NBC Blasts Catholic Students as ‘Racist’, Fails to Update Story

On Saturday, people were outraged after video surfaced appearing to show Catholic students attending the March for Life harassing Native American Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial. NBC Nightly News plastered the screen with the boys’ faces that evening while calling them “racist”. But additional video exposed that Phillips was the one who… Read More

CBS Minimizes the Rampant Anti-Semitism of Women’s March Organizers

Just a day after they tried to shame Second Lady Karen Pence for working at a Christian school, the CBS Evening News took time out of their Thursday broadcast to try and downplay the rampant and well-documented anti-Semitic and racist bent of the Women’s March organizers. CBS finally found the topic over a month after a… Read More

After Praising Pelosi’s ‘Power Play’, Nets Bash Trump’s ‘Petty Feud’

When Speaker Pelosi called for the State of the Union address to be postponed, network morning show anchors celebrated it as a “bold” move and a “power play” — until they needed an excuse to criticize the President for retaliating. President Trump responded Thursday to Pelosi’s move by cancelling her military flight overseas, prompting those… Read More

BuzzFeed Tells CNN Their Story Is Right, But Otherwise… No Comment

BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith and reporter Anthony Cormier both appeared on Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources this morning to talk about the Thursday night report that has dominated the weekend news cycle. The BuzzFeed News story, which has since received a rare (and full) denial from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, claimed that Donald Trump told Michael… Read More

It’s Time to Re-read Teddy Roosevelt on Immigration

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of Davos, Aspen and Yale Almost all Americans agree that Theodore Roosevelt was a great President. That’s why his face is carved into the side of Mount Rushmore. More than any previous president, TR grappled with the issue of immigration. Like President Trump today, in many ways it came… Read More

Saving the best for last: Sunday reflection

This morning’s Gospel reading is John 2:1–11: There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding. When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.” And Jesus said to her, “Woman, how… Read More

Telemundo Trashes Don Jr.’s ‘Shameful’ Support for Wall

For Telemundo and the rest of the liberal media, there is apparently only one way to interpret statements by Donald Trump, Jr. in support of his father’s policies: the worst possible way. That was certainly the case following President Trump’s Oval Office speech on the need for building additional wall on the nation’s southern border. In… Read More

President Trump on Buzzfeed Debacle: It’s Going to Take a Long Time for Mainstream Media to Restore Its Credibility – Hurts Me to See That (VIDEO)

BuzzFeed got nuked by Mueller’s office on Friday night after the liberal media platform floated a fake news Trump-Cohen-Moscow report late Thursday night. BuzzFeed dropped some late night ‘Trump-Russia’ fake news on Thursday after the media and Democrats’ rough day dealing with ‘Air Pelosi.’ The latest fake news story from BuzzFeed had the Democrats and… Read More

Report: Trump is prepared to compromise in order to secure border wall funding

President Donald Trump will use his address from the White House Diplomatic Reception Room on Saturday to propose an immigration compromise with Democrats, Axios reported. Trump’s announcement comes as the partial government shutdown enters its fifth week. The government shut down several days before Christmas over a stalemate between Trump and Democrats. The president says… Read More

Advertiser drops Ben Shapiro’s show because he read their ad at a pro-life event

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is pro-life. He vocally opposes abortion. Anyone paying even a little bit of attention should be very clear about that. Quip, a toothbrush company that sponsored Shapiro’s podcast, apparently hadn’t been paying attention. Quip announced Friday that it would no longer purchase advertising time on Shapiro’s show after he read their… Read More

WATCH: Women’s March leaders accused of anti-Semitism promote anti-Israel hate

National leaders of the Women’s March movement who are accused of deep-rooted anti-Semitism appeared to promote anti-Israel hate during a Women’s March event in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. What happened? While speaking on stage, Linda Sarsour declared her support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, an international boycott that seeks to force Israel to… Read More

The RedState Box Office Report – Cracks In The Mirror

  For the MLK weekend (kids out of school, so a bonus day of audiences) Hollywood likes to roll the dice a little in an otherwise dismal month. Studios might either position a hoped-for moderate hit with the extra day, or at least give a losing effort some chance at earning what little money it… Read More

Years later, 15 people charged in connection with Flint Water crisis

Fifteen state, local, and federal government workers have been charged as part of an investigation into the causes of lead poisoning that contaminated the water supply of Flint, Michigan. What’s the background? In April 2014, the City of Flint Michigan began taking its water from the Flint River instead of getting it from Detroit. Residents… Read More

Comedian Chad Prather gives his take on Gillette’s ‘toxic masculinity’ ad and ‘phony feminism’

In this video, comedian Chad Prather discussed the recent controversy surrounding Gillette’s latest ad that outright condemned “toxic masculinity,” calling it “phony feminism.” According to Prather, “phony feminism” is the driving force behind the outrage of modern-day feminism. Prather explained how this form of feminism takes direct aim at men, emasculating men in its aggressive… Read More

Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Feel ‘Misunderstood by the News Media’

In a Pew Research Center poll released Friday, a majority of Americans and nearly three-quarters of Republicans responded that “news organizations don’t understand people like them” and not only that, but this disturbing answer came regardless of their news consumption habits. When asked whether “news organizations understand people like them,” 40 percent of Americans polled… Read More

Houston homeowner shoots burglars attempting to break in, kills three

A Houston homeowner single-handedly shot at least four suspected burglars and killed three of them when they tried to break into his home on Saturday, KHOU-TV reported. What happened? The suspects reportedly tried to force their way into the house at Sherman Street near 71st Street around 12:45 a.m. Saturday, reports state. The homeowner told… Read More

Feminist Rips the ‘Women’s March’ for Not Addressing Any of the Important Issues

One self-described radical feminist is speaking out against the Women’s March for its failing to focus on actual women’s issues. Phyllis Chesler, a long-time feminist and a professor of psychology and women’s studies, called the march “a con job” and criticized it for its unfit leadership. In an opinion piece published by Fox News on Saturday, Chesler voiced…… Read More

About Face? Romney Now Defending Trump Over Shutdown, Questions Pelosi

Since an Op-Ed published just before he took office as senator from Utah, Mitt Romney has been the highest-profile opposition to President Trump from within his own party. On Friday, however, Romney was busy defending the president over the shutdown, just one day before Trump offered a proposal to end the impasse. During an appearance…… Read More

The ‘Pelosi Rule’ – Sen. Joni Ernst Proposes Legislation to Keep Lawmakers in DC During Shutdowns (VIDEO)

On Friday night Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted at Reagan International Airport in Washington DC flying commercial as the president suggested. This was after President Trump grounded Speaker Pelosi and Democrats taking a “public relations tour” to trash the administration in Europe and Afghanistan. On Friday Sen. Joni Ernst (R_IA) proposed legislation to force lawmakers… Read More

Seven Horrific Crimes by Illegal Immigrants that Networks BURIED

Last month, NewsBusters commended ABC, CBS, and NBC for spending a combined 28 minutes in their evening news broadcasts on the murder of Newman, California police Corporal Ronil Singh by an illegal alien. However, that coverage was a rare exception to broadcast television’s overall lousy track record of burying crimes committed by individuals living in the… Read More

CAPALDI: Why Brexit and English Law Matters To All Of Us

Guest: Nicholas Capaldi, Distinguished Professor at Loyola University Anglo-American culture and law prioritize individual freedom. Historically, that prioritization emerged in Britain in the tension between the crown and the common law judges. In a manner of speaking, this is an historical accident or spontaneous order – both the prioritization and how it over time evolved… Read More

Trump says he will be making a major announcement about the shutdown

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that he would be making a major announcement about the government shutdown and the border wall. I will be making a major announcement concerning the Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border, and the Shutdown, tomorrow afternoon at 3 P.M., live from the @WhiteHouse. I will be making a major announcement… Read More

Crowder’s COLOSSAL comeback: ‘Louder with Crowder’ returns to BlazeTV

Steven Crowder makes his triumphant return, hitting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the government shutdown, and Gillette’s disastrous ad. Matt Iseman sits third chair. Dr. Jordan Peterson guests. Watch the video above. Join the largest conservative media network today and get $10 off your annual subscription using promo code BECK at checkout at BlazeTV.com. Not ready to commit?… Read More

MSNBC Fulminates Over Trump’s Travel Move: ‘Sophomoric’ ‘Power Play’

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson and Ali Velshi on Thursday fulminated over Donald Trump’s move to stop Nancy Pelosi from going on her international trip, deriding it as a “sophomoric” “power play.” After insisting how common these congressional delegations visits are, Jackson complained, “What is unusual is what appears to be this tit for tat.”  Full Story… Read More

PBS, NPR Skip Their Own Poll Finding of 50% Latino Approval for Trump

Caleb Howe at Mediaite touted a finding in a new PBS/NPR/Marist poll that they weren’t promoting: “Shock Poll: Trump Gains 19 Points with Latino Voters During Border Wall Shutdown.” PBS and NPR promoted other poll findings, even from small subsets of respondents, but not this one.  Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 January 20, 2019 9:12… Read More

“We Build the Wall” Founder Joins Maria Bartiromo to Discuss GoFundMe Border Wall Effort — $20.7 Million Raised So Far in Historic Campaign

“We Build the Wall” founder veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage joined Maria Bartiromo this past week to discuss launching the historic effort to privately fund the Trump border wall. “We Build the Wall” added several prominent board members to oversee the management of funds raised. Board members include Sheriff David Clarke, Erik Prince, Kris… Read More

Mazie Hirono can’t stop talking about Catholics

After Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii (with an assist from her California colleague Kamala Harris and John Kennedy) decided to declare the Knights of Columbus a terrorist group or something, there was some significant pushback from the rest of the upper chamber. They went so far as to pass a unanimous consent decree (introduced… Read More

Bozell & Graham Column: Gillette’s Sexist Sermonizing to Men and Women

So who is the mastermind at Gillette that came up with the idea that the best way to sell men’s razors was to insult your customers with condescending liberal propaganda about “toxic masculinity”? Is pandering to the perpetually angry feminists in the media the way to grab positive “news” coverage? Is online buzz the goal?… Read More

CNN Reporter Who Criticized Karen Pence’s New Job: ‘I Am Not Partisan’

Kate Bennett, a White House reporter for CNN, was one of the first people to break the news on Tuesday that Second Lady Karen Pence would teach art part-time at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia, where students may be refused admission or have their enrollment discontinued if a “parent or guardian” violates a “biblical… Read More

Matthews Blasts Trump’s ‘Cheap Shot’ Letter; Speculates About ‘Something’ Bad Happening

Though not as hyperbolic or inconsolable as CNN and MSNBC were earlier in the day, Thursday’s Hardball still featured host Chris Matthews revolting over the President’s last-minute decision to cancel Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s overseas trip, dubbing it a “cheap shot” letter that “doesn’t look good for the country.” Beyond that, Matthews speculated without evidence about what… Read More

ABC Touts Woman With Gun Scaring Away Three Burglars

On Saturday’s Good Morning America, ABC anchors did something you don’t often see in the dominant liberal media. They cheered on an armed citizen taking on a group of criminals and scaring them off that was caught on video. Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 January 20, 2019 8:42 am Support Us

THAT WAS QUICK: Pelosi Rejects President Trump’s Offer of DACA Amnesty for a Border Wall – Before the Speech Was Even Delivered

President Trump delivered a major announcement Saturday at 4 PM concerning the “humanitarian crisis” at the border and the government shutdown. President Donald Trump gave Democrats a new proposal to end the shutdown and secure our southern border — by promising three years of protection for DACA recipients. President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Humanitarian… Read More

WATCH: Obnoxious CNN Reporter Gets Mic Taken Away After Shouting At Trump

A White House aide was forced to take the mic away from CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins on Friday after she repeatedly shouted at President Donald Trump after he answered her questions. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins gets the mic taken away from her after she repeatedly shouted at President Donald Trump after he answered her questions. pic.twitter.com/Njgy2UQvKD…… Read More

Sooners’ Baseball/Football Star Declaring For NFL Draft; NY Daily News Blames MLB Racism

Soon-to-be former Oklahoma University quarterback/outfielder Kyler Murray, the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner, is weighing opportunities to play professional football and baseball. Instead of accepting the freedom of African-American athletes to choose the sport of their choice, New York Daily News sports columnist Carron J. Phillips sees Murray’s declaring of the NFL draft as evidence of… Read More

Cancerous and ‘Criminal’ Trump Only Wants a Wall to Appeal to Racists

These last few weeks have seen liberal journalists blame Donald Trump for the shutdown, attack his presidency as racist and even compare him to cancer. Check here to see the worst of the worst media and celebrity meltdowns. Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 January 20, 2019 8:27 am Support Us

Conservative Twitter Dunks on CNN Reporter’s Shutdown Double Standard

Twitchy is offering kudos to tweeter Rob Province for putting two tweets by CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza side by side to demonstrate a dramatic double standard in hot takes on the shutdown. Pelosi’s letter denying Trump the State of the Union was a “major power move.” Trump’s letter denying Pelosi an overseas trip was… Read More

BuzzFeed stands by ‘not accurate’ Trump story — then it goes from bad to worse

After special counsel Robert Mueller made the unprecedented decision to publicly dispute reporting related to the Trump-Russia investigation, BuzzFeed announced it was standing by its story, which Mueller characterized as “not accurate.” BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith said: In response to the statement tonight from the Special Counsel’s spokesman: We stand by our reporting and the… Read More

Parody: Creating a Fake Washington Post from the Right

Yesterday it was discovered that a fake news edition of the Washington Post had been printed and was being distributed around the city. But that came from a bunch of left-wingers who think the Post is too wishy-washy about forcing Trump to resign or be impeached. Today we at NewsBusters thought it would be amusing… Read More

Figures. Liberal Reporters Caught Texting on Phones During National Anthem in Oval Office Naturalization Ceremony (VIDEO)

President Trump delivered a major announcement Saturday afternoon concerning the “humanitarian crisis” at the border and the government shutdown. Before his announcement President Trump oversaw the swearing in ceremony of five new US citizens. Five legal immigrants from Iraq, UK, Jamaica, Bolivia, and South Korea became US citizens today. President Trump oversees naturalization ceremony in… Read More

After Mueller kills BuzzFeed ‘bombshell,’ media has one major worry — and it’s not reporting the truth

In the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller taking the unprecedented step to publicly dispute reported allegations related to the Trump-Russia investigation, some in the media made it clear they are worried about potential blowback related to Mueller’s announcement. But the worries weren’t related to media accuracy. Instead, many voiced distress that Mueller confirmed President… Read More

White House Issues Veto Threat to Newly Minted Democrat House Majority

President Donald Trump’s Administration Issued A Formal Veto Threat To Democrats In Congress, Vowing To Oppose Their Government Funding Bill Without Border Security. In a statement from the Office of Management and Budget, the administration wrote that they “cannot accept legislation that provides unnecessary funding for wasteful programs while ignoring the Nation’s urgent border security needs.” Trump…… Read More

Trump Posts New ‘Game of Thrones’ Picture On Instagram, Internet Explodes

President Donald Trump triggered the political Left on Thursday with an Instagram post based off of the popular show “Game of Thrones,” which stated “The Wall Is Coming.” The picture featured a photo of Trump’s face superimposed over a section of proposed border fencing on the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump posted the picture shortly after he…… Read More

Pelosi Excuses Profane Call for Impeachment: ‘Nothing Worse Than the President Has Said’

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) distanced herself from controversial comments made by newly-elected Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), she also appeared to excuse them by comparing Tlaib’s words to the president’s. During a town hall on MSNBC, Pelosi defended Tlaib’s words — which described President Donald Trump as a “motherf**ker” — as “freedom of speech.” Congresswoman @RashidaTlaib…… Read More

The Star Tribune chides Omar

(Scott Johnson) I think if Ilhan Omar were a Republican, her hometown newspaper would be ferreting out fellow Republicans for their response to her frankly expressed deep thoughts on Israel. As it is, the Star Tribune fails even to report them. I tried to do the work that the Star Tribune won’t do in the… Read More

‘Trump Boom’ Makes History, Again, With Hispanic Unemployment

While the news out of Wall Street continues to be not so tweetable for President Trump, the Bureau of Labor Statistics unveiled some welcome numbers on Friday: Job growth surged by 312,000 in December. The “Trump Boom” economy also produced an historic number for Hispanics, who enjoyed record-low unemployment in December. “Job creation ended 2018 on a…… Read More

Batten the hatches. The No Deal Brexit is almost a reality

If you follow the news (or comedy) from the BBC, the past two weeks have produced all manner of uproar and bitter controversy, leading up to two critical votes in the House of Commons. One was the failure of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, followed by the failure of the Labour Party to toss… Read More

Trump Hits Back Against ‘Impeach This Motherf***er’ Congresswoman

Speaking before a cheering crowd on Thursday, newly-elected Dem congresswoman Rashida Tlaib said, “People love you and you win. And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Momma, look you won. Bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the mother***er.’” Tlaib later…… Read More

McConnell: House funding bill couldn’t pass Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blasted a House bill to reopen the government as “a time-wasting act of political posturing,” arguing that it couldn’t get the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate. “Any viable compromise will need to carry the endorsement of the president before it receives a vote in either House of Congress. Under…… Read More

Badass ‘All American’ Photo Of Combat Veteran Lawmakers Goes Viral

The sacrifice of the brave souls who serve in the United States military was underscored on Thursday by a tweet from returning Republican lawmaker and combat veteran Brian Mast. Welcoming fellow combat veterans Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and Jim Baird (R-IN) to the House floor, the Florida rep. posted an image of the three men to…… Read More

Fed chief Powell says he won’t resign if Trump asks

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Friday he would not resign from the central bank if President Trump asked him to step down. In a public interview at an economics conference, Powell said “no” when asked if he would leave the Fed if Trump sought to replace him. The chairman also said he hadn’t received…… Read More

Roseanne Barr Slams ‘Repulsive’ Natalie Portman over Her ‘Sickening’ Israel Stance

Actress Roseanne Barr Slammed The “repulsive” Natalie Portman Ahead Of Her Trip To Jerusalem This Month, Where She Will Address The Israeli Parliament And Campaign Against The Boycott, Divest, And Sanctions (Bds) Movement Against The Jewish State. In an interview with the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, Barr ripped the 37-year-old film star, who was born in Jerusalem but has since become…… Read More

James Woods Nails ‘The Most Troubling Aspect’ of Latest BuzzFeed Fiasco

BuzzFeed News is still standing by its story that President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen told investigators for the special counsel that Trump told him to lie to Congress. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, for its part, has said that the report’s “description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents…… Read More

Maxine Waters: Much of my work will be undoing Mulvaney’s ‘damage’ to CFPB

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said one of her top priorities will be undoing the damage by former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Mick Mulvaney now that Democrats control the House. In an interview Thursday on “All In with Chris Hayes,” the newly-named House Financial Services Committee chairwoman called Mulvaney’s reforms to the agency, which she…… Read More

Schumer: ‘Trump is a terrible negotiator’

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer begged Republicans Friday to break with President Trump and vote to reopen the government without new border wall money, saying the president doesn’t know how to negotiate. The shot came just minutes before Democratic leaders were to be at the White House to meet with Mr. Trump — and…… Read More

Donald Trump: Democrats Want to Impeach Me Because They Cannot Win in 2020

President Donald Trump Reacted To Democrat Calls For His Impeachment On Friday, Touting His Record Achievements In The First Two Years Of Office. “How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time?” Trump asked on Twitter, adding, “They only want to impeach me because they know they can’t…… Read More

‘Big Bang Theory’ Flashes Message Calling Trump ‘Gangster-in-Chief’

On Thursday night, once again an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” aired in which creator Chuck Lorre attacked President Trump in the vanity card displayed after the show, calling Trump the “Gangster-in-Chief.” As Newsbusters reported, after the show, titled “The Paintball Scattering,” the vanity card stated: I am writing this vanity card on December 15th. If…… Read More

New Comedy Sketch Show Possibly In The Works, And It Won’t Be ‘Woke’

There might be a new comedy sketch show in the works that won’t hammer viewers with leftist talking points couched in alleged humor as we’re so used to seeing from current late-night comedians. Actor and former “Saturday Night Live” regular Rob Schneider teased such a show in a now-deleted tweet. “We are going to do a comedy…… Read More

Americans warming to socialism over capitalism, polls show

Politicians calling themselves “Democratic socialists” have made very-visible gains in the past year, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joining Congress on Thursday and Sen. Bernie Sanders becoming a party icon with the status to bring policies like Medicare-for-all into the mainstream. But the trend goes well beyond those two, as polls show American voters across the…… Read More

Trump blames stock market slide on Dems taking House

President Trump on Friday blamed recent drops in the stock markets to Democrats taking control of the House, just days after calling December’s historic declines a “glitch.” “As I have stated many times, if the Democrats take over the House or Senate, there will be disruption to the Financial Markets. We won the Senate, they won…… Read More

WATCH: Sarah Sanders Has Solid Response After House Dem Makes Profane Impeachment Comment

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave a measured but firm response after newly-elected Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) said she wanted to “impeach the motherf**ker,” referring to President Donald Trump. Instead of addressing the profanity, Sanders told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that Democrats attacked the president because of how successful he was. “The only reason…… Read More

Sunday morning coming down

(Scott Johnson) Tomorrow is the anniversary of the birth of singer/songwriter Richie Havens. Richie died in 2013 at the age of 72. I want to take a walk down memory lane with a few videos and a fan’s notes this morning. Richie grew up in Brooklyn singing with a choir in church and with doo… Read More

Sunday morning talking heads

Like everyone else, the Sunday shows are bored with, and depressed by, the endless shutdown standoff. So they turn instead today to the 2020 Democratic primary, with newly declared candidate Kirsten Gillibrand the star guest. She’ll sit down with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to deny on the one hand that she’s… Read More

Networks Give Roughly 15 Times More Coverage to Women’s March Than March for Life

Despite what was a much delayed but important avalanche of headlines about the group’s anti-Semitism, Saturday’s Women’s March still received nearly 15 times the broadcast network newscast coverage of the 47th annual March for Life that was held Friday.  Between Wednesday morning and Saturday evening, the Women’s March fetched 14 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage… Read More

The Catholic Bonfire At The Stake

Good morning from Dublin. It is really interesting to observe US public controversies from outside the American bubble. I am startled by the massive controversy that has erupted over the Covington (KY) Catholic school boys and the Native American man, Nathan Phillips, in the aftermath of the March For Life. Several video clips of the… Read More

The Anti-Obamacare Doctor

Meet the man trying out a new way to deliver health care. Full Story Here National Review January 20, 2019 3:42 am Support Us

‘We Can’t Afford It’

Conservatives often say: “Nice idea, but we can’t afford it.” Reality is closer to the opposite: We can afford it, but it’s a terrible idea for other reasons. Full Story Here National Review January 20, 2019 3:42 am Support Us

It’s time for the Senate GOP to go nuclear

(Paul Mirengoff) A combination of Democratic obstructionism and Jeff Flake flakiness has conspired to create a backlog of federal judicial nominees awaiting a vote in the Senate. Flake, it will be recalled, decided to bottle up all judicial nominees in committee towards the end of 2018 because Majority Leader McConnell wouldn’t allow a vote on… Read More

Trump takes “no” for an answer

(Paul Mirengoff) Earlier today, John discussed President Trump’s proposed compromise to end the partial government shutdown. As he notes, the Democrats rejected it out of hand. Trump must have expected them to. The three-years of relief for the DACA population falls far short of the Democrats’ goal. If the Dems are ever going to fund… Read More

Maybe Larry Hogan is thinking of a run at Trump after all

Just to clarify the headline a bit, he’s not suggesting that he’ll “run train” on Trump, which would be something very different and, frankly, just awkward. This story has been getting a lot of play in the past couple of weeks and it’s showing no signs of going away. Is Maryland Governor Larry Hogan weighing… Read More

Nathan Glazer, RIP

(Steven Hayward) Sad news today of the passing of the sociologist Nathan Glazer at the age of 95. Glazer was among those liberal social scientists who, starting in the late 1960s, began having serious second thoughts about the liberal policy paradigm. As the New York Times puts it in its obituary notice: Mr. Glazer’s turn… Read More

Saturday Night Cinema: My Name Is Julia Ross

Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema, My Name Is Julia Ross, is the first film noir made by Joseph H. Lewis. Though made on a low budget, the film contains a nice brooding atmosphere and some innovative camera work to tell the tightly woven story of Julia Ross, an unemployed woman who in desperation takes a job… Read More

Two Buddhist monks shot dead after Muslim terrorists storm Thai temple

1,400 years of endless ‘holy’ war. And for all of the West’s advancement and progress, the elites stand staunchly with …. the devout butchers Two Buddhist monks shot dead after suspected Muslim rebels storm Thai temple Attack follows roadside bombing and shootout between paramilitary rangers and five armed men in Narathiwat province Two monks were… Read More

The President’s Immigration Olive Branch

(John Hinderaker) In a 15 minute speech this afternoon, President Trump once again described the crisis at the Southern border and offered a compromise proposal to the Democrats. It wouldn’t resolve immigration issues, he said, but it would address the immediate crisis at the border and allow the government to reopen. It was an excellent… Read More

Trump thanks Mueller for slapping back at Buzzfeed story

President Trump left the White House on Saturday morning to travel to Dover Air Force Base to pay tribute to four fallen American heroes, the victims of a suicide bomb attack in Syria. He will be meeting with their families. As is his habit now, he stopped to answer questions from the press before boarding… Read More

Trump: so here’s the deal…

I’ll confess that when I wrote about the President’s expected immigration and border wall offer this morning I left open the idea that he might declare a national emergency just to throw everyone a curve ball. That didn’t happen. Instead, he went with Option B which I also mentioned. He’s putting a DACA/TPS offer on… Read More

Trump Slams Mexico for ‘Doing Nothing’ Over Latest Caravan Crisis

Yet another migrant caravan is making its way north from Central America, setting the stage for a repeat clash at the U.S. border. As before, the government of Mexico is largely shrugging it off — but President Trump just blasted that country for failing to do its part. “Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the…… Read More

MSNBC Host Says ‘Disgusting’ Trump Should Be ‘Impeached for Having No Soul’

Impeachment has been a running theme from the left since before President Donald Trump was elected. The reasons given for it have varied. They have included attacks against his mental fitness and outrage over his alleged “s—hole” comment. Some of the more serious sounding reasons offered include accusations of obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, and…… Read More

A Yankee Franco & The Long Defeat

The other day, Sen. Ben Sasse authored a Senate declaration affirming that religious tests should not be imposed for public office. It passed without formal opposition from any senators, but Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, whose questioning whether or not a judicial nominee who had been a member of the “extreme” Knights Of Columbus, was… Read More

Trump Deals On Dreamers And Democrats Reject

That was quick. President Donald Trump in a speech from the Diplomatic Room in the White House offered a deal on the Dreamers to re-open the government and the Democrats immediately rejected it. According to CNBC… President Donald Trump on Saturday proposed legal protections for undocumented immigrants in exchange for money to build his proposed… Read More

A tale of two letters

(Scott Johnson) The Washington Free Beacon has compiled a classic supercuts video (below) contrasting the media treatment of Nancy Pelosi’s letter to President Trump rescheduling his State of the Union address with Trump’s retaliatory letter grounding Pelosi’s scheduled takeoff on an international trip using a government aircraft. Andrew Kugle’s accompanying Free Beacon story is “A… Read More

Women’s March continues despite internal anti-Semitism

Today is the big day for the far left and anti-Trump women. In stark contrast to the March for Life that occurred yesterday in Washington, D.C., the women marching Saturday are all about abortion and ousting President Trump out of office. Those pink pussy hats will come in handy as the weather will be quite… Read More

Ben Shapiro Fires Back with Perfect Response to ‘Baby Hitler’ Clip

Political commentator Ben Shapiro had the perfect response to liberals who were attacking him for out of context comments about “baby Hitler.” Shapiro found himself in the middle of a controversy after answering questions during his March for Life appearance on Friday. It started with Shapiro addressing a common argument used by pro-abortion activists. “That…… Read More

Shameful: High School Boys Who Attended March for Life Taunt Native American and Vietnam Veteran

The annual March for Life took place yesterday in Washington, D.C., to speak out against abortion and to raise awareness for the pro-life movement. However, several other stories this weekend have, unfortunately, overshadowed the March, beginning yesterday with controversy over right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro’s remarks regarding baby Adolf Hitler. Now videos have spread showing a group… Read More