer diagnosis. McCain was hospitalized several weeks ago so that he could undergo surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. Further tests revealed that he has glioblastoma,… Read More

Princeton Seeks To Restrain Males And Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Princeton University wants to get a good grip on the young men on campus who have apparently already been found guilty of being angry, violent and potential rapists. The College Fix reports that the storied university has created the office of an “interpersonal violence clinician and men’s engagement manager” and has sent out a help-wanted… Read More

POTUS SLAMS SESSIONS AGAIN: He Endorsed Me Because of Big Crowds, Not Loyalty

In a brief interview with the Wall Street Journal, President Trump ripped into Attorney General Sessions once again. This time, the President cut even deeper, suggesting Sessions endorsed him because of Trump’s success as a candidate, not out of loyalty. WSJ INTERVIEW: Trump says Sessions—only senator to endorse him in primary—did so bc of big… Read More

Senate votes to advance debate on repealing, replacing Obamacare

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Boy Scouts on Trump speech: Hey, we’re not endorsing him

Normally, when the president speaks at the Boy Scouts Jamboree, the kids hear a lot about doing their duty to God and their country, and the necessity of being thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. They will usually throw in a self-effacing anecdote from their time in scouting, if they participated, or perhaps just offer a… Read More

Super. Turkey is getting the S-400 missile system from Russia

We’ve known that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been getting particularly cozy with Vladimir Putin for a while now, even as he mocks and belittles his supposed NATO allies. When it comes to the situation in Syria it’s always been questionable as to which side he was on and what his long range intentions… Read More

BREAKING: Trump Unleashes ICE Agents, What They Found Is HORRIFYING

(Angry Patriot) – Recent news has shown that convenience stores in St. Louis were hiding something sinister. According to KMOV, 35 store owners have officially been indicted on a slew of charges ranging from money laundering to trafficking contraband, and conspiracy charges–just to name a few. The bust occurred when it was discovered that fake… Read More

Scaramucci Shakes Up White House With Unexpected Firing

Advertisement – story continues below When it was announced Friday that Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci had been hired on as the new White House Communications Director and that press secretary Sean Spicer would be resigning, it was suspected that more significant shake ups would soon be following. Scaramucci made clear on several Sunday morning talk… Read More

Senate GOP Passes Motion to Proceed on Health Care

The Senate this afternoon passed a motion to proceed to debate on a health-care repeal bill. Fifty of the 52 GOP senators voted yes, two voted no — Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. All of the other 50 senators voted no, 48 Democrats and two independents. As a result, vice president… Read More

Shock: AP Touts More Black Women Owning Guns for Self-Defense

On Monday, Lisa Marie Pane of the Associated Press refreshingly filed a positive report on gun ownership, which detailed how a National Guard veteran trains her fellow African American women to use firearms in self defense. Pane spotlighted how “Marchelle Tigner is on a mission: to train at least 1 million women how to shoot… Read More

AMC's 'Preacher' Calls Dick Cheney 'American Psychopath'

AMC’s Preacher has been quite open on its anti-religious and ultra-violent style even in its second season, but tonight we’re looking at a slight change of pace. No, there is still plenty of blood and religious blasphemy to go around, but the latest episode comes with a new cheap shot against former Vice President Dick… Read More

IRS Paid More Than $24 Billion in Potentially Improper Refunds

The Internal Revenue Serviced paid out more than $24 billion in refunds in 2016 that were claimed under potentially improper tax credits, according to The Washington Times. Payments of $16.8 billion were made to Earned Income Tax Credit claims, a 24-percent mistake rate. The Additional Child Tax Credit claims paid out $7.2 billion in improper… Read More

McCain's Return Cheers Fellow Republican Senators

WASHINGTON (AP) — At the twilight of a storied career and battling a brain tumor, Sen. John McCain stands poised to deliver for his party and his president on the issue that’s defined the GOP for the past seven years. It’s a situation heavy with drama and symbolism. The 80-year-old Arizona senator is returning to… Read More

EXCLUSIVE: This Popular Action Camera Is On Sale For Under $40 With This Code

Everyone knows that GoPros cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Fewer people know that it is possible to get a legit action camera without breaking the bank. That’s where we come in. We got our readers a discount on DBPOWER’s EX500 action camera, such that it is available for under $40 with the code 68BR27UL. Normally $49, this… Read More

Pruitt Orders EPA To Begin Cleaning Highly Polluted Sites Quicker, Hold Polluters Accountable

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt signed a memorandum Tuesday that seeks a more aggressive approach to hold polluters accountable and to engage affected communities more effectively. Pruitt’s directive accompanied a report EPA released with 42 recommendations and five goals to improve the agency’s Superfund program, which has let hundreds of America’s most polluted… Read More

Science Proves Lots Of Cash Really Can Buy Happiness

Turns out money actually can buy happiness, according to scientists from Harvard University and the University of British Columbia. A study published Monday found that both rich and poor alike could significantly improve their happiness by purchasing more free time, which is directly linked to greater happiness. “We show that working adults report greater happiness after spending… Read More

GOP Repeal Effort Wins Over Two Moderate Dissenters

Two moderate GOP defectors came out in favor of the motion to proceed on taking up the House-passed health care bill for debate Tuesday. GOP Sens. Rob Portman of Ohio and Dean Heller of Nevada joined the ranks of Republicans who support beginning debating the House health care bill which passed by a narrow margin in… Read More

U.S. Navy Fires At Iranian Boat In Persian Gulf

Always nice to hear from our partners in peace. Barbara Starr and Zachary Cohen, CNN: A US Navy ship fired warning shots at an armed Iranian patrol boat Tuesday in the northern end of the Persian Gulf, according to two US defense officials. The Iranian boat is believed to have been operated by the Iranian… Read More

Senate Passes Motion To Proceed On Obamacare Repeal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell managed to muster enough support to pass the motion to proceed on repealing the Affordable Care Act after much uncertainty Tuesday. The fate of the procedural measure remained unclear leading up to the vote, with several GOP lawmakers in the upper chamber expressing their frustrations with the lack of information on what… Read More

Sen. Heller Now A ‘Yes’ To Move Obamacare Repeal Forward

Republican Nevada Sen. Dean Heller is agreeing to move forward on a health care debate after President Donald Trump bullied him about his “no” vote last week. The Senate is set to vote Tuesday on whether or not to proceed to debate on the Obamacare repeal. Heller was considered a critical vote due to his… Read More

BREAKING. US Navy Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Vessel (VIDEO)

Details are sketchy but this is what we know so far. The USS Tunderbolt, a Cyclone-class patrol craft, was escorting the Ticonderoga-class Aegis-equipped guided missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf. They were shadowed by an Iranian patrol boat that ignored all warnings and closed to within 150 yards of the Thunderbolt. U.S. Navy releases video showing… Read More

Top Democrat Praises ‘Productive’ Kushner Hearing [VIDEO]

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff praised the “productivity” of Jared Kushner’s testimony Tuesday. Kushner walked by Schiff and Rep. Mike Conaway — also a House Intel member — after his testimony and gave them each a friendly pat on the shoulder. As Kushner left the building, CNN jumped right into post-hearing interviews with Schiff and… Read More

Breaking: Pence Breaks Tie On Senate Health Care Vote

Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to open floor debate on dismantling Obamacare. It’s a tie — so here’s Vice President Pence to break it — Meg Wagner (@megwagner) July 25, 2017 Shortly before the vote, Senators Dean Heller (R – Nev.) and Shelley Moore-Capito (R – W. Va.) said they would vote… Read More

Where’s The DNC Server?

Americans don’t like being played for a sucker or patronized as ‘little people,’ so here’s something else they won’t like: being expected to believe without evidence that the Russians “attacked” our presidential election by “hacking” the DNC server — and, the story doesn’t go but this is what happened, exposing the sickening corruption of Clinton-Democrat machine. This… Read More

College Football Season Is Making People Trigger-Happy With Gambling

The upcoming college football season has given some people — including my coworkers — itching trigger fingers for gambling. Sports gambling is as American as apple pie and obesity. Sports gambling might be illegal in the majority of America, but it’s still one of the easiest things to do because the authorities, for the most… Read More

Charlie Gard Is Going To Die

There is one simple reason for Charlie’s muscles deteriorating to the extent they are in now – TIME. A whole lot of wasted time. Had Charlie been given the treatment sooner he would have had the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy. More: His muscles were in pretty good shape in January, although… Read More

BREAKING – Senate Secures 50 Votes Needed to Repeal Obamacare

Washington D.C. – Republican Senators secured the 50 votes needed to move forward on repealing Obamacare Tuesday. (Politico) Washington Examiner reports: Republican senators on Tuesday secured the 50 votes needed to move forward on their seven-year pledge to repeal portions of Obamacare, approving a procedural move to begin debate and assemble details of a final… Read More

State Dept. in ‘Open War’ With White House

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is out of his depth. He has no idea what he is doing. And if he does, well that’s even worse. This baptism by fire, on the job training isn’t working. Who knows? Working for decades in the oil industry has made Tilerson used to kowtowing to Muslim world. Tillerson… Read More

Chicago on pace for another record deadly year

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Conundrum: What to do with The Real Wives of ISIS?

It may sound like the world’s worst reality show, but it could present an acute security challenge for Western nations — or a humanitarian crisis for brainwashed teens. Propagandists for ISIS succeeded in recruiting hundreds of female teens and young women from the West to come to Raqqa and Mosul to serve as wives to… Read More

Octogenarian cancer patient returns to D.C. for healthcare vote

Was Senator John McCain really ready to hop on a plane and return to Washington so soon after his cancer diagnosis and the beginning of his treatments for it? Apparently the answer was yes because he’s back in town, riding to the rescue of whatever the heck it is that Mitch McConnell wants everyone to… Read More

Bret Weinstein is preparing to sue Evergreen State College for $3.8 million

Campus Reform reports that Professor Bret Weinstein and his wife, also a professor, are preparing a $3.8 million dollar lawsuit against Evergreen State College for creating a racially hostile work environment: In an email to Campus Reform, Weinstein’s attorney underscored that the $3.8 million is a total claimed on behalf of both professors collectively “for the… Read More

Hmmmm: Rex Tillerson is taking a little time off, says State Department

Nothing wrong with a hard-working diplomat recharging via some down time away from the office, but it’s impossible not to notice that this “time off” is happening while rumors are swirling that Tillerson may be on his way out at State. CLIP: @Statedeptspox says Secretary of State Tillerson is “taking a little time off.”… Read More

Yes, There Is A Problem With The Media… But It Might Not Be What You Think.

As the Donald Trump, Jr.-Russian lawyer/spy/whatever storyline has spiraled out of control, Trump defenders have been reprising, and turning the volume up on, their charges of media bias and the fight of the century being Trump and Real AmericaTM versus Acela corridor elites who spend their days in cable news greenrooms and legacy media newsrooms.… Read More

Churchill, Hitler, and Islam

Winston Churchill disparaged the impact of Islam on Muslims in his 1899 book, The River War: How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.” Adolf Hitler admired Islam, as quoted… Read More

Re: The Left’s Backward-Looking Racial Narrative

I have just finished reading part I of Jason Riley’s new book False Black Power?, which NRO is excerpting today, and I want to recommend it right away as highly as I can (full disclosure: Mr. Riley recently joined my organization’s board of directors). I’ll write more when I finish part II, in which the… Read More

Kushner’s Russia Statement Is Plausible — But Is It Enough to Convince Congress?

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, released written remarks on Monday before a closed-door meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee. The takeaway: Kushner maintains that he never colluded with Russian officials to help his father-in-law win the presidency. Kushner confessed that he did attend the highly politicized meeting with Donald Trump Jr.,… Read More

Krauthammer's Take: Kushner's Statement 'Rings True,' Sessions a 'Dangerously Wounded Man Walking'

[embedded content] Jared Kushner’s message to Senate investigators on his dealings with Russia will keep him in the clear for now, Charles Krauthammer argued today. However, Trump’s “beleagured” Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, finds himself in hot water. Krauthammer breaks down the palace intrigue shaking up the White House today: I thought it was a very effective statement. Look,… Read More

Randi Weingarten’s Smear

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, is paid not to tell the truth about school choice, and she deserves a raise. In a speech last week, she purported to uncover the racist roots of the school-choice movement in “massive resistance” to school desegregation in the 1960s. She noted that segregationist politicians in… Read More

“…But at Least Sessions Is Attorney General”

Sessions’s presence in the administration has been consolation for many upset by Trump’s various deviations: Trump is an enthusiastic backer and user of H-2B “Fire Americans” visa? Well, at least Sessions is Attorney General. Trump promised to end the illegal DACA amnesty, but is expanding it instead? Well, at least Sessions is Attorney General. Trump… Read More

Pretending That Trump Is Right to Be Angry at Sessions Isn’t Serious

The president’s attacks on Jeff Sessions are fascinating because, as Victor notes below, they undermine so much of the case for Trump himself. As I noted in last week’s G-File, there was a time when the case for Trump among many conservatives rested to a significant degree on Sessions’s support for him. Now, the case… Read More

So, We’re Just Whipping Water into Strangers’ Faces Now?

Last night, I went to speak at a campaign event for a nonpartisan friend of mine who is running for local office – but, unfortunately, was unable to do so after a complete stranger came in with the clear sole purpose of attacking me. I was standing in the crowd and waiting for my turn… Read More

CNN: Reporters Obsess Over Russia Because ‘Journalists Love America’

According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, the reason journalists cover Russia non-stop is because they “love America.” The liberal Reliable Sources anchor battled with Kellyanne Conway about the cable network’s priorities on Sunday. Conway blasted ObamaCare, saying, “You can’t sit here, Brian, and deny the fact that 19 of the 23 co-ops under ObamaCare have failed.… Read More

Hypocrite: CNN Host Throws Shade at Fox News' Ethics, Silent on CNN

CNN’s New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota had Brian Stelter interview her about her new book, Amanda Wakes Up. In this interview on Tuesday’s New Day, she took another jab at the network that made it possible for her to succeed: <<< Please support MRC’s NewsBusters team with a tax-deductible contribution today. >>> Camerota worked for… Read More

‘Simpsons’ Creator Chants ‘Lock Him Up’ At Trump, Sneers At Republicans

The Simpsons Creator Matt Groening led Comic-Con in an anti-Trump chant – and the liberal media loved it. HuffPost reported July 22 that Groening led “hundreds of fans in a rousing chant: ‘Lock Him Up!’” The chant mimicked the “lock her up” chant Trump supporters had regularly chanted about Hillary Clinton. Both HuffPost and Yahoo… Read More

Barbara Sinatra Dies: 'Lady Blue Eyes,' Wife of Frank, Was 90

Barbara Sinatra, who was known as “Lady Blue Eyes” for her 22-year marriage to legendary singer Frank Sinatra and who also campaigned tirelessly against child abuse, died Tuesday morning at age 90. Barbara was Frank’s fourth wife and he was her third husband; they married in 1976 and were together until Frank’s death in 1998.… Read More

CNN Report Suggests Russia is Arming Taliban

A new report suggests that Russia is arming Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. CNN posted videos that purportedly show members of the Taliban displaying Russia-supplied weapons and talking about where they got them. The weapons include sniper rifles, Kalashnikov variants, and heavy machine guns. Identifying markings have been stripped off the weapons, but the report claims… Read More

Hoyer to CNN: Ironic That McCain Returns For Healthcare Vote

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said it was ironic that Sen. John McCain has returned to the Senate for a vote concerning healthcare. Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday, Hoyer said McCain “has a very severe health problem, and [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell’s bill would — perhaps not for Sen. McCain, or for me or… Read More

Schumer Accuses Trump of Trying to 'Bully' Sessions Out of Office

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. accused President Donald Trump of trying to “bully” Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an effort to force him out of office, the Washington Examiner is reporting. “We should all take a moment to think about how shocking these comments are on a human basis,” Schumer said of Trump’s recent… Read More

White House Press Aide Michael Short Resigns

White House press aide Michael Short abruptly resigned Tuesday, ending speculation over whether he’d be fired by his new boss, Anthony Scaramucci, The Hill reports. “I have resigned, effective immediately,” Short said in a text message. “It was a privilege to serve the President of the United States.” Scaramucci, President Donald Trump’s new communications director, threatened… Read More

Rep. Royce: Trump Can Negotiate on Sanctions Bill

A bipartisan House bill for sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea takes steps to reduce President Donald Trump’s ability to change the sanctions without congressional authority, but that doesn’t mean the sanctions will be set in stone and can’t be changed, Rep. Ed Royce said Tuesday. “The president can negotiate to change sanctions,” the… Read More

Scaramucci Makes Sessions An Offer He Can’t Refuse And Sessions Refuses

Earlier today White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci spoke to ABC News. In the interview he talked about the relationship, or lack thereof, between Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions: New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci likened the tension between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to a married couple. When your… Read More

Scaramucci Makes Sessions An Offer He Can’t Refuse And Sessions Refuses

Earlier today White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci spoke to ABC News. In the interview he talked about the relationship, or lack thereof, between Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions: New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci likened the tension between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to a married couple. When your… Read More

Gigi And Bella Hadid’s Mom Shows The World Who The Models Get It From

Yolanda Hadid showed the world exactly where her supermodel daughters Gigi and Bella get their good looks from in her latest Instagram post. The two Victoria’s Secret models often post revealing photos to their Instagram accounts, and it seems like they might have been taking after their mom all along. Yolanda shared a photo to… Read More

SCREAMING FAR LEFT PROTEST MOB Disrupt US Senate Vote on Obamacare (VIDEO)

The US Senate voted today to open debate on the Obamacare bill. When the vote was announced far left protesters began screaming loudly, “Kill the Bill, Don’t Kill Us!” it took the Sergeant of Arms and federal officers SEVERAL MINUTES to remove the far left mob.This was unprecedented. “Don’t kill us, kill the bill” health… Read More

Fox News host attacked by water-wielding man at New York campaign event

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The left’s latest, bizarre attack on the First Lady

There are apparently just so many attacks you can launch at the President from the peanut gallery per week, so you’ll need some alternate targets to train your sights on to fill up any down time. But who do you go after if you’re not focusing on President Trump? Why… the First Lady, of course.… Read More

10 dead in San Antonio human trafficking case

More than 100 people packed into a refrigerated trailer with no refrigeration in order to cross the border illegally. As of today, ten of them have died and police say some of the others will have permanent brain damage. From the Washington Post: Police found at least 39 people in the tractor-trailer, which was parked… Read More

WATCH: Video Reveals What Chris Kyle Said About Obama Right Before He Was Murdered

(Angry Patriot) – “American Sniper,” Chris Kyle, reveals the truth about Obama in an eerie interviewed filmed just before his death. Chris Kyle explains in an interview that former President Obama was, “definitely against the Second Amendment, and he’s trying to ban everything.” Obama, the so-called constitutional scholar, showed no respect for our foundational document.… Read More

WATCH: Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman Just Got BAD News

(Angry Patriot) – The police of America always deserve our respect and support. However, dirty cops should face the full brunt of the law. That may just happen in Minnesota. Recently, an Australian healer named Justine Damond was shot and killed by Minneapolis police officer Mohammed Noor. Noor has yet to provide a statement regarding… Read More

People Upset Over CGI “Race” of Phelps and Shark

Advertisement – story continues below As part of a special for “Shark Week,” the Discovery Channel aired a fake, simulated race Sunday between a great white shark and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps that it had previously promoted as being real. “The whole point is to get people excited about sharks,” Discovery Channel spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg… Read More

Kid Rock Stuns Opponent after Early Poll Numbers Released

Advertisement – story continues below After losing four straight special elections to challenge Republican-held seats in the House since President Donald Trump’s election, Democrats are getting even more bad news. This time it’s about the Senate, particularly about a seat the Democrats probably thought was going to stay safely in their hands. But a poll… Read More

Fugitive Finally Caught After Hiding at Zoo

Advertisement – story continues below When one man killed two women in Australia, he went on the run to evade justice, and unfortunately for lawmen, he was very good at living under the radar. Formerly Australia’s most wanted fugitive, Malcolm Naden famously evaded law enforcement for an unbelievable seven years, from 2005 until 2012. For… Read More

Man Beaten for Wearing MAGA Hat Gets Surprise from Plastic Surgeon

Advertisement – story continues below A New York City plastic surgeon generously offered to perform a man’s surgery free of charge after the man suffered a brutal beating for wearing a Make America Great Again hat. According to Breitbart, 26-year-old Jovanni Valle had just left a Milo Yiannopoulos book signing on July 7 when he… Read More

My Response to Bret Stephens

Bret Stephens devoted his New York Times column last week to admonishing me for my tweet of two weeks ago and critiquing my follow-up column last week explaining the tweet. The tweet reads: “The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does.” As he wrote the column… Read More

The Korean Games of Thrones

  North Korea North Korea seeks respect on the cheap — and attention and cash — that it cannot win the old-fashioned way by the long, hard work of achieving a dynamic economy or an influential culture. Over the last quarter-century, it has proved that feigned madness and the road to nuclear weapons (Pakistan is… Read More

Fast Times at Ridgemont High: A Conservative Sex Comedy

Upon its release in 1982, no one would have expected Fast Times at Ridgemont High ever to receive the imprimatur of classic. The movie was engineered to make a quick buck at a moment when Hollywood was giddy about its latest easy-money formula: Take some horny teens, put them in a broad, dumb comedy that… Read More

Suing Uber Won’t Solve Disabled Americans’ Transportation Problems

Scott Miller was surprised when he learned in June that his restaurant was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Having operated Seasons of Coeur d’Alene in western Idaho as general manager and executive chef for six years without any complaints, he has always believed his restaurant — which was built in 2011,… Read More

Donald Trump, Raging at His Own Cabinet

President Trump, discussing repealing Obamacare, February 28: “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” A comment attributed to the president on infrastructure, earlier this week: “The president — echoing his ill-received remarks about repealing the Affordable Care Act — has told people around him that he did not expect the process to be this… Read More

A ‘Better Deal’ or Just More of the Same from Democrats?

Democrats are still desperately casting about for an answer to the Trump phenomenon, hoping to end the GOP’s recent string of victories in 2018. Unfortunately for left-leaning Americans, the Democratic party’s latest solution is a bland policy agenda that amounts to weakly whispered socialism rather than a forceful rejoinder to the populist wave that propelled… Read More

Andrew Sullivan: In the Health-Care Clash, Obama’s the Road Runner to the GOP’s Wile E. Coyote

In the spring of 2011, Newt Gingrich denounced Paul Ryan’s then-current proposed federal budget as “right-wing social engineering” and argued that a “free society” should not “impos[e] radical change.” On Friday, Andrew Sullivan made a similar case against congressional Republicans’ attempts to junk ObamaCare. Conservatism, wrote Sullivan in New York magazine, “no longer means in… Read More

Clueless View Crew Cheer On 'Sexually Fluid' Kids They Don't Quite Understand

Tuesday on ABC’s The View, the panel talked with a self-identified “polyamorous” bisexual actor Nico Tortorella and a group of “sexually fluid” teens, to help educate them about the broad and confusing world of their community. While the panel called on the media to give more positive representations of “sexually fluid” people, the hosts themselves… Read More

House Panel Wants Google, Facebook, AT&T CEOs to Testify on Internet Rules

The chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday asked the chief executives of Alphabet Inc, Facebook Inc, Inc, AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications Inc and other companies to testify at a Sept. 7 hearing on the future of net neutrality rules. The Federal Communications Commission is considering tossing out 2015 Obama administration… Read More

Parents Ask Court to Let Them Take Charlie Gard Home to Die

LONDON — Charlie Gard’s mother returned to a London court Tuesday to ask a judge to let her and the baby’s father take their critically ill son home to die. Lawyers for the family of the 11-month-old infant and the hospital treating him appeared in Britain’s High Court, a day after Charlie’s parents said they… Read More

Swalwell: Other Reasons for Sessions to Go Besides Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should leave his office for other reasons besides President Donald Trump’s frustration, but that doesn’t mean the Senate will have to rubberstamp whomever Trump nominates, Rep. Eric Swalwell said Tuesday. “He wasn’t forthcoming with the Senate and the American people about his Russian ties and he was a part of the… Read More

Breitbart Blasts Trump, Calls His Attacks on Sessions 'Hypocrisy'

Breitbart blasted President Donald Trump for his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, noting the “hypocrisy” of the same president who backed down from going after Hillary Clinton. “President Trump’s decision Tuesday to attack Attorney General Jeff Sessions over Sessions’ ‘position’ on Hillary Clinton’s various scandals only serves to highlight Trump’s own hypocrisy on the… Read More

Senate Dems Plan to Keep Trump From Making Recess Appointments

Democrats are planning to force the Senate to hold pro forma sessions, which would block President Donald Trump from making recess appointments when the chamber adjourns through Labor Day weekend, CNN reports.  A recess appointment allows the president to put in place nominees who must usually be confirmed by the Senate, the news network reports, and… Read More

Trump and the Boy Scouts

President Trump addressed the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia last night. His speech sparked controversy, as he veered from his prepared text to riff on politics. As usual with President Trump, however, the Left’s reaction is disproportionate to anything he actually did. The Associated Press headlines its brief article “Trump’s political speech to Scouts… Read More

Claremont McKenna punishes seven for obstructing speech

In April, approximately 170 people marched to Claremont McKenna’s Athenaeum, disassembled a fence newly built to restrain protests, and blocked the entrances. Claremont’s security officers failed to control the crowd. Consequently, Heather Mac Donald, scheduled to address a live audience regarding her book The War on Cops, was forced to speak to a camera instead.… Read More

Charlie Gard’s Parents Seeking Court Approval to Take Baby Home to Die

Bringing a baby home from the hospital is a truly singular experience that is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. For Charlie Gard’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, the experience will be vastly different from the excitement of bringing little Charlie home, if they’re allowed to. Following Monday’s heartbreaking announcement from Charlie’s… Read More

Hell Freezes Over: Ex-CNN Contributor Roland Martin Calls POTUS A “Crackhead” — MSNBC Defends Trump! (VIDEO)

You know something truly out-of-bounds was said about President Trump when MSNBC comes to his defense. Former CNN contributor and current NewsOne Now host Roland Martin called President Trump a “crackhead”. The insult prompted MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to demand Martin show respect for President Trump. Yes — hell has frozen over. Newsbusters reports: Appearing on MSNBC’s 11 a.m. ET… Read More

This is how far Scaramucci is willing to go to stop White House leaks

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Hmmm: FBI seized smashed hard drives from Wasserman Schultz aide

A long-percolating scandal may have gotten amplified by the FBI — and this has nothing to do with Russians or Republicans. Capitol police had taken custody of laptops and other equipment belonging to Imran Awan, a former aide to both Reps. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) as part of… Read More

CBS News joins O.J. Simpson on the hunt for the real killers

In the wake of O.J. Simpson’s parole last week, CBS News has a story today titled “Who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?” Curiously, the story doesn’t attempt to answer that question. Instead, the entire premise of the story is that the investigation into the murders is officially still open in Los Angeles: CBS… Read More

‘Enforcement First’: White House Unlikely To Support Senate Bill For ‘Dreamers’

Politics Security Uncategorized ‘Enforcement First’: White House Unlikely To Support Senate Bill For ‘Dreamers’ FOLLOW US! [embedded content] The Trump administration is not likely to throw its support behind a Senate plan to revive an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, administration officials said Wednesday. A White house official told… Read More

Majority Of Trump Supporters Wouldn’t Change Their Votes, Even If Possible

Politics Majority Of Trump Supporters Wouldn’t Change Their Votes, Even If Possible FOLLOW US! [embedded content] An overwhelming majority of those who voted for President Donald Trump still support him, according to a poll released Thursday morning. A strong majority of 88 percent of respondents that cast a ballot for Trump in the 2016 presidential election… Read More

Denver Moves To Cut Off Communication With ICE

Politics Security Denver Moves To Cut Off Communication With ICE FOLLOW US! [embedded content] The Denver City Council introduced a measure Wednesday that would essentially prohibit city officials from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration authorities. While most of its provisions simply codify existing municipal guidance, the four-point proposal does include one new policy: Going forward,… Read More

Psychiatry group tells members it’s now okay to diagnose Trump on television

Remember the Goldwater Rule? It’s the guiding principle in psychiatric medicine which “prohibits psychiatrists from offering opinions on someone they have not personally evaluated.” Seems pretty basic, no? Particularly when it comes to matters of the human brain it’s hard enough to deliver a reliable diagnosis even if the doctor has had plenty of time… Read More

Alert: Ex-CIA Boss Issues Jaw-Dropping Threat to Trump

Advertisement – story continues below When two former top intelligence officials from former President Barack Obama’s administration sat down for a discussion with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, it quickly became little more than an opportunity to repeatedly bash current President Donald Trump. One of the main topics of discussion was the investigation… Read More

Dems Introduce New Law to Shut Down Trump… By Not Allowing Him to Admit Defeat

Advertisement – story continues below House Democrats have introduced a new bill intending to shut down Presidnet Donald Trump — by allowing him not to admit defeat. Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green, who has temporarily shifted his focus away from impeaching the president, announced a bill that would prevent the president from pardoning himself. “No… Read More

DUI Scumbag Shut Down by Judge After Crybaby Act

Advertisement – story continues below Crocodile tears don’t gain much sympathy… at least when a no-nonsense judge sees right through them. A suspected drunk driver named Marilyn Aguilera is accused of wrecking the life of a high school principal in Florida, after running over the man and leaving him an amputee. During a bizarre court appearance,… Read More

Dems’ launch ‘Better Deal’ at definition of insanity

**Written by Doug Powers When a restaurant sends out a reminder that the same dish that made you barf last year is being re-introduced under a different name, you get something like this: Six months after Republicans gained control of the White House and both houses of Congress, Democrats have outlined a plan to improve… Read More

Smarter Corporate Philanthropy

The purpose of corporate philanthropy has been a subject of debate for several decades. Milton Friedman and others have said that corporate philanthropy should serve shareholders and employees, in which case it should be aligned with basic corporate purposes. After all, they argue, those funds belong to the shareholders, not to the public or to… Read More

School Vouchers Are Not a Form of ‘Welfare’

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt, well-known for his theory of moral foundations, argues that one of the most effective ways to sway an ideological counterpart to your side is to speak their moral language. He asserts that liberals and conservatives respond more favorably to arguments that appeal to specific virtues: The latter are more sympathetic to loyalty-based… Read More

The Decline and Fall of The Economist

For decades, The Economist steadily built up its sales in the United States as it found a market that was constantly growing in wealth and numbers and that could not be reached by the banalities of Time and Newsweek. Henry Luce’s American Century at Time tapered off into trite American vanity expressed in sophomoric attempts… Read More

Gregg Abbott’s Big Gamble

Last week, Texas lawmakers returned to the state capitol in Austin at the behest of Governor Greg Abbott for a 30-day special legislative session that could make or break the Texas governor’s political career. Abbott has a laundry list of unresolved issues he wants the Republican-controlled legislature to address, and at the top of that… Read More

A Busy House

‘Those knuckleheads in Congress never do anything!” is one of the most tired and commonplace complaints from callers on political talk radio. And yes, many Republicans have found 2017 frustrating so far. No, President Trump hasn’t signed more bills into law than any president ever, as he asserted this month. (He’s signed 42, many of… Read More

Roland Martin on MSNBC: Trump a ‘Crackhead When it Comes to Large Crowds’

Appearing on MSNBC’s 11 a.m. ET hour on Tuesday, NewsOne Now host Roland Martin said something so offensive about President Trump that even liberal anchor Stephanie Ruhle had to object. Discussing the President giving an unusually political speech to the Boy Scouts on Monday, Martin launched into a tirade: “Here’s the deal, large rallies for… Read More

US Appeals Court Blocks DC Law Restricting Gun Rights

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday blocked a gun regulation in Washington, D.C., that limited the right to carry a handgun in public to those with a special need for self-defense, handing a victory to gun rights advocates. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit’s 2-1 ruling struck down the local… Read More

Sen. Collins Caught on Hot Mic Insulting 'Fat' GOP Congressman

Sen. Susan Collins was caught on a hot microphone Tuesday calling a Republican congressman “fat” and “unattractive,” the Washington Examiner reported. On Friday, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, went on a Corpus Christi radio station and blamed the failure of the Senate to pass healthcare on “some female senators from the northeast,” and suggested he would… Read More

Sen. Barrasso 'Confident' of Victory on Healthcare Vote

A top Republican senator said Tuesday morning that he is “confident” that the GOP will pass the first vote on its healthcare bill. “We’re using the budget process, so you have to pick up what passed the House. That’s the starting point,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wy., said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”  Barrasso, a former orthopedic… Read More

Scaramucci Shoots His First Leaker To Encourage Everyone Else To Shut Up

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci seems to have arrived with a mandate to turn off the dripping faucet of internal White House leaks: “I’m committed to taking the comms shop down to Sarah [Huckabee Sanders] and me, if I can’t get the leaks to stop,” Scaramucci told POLITICO. The axe fell today on… Read More

Scaramucci: Yeah, Trump probably wants Sessions gone

Give the new comms director at the White House this much credit — he’s certainly bringing clarity to Donald Trump’s thoughts and plans. Hugh Hewitt interviewed Anthony Scaramucci from the White House this morning as part of an exclusive Salem Radio Network event, and asked whether Trump wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions gone. “Why not… Read More

The case for keeping Jeff Sessions

Sometimes a story develops so much momentum in the national discussion that it can become a fait accompli before the principals involved have made up their own minds. The story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions either being fired or quitting is rapidly approaching a tipping point in that direction. Allahpundit was just asking how many… Read More

Sessions is going to force Trump to fire him and risk a nationalist backlash

Sure sounds like the AG is prepared to call Trump’s bluff. If the president wants someone else in charge of the Justice Department, he’ll have to handle this … “Apprentice”-style. In the two-plus years since Trump announced his candidacy, no one has challenged him for primacy among his own populist-nationalist base. Sessions appears to be… Read More

Who’s Rolling up to Obamacare Reveal Vote Has Dems Horrified

Advertisement – story continues below John McCain may be facing harrowing health care issues himself, but that isn’t stopping him from putting Democrats on notice. The senior senator from Arizona announced that he will return to Congress today, in order to be part of a crucial vote on the future of Obamacare. A senator arriving… Read More

Trump Uses Twitter to Throw Subtle Jab at AG Sessions

Advertisement – story continues below The once-close relationship between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump may be coming to an end, as Trump has been taking shots at Sessions over his decision to recuse himself from the Russian investigations. His most recent jab at the attorney general came via a tweet, in which… Read More

Exploiting Space: To Greedily Go (and That’s a Good Thing)

I posted something here yesterday about efforts to regulate commercial exploitation of the moon — and beyond, among other matters citing the activities of For All Moonkind, a group that is reportedly pushing the United Nations to protect the six Apollo landing sites. Protecting those sites struck me as a worthwhile objective, but I was worried that… Read More

Humiliation as a Tool of Personnel Policy

Obviously, and as has already been noted in this space, the way Trump is treating Jeff Sessions is just wrong. No one deserves this, let alone an early Trump-endorser who is pushing some of the central elements of the Trump agenda. But it looks like Trump is trying to humiliate Sessions into resigning and if… Read More

Donald Trump, Raging At His Own Cabinet

From the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt: Donald Trump, Raging At His Own Cabinet President Trump, discussing repealing Obamacare, February 28: “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” A comment attributed to the president on infrastructure, earlier this week: “The president — echoing his ill-received remarks about repealing the Affordable Care Act —… Read More

CNN's Cuomo Wonders If ObamaCare Has Been Defended Enough

On Tuesday’s New Day on CNN, co-host Chris Cuomo began his interview with House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) worrying about whether or not the Democrats were seizing a political opportunity: “You have trouble within the GOP. Trouble between the president and his own party. That could be an opportunity, though, for the Democrats. The question is,… Read More

Home Prices Reach Record High for 6th Straight Month

U.S. home prices reached a new high in May for the sixth straight month, raising fears of another housing bubble roughly a decade after a previous one burst. The Standard & Poor’s CoreLogic national home price index, released Tuesday, increased 5.6 percent in May, the latest data available. It is now 3.2 percent higher than… Read More

Ex-Bush Ethics Lawyer: Trump Pressuring Sessions to Prosecute Clinton 'Impeachable'

President Donald Trump slamming Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not prosecuting Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated for the presidency, is an “impeachable offense,” according to Richard Painter, who was chief ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush. The lawyer, now a law professor at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, made the comments Tuesday in a… Read More

Feds Blow $171 Million On Payments To People With Multiple Social Security Numbers

Business Politics Feds Blow $171 Million On Payments To People With Multiple Social Security Numbers FOLLOW US! [embedded content] The federal government gave away $171 million in Social Security checks to people with more than one Social Security number, The Washington Free Beacon reports. The inspector general of the Social Security Administration discovered the payments… Read More

Manchin Tells Sessions: 'Keep Doing Your Job'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should just stay in office and continue doing his job, even though he’s facing withering attacks from President Donald Trump over his decision to recuse himself from the investigation into Russian campaign interference and collusion, Sen. Joe Manchin said Tuesday. “First of all, just Jeff, keep doing your job,” said the… Read More

Judge Refuses To Reverse Injunction Against Trump Executive Order

Politics Security Judge Refuses To Reverse Injunction Against Trump Executive Order FOLLOW US! A U.S. District Court Judge in San Francisco refused to reverse his own injunction against President Trump’s executive order on sanc, Fox News reported Friday. The injunction halts enforcement of the executive order nationwide and allows the lawsuits to be filed and go forward. The… Read More

Paul Ryan on Trump Firing AG Sessions: 'That Is His Prerogative'

House Speaker Paul Ryan took a neutral tone when asked Tuesday about the possibility of President Donald Trump firing his attorney general. “He determines who is hired and fired in the executive branch,” Ryan said, according to the Washington Examiner. “That is his prerogative. If he has concerns or questions about the attorney general, I’m… Read More

Feds Arrest 123 Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records, Including Child Predators

Security Feds Arrest 123 Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records, Including Child Predators FOLLOW US! Federal agents announced Friday that they had recently arrested 123 illegal immigrants in Texas. The illegal immigrants were arrested in an “eight-day operation that ended Wednesday,” KAGS reports. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) also claim that all of those arrested had previous criminal… Read More

German Court System On The Verge Of ‘Collapse’ Due To Mass Immigration

Security World German Court System On The Verge Of ‘Collapse’ Due To Mass Immigration FOLLOW US! The German court system has been brought “to the limits” due to the massive number of asylum cases waiting to be challenged, the Association of German Administrative Law Judges warned Thursday. Robert Seegmüller, the organization’s chair, said the courts have piled up a… Read More

Why The Commission On Electoral Integrity Is Necessary

Uncategorized Why The Commission On Electoral Integrity Is Necessary FOLLOW US! Yesterday, President Trump spoke and kicked off his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.  At one point, he asked about those states refusing to share publicly available voter registration information: “If any state does not want to share this information, one has to wonder what they’re… Read More

Trump Publicly Bashes The New York Times But Loves Giving Them Interviews

Politics Trump Publicly Bashes The New York Times But Loves Giving Them Interviews FOLLOW US! Both on the campaign trail and in the White House, President Donald Trump has consistently bashed the “failing” New York Times, publicly trashing the paper for being biased and unfair. But Trump’s rhetoric is hard to square with the fact… Read More

Report: Trump May Tap Rudy For AG

Politics Report: Trump May Tap Rudy For AG FOLLOW US! President Donald Trump has reportedly raised the prospect of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as the relationship between Trump and his embattled AG grows increasingly strained. Axios’ Mike Allen reports that Trump has mused about tapping Giuliani for AG… Read More

DC Circuit Tosses DC’s Concealed Carry Ban

One of the scams that have been developed by anti-Second Amendment Democrats (but I repeat myself) to limit your right to, as that very old document says, “keep and bear arms,” is to attach bullsh** restrictions to the exercise of your right which ostensibly are “common sense” but, in reality, serve to make the “right”… Read More