CBS Worries Trump Ditching Kennedy Paint Job on New Air Force One

<p>On Thursday, reports began surfacing that President Trump was supposedly looking at making some big changes to the new Air Force Ones due to be delivered sometime after the next presidential election. In addition to having a more comfortable bed, Trump was looking to update the paint scheme which dated to over five decades to… Read More

Keeping Cops’ Hands Out of Your Pockets

The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to rule on a case that have a major impact on civil liberties and whether civil asset forfeiture can continue to serve as low hanging fruit for bureaucratic interests run amok. Timbs v. Indiana involves a man whose $42,000 Land Rover was confiscated via civil asset forfeiture. Attorneys from… Read More

Has Liberalism Failed? We Should Hope Not

The years following the populist earthquakes of 2016 have seen much soul-searching among the establishment class. Countless articles, books, and panels have made everyone an expert on the “rise of populism.” But most of the answers put forward offer only surface-level analysis of our present discontent. This is not so for Patrick Deneen’s widely discussed… Read More

TAC Bookshelf for the Week of July 16

Matt Purple, managing editor on Coolidge: An American Enigma, by Robert Sobel, 1998: Hidden in the mountains of Vermont is a small hamlet called Plymouth Notch, the birthplace of the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. My wife and I stopped there en route to Burlington on a vacation a couple weeks ago and, amidst… Read More

The Coming American-Russian Alliance Against China

While the progressive left sees a Russian spy around every corner, there is a very real possibility that Washington and Moscow will collude for a very big reason—and soon. Both nations have a reason to fear a coming change in the international order that will impact them both. And as history shows us time and… Read More

Kneejerk Anti-Police Reporting on Telemundo

<p>In the latest example of slanted and distorted reporting against local, state and federal law enforcement officers, Telemundo host María Celeste Arrarás declared that members of the Austin, Texas Police Department were guilty of ‘classic abuse’ as she showed viewers a recent viral arrest video and failed to include in her report key facts about… Read More

Sen. Mark Warner: Trump Can’t Be Trusted to Meet with Putin Alone

    You’re welcome, for that photo. It’s a primer. Get ready for some goofiness. On Sunday, Democratic congressman Mark Warner told CNN we’d better make sure other Americans are in the room when President Trump meets with Vladimir Putin Monday. Yes — it’s that stupid. The Virginia senator claimed he is “stunned” that Trump… Read More

ABC Objects to Trump ‘Barging’ Into UK Politics; Didn’t Care When Obama Did It

<p>An American president lecturing Britain on internal domestic matters is highly objectionable. Except when it isn’t. <em>Good Morning America</em> journalist Terry Moran on Friday derided Donald Trump for “barging into British domestic politics, slamming Prime Minister [Theresa] May for her plan for Brexit.” But the same Moran in 2016 had no objections to Barack Obama… Read More

Sunday Night Art

July 15, 1606. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (15 July 1606 – 4 October 1669) was a Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker. An innovative and prolific master in three media, he is generally considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art and the most important in Dutch art history. In this image:… Read More

Sam Bee: I was really impacted by using the c-word

What’s happened with Samantha Bee since the fateful night when she called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c-word” earlier this year? Well, times have been hard. It’s true that she hasn’t lost her TBS television show. She briefly lost a couple of advertisers, but what impact that has on a network like TBS which operates on… Read More

Rand Paul Stuns Interviewer, Comes Clean on Election Meddling

Russia meddled in the 2016 election in part as a retaliation against the U.S. influencing elections in eastern Europe, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday. “I think really we mistake our response if we think it’s about accountability from the Russians,” Paul told Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “They are going…… Read More

Elon Musk Sends Journalists into Frenzy With Incredible Ties to House GOP

Celebrities and journalists are calling tech entrepreneur Elon Musk a hypocrite for voicing concerns about climate change and other liberal causes while also donating money to the Republican Party. Musk plowed $38,900 last quarter into a PAC aimed at maintaining Republican control of the House, according to Federal Election Commission data. Some in the media believe the $38,900…… Read More

Episcopal Church Overrules Local Leaders, Says Priests Can Marry Homosexuals

The Episcopal Church approved a measure allowing priests to perform gay marriages, even if their local bishop objects, at their triennial convention Friday. The House of Bishops and House of Deputies, the bicameral body which governs the national denomination, approved the resolution in Austin, Texas after the convention spent days debating it and another resolution…… Read More

US Amb. Warns Moscow Ahead of Summit: Get Ready, Trump’s Like No President Before

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman called President Donald Trump “the most experienced negotiator ever elected to the presidency” ahead of Trump’s summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on “Fox & Friends” on Sunday morning. “I can tell you that in the president, we have the most experienced negotiator ever elected to the presidency,” Huntsman…… Read More

Convicted Killer Running As Democrat For Vacant Senate Seat

You’ve seen the “Hillary for Prison” signs — but it looks like even if the presidential election loser ever ended up behind bars, she should could just call her cell “Democrat Campaign Headquarters” and run again. Alright, the chances of the former secretary of state either going to jail or making another White House run…… Read More

Iraq Begins Constructing Border Fence to Keep Jihadis Out

Iraq Has Begun Constructing A Fence On Its Border With Syria To Keep Islamic State Jihadis From Entering Its Territory, The Country’s Border Guards Spokesman Revealed Sunday. “Ten days ago we started to set up a barbed wire security fence with surveillance towers along the border with Syria,” said border guard spokesman Anwar Hamid Nayef in Iraq’s Anbar… Read More

Rare US independence declaration found in UK archive

A rare parchment copy of the American Declaration of Independence has been found at a British archive among the papers of an aristocrat who supported the rebels, officials have said. The manuscript was discovered at the West Sussex Record Office in the southern English city of Chichester by a team of researchers led by two… Read More

Democrats Are Dumping Moderates

Promoting socialism, sky-high taxes, and open borders is probably not going to help them trounce the GOP in November. Full Story Here National Review July 15, 2018 5:26 pm Support Us

CNN’s Berman Compares Trump’s Diplomacy to ‘Hulk Smash’

<p>During Wednesday’s edition of <em>New Day, </em>the panel suffered a meltdown over President Trump’s suggestion that NATO members should pay their fair share and bringing up Germany’s reliance on Russia for oil. According to co-host John Berman: “This kind of diplomacy looks like Hulk smash. This looks like the avengers, Hulk smash.” Later, panelist John Avlon… Read More

CNN’s Tapper Asks Obama Aide: Was Obama ‘Asleep at the Switch’ on Russian Meddling?

<p>On Sunday’s <em>Reliable Sources,</em> CNN analyst (and former Obama national-security aide) Samantha Vinograd arrogantly denounced President Trump as a “tool” of Russian disinformation. But during Friday’s extended edition of <em>The Lead With Jake Tapper,</em> the CNN host actually confronted Vinograd with the Obama administration’s record. After Robert Mueller handed down his latest indictments, Vinograd said… Read More

4th Grader Questioned By School Officials Over Parents’ .22 Rifle

A Gateway Pundit EXCLUSIVE. It started off as a casual conversation between two 10 year olds. It ended with one of them in tears, scared of being punished by school officials, and a mother wondering WTF. A 4th grader at Jackson Elementary School in Everett, Washington, Riley Malone was talking with one of his classmates… Read More

CNN’s Acosta Tells Trump: ‘We’re A Real Network Too’

<p>During President Trump’s joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, CNN’s hostile White House Correspondent Jim Acosta demanded to ask a question. As Trump refused and dismissed CNN as “fake news,” he turned to John Roberts of Fox News, remarking, “Let’s go to a real network.” A dejected Acosta muttered in… Read More

Karl to Bolton: Isn’t Trump Helping Putin Oppress, Murder Journalists?

<p>In a truly ridiculous line of questions during ABC’s <em>This Week</em> on Sunday, fill-in host and White House correspondent Jon Karl badgered National Security Adviser John Bolton about President Trump’s combative relationship with the press and whether it helped Russian President Vladimir Putin crackdown on reporters there.</p> Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 July 15, 2018… Read More

CNN Pushes Facebook to Ban InfoWars

<p>CNN attempted to test the limits of Facebook’s new campaign against fake news by questioning the presence of InfoWars on its site.</p> Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 July 15, 2018 5:12 pm Support Us

A New Low In Corporate Virtue-Signaling

(John Hinderaker) Someday, historians will analyze what caused American corporations to veer sharply to the left in the early years of the 21st century. It is a weird phenomenon, as exemplified by the case of WeWork: Office space sharing company WeWork says it is no longer serving red or white meat at company events. In… Read More

WATCH: Terrence Williams’ “Crackhead Ninja Turtles” Video is Hilarious Takedown of the #Resistance: Wins Twitter for the Day

There is marginally funny and then there is just pure funny. And then there is damn funny. Twitter comedian Terrence Williams nailed damn funny down pat on Sunday. Epic trolling. Liberal Power Rangers beat up a Donald Trump Dummy — Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) July 15, 2018 The post WATCH: Terrence Williams’ “Crackhead… Read More

MSNBC Accuses House GOP of McCarthyism, Praises Peter Strzok’s ‘Integrity’

<p>Following Thursday’s morning session of senior FBI official Peter Strzok testifying before Congress about anti-Trump text messages he sent during the 2016 campaign, MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing and her panel of paid NBC News analysts were unified in their condemnation of House Republicans and praise for Strzok. GOP members were compared to Joseph McCarthy while… Read More

FNC Interviews Waitress Who Used Gun to Fend off Attacker

<p>In the aftermath of a waitress in Milwaukee using a gun to fend off an angry customer who punched her manager — all of which was caught on surveillance video — FNC actually devoted a segment to the dramatic story while it was being ignored by all of the more liberal networks. On Thursday morning, <em>Fox… Read More

2018 Emmy Awards Set to Be Another Progressive Showcase

<p>The entertainment media industry recently revealed the <a href=”” style=”text-decoration-line:none”>Emmy nominations for 2018</a>. Of course, it came packaged with all the fanfare and excitement that they assume Americans are famished for – even though viewers are probably still reeling from all the liberal hypocrisy and self-preening celebrity antics from the last awards show.</p> Full Story… Read More

‘Cannot Be Trusted’: CNN Promotes Conspiracies After Slamming Liar Trump

<p>President Trump was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and the liberal media were in full campaign mode as they pushed speculation the President was a Russian agent meeting with his handler. CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted as much during Sunday’s <em>Reliable Sources</em>, saying, “Trump opponents will speculate that he’s really a… Read More

NYT Critic Sees ‘Scary’ ‘Extreme Makeover’ in Wisconsin From Gov. Walker’s Union Reforms

<p><em>The New York Times</em> will never forgive conservative Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for taming his state’s public unions and then surviving the vengeance of a union-funded recall election. It found another line of attack in Thursday’s Arts section: Book critic<em> </em>Jennifer Szalai’s laudatory look at <em>The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive… Read More

ABC, NBC, CBS Ignore Democrat’s Offensive ‘Purple Heart’ Comment at Strzok Hearing

<p>All three networks came to the Democrats’ defense Friday morning after the heated Congressional hearing Thursday where lawmakers questioned anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok about his biased role involved in the Clinton and Russia investigations. ABC, NBC and CBS didn’t hide their contempt for Republicans questioning Strzok, while they touted Democrats, ironically, as the ones… Read More

Racism — Just Another of Hollywood’s Many Hypocrisies

<p>Hollywood is hypocritical on a long list of issues, from gun control to #Metoo, our betters on the Red Carpet love to lecture Americans while they just ignore their sins.</p> Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 July 15, 2018 4:42 pm Support Us

RedState Box Office Report

Scaring up profits while another shows it has a shaky foundation. It has been a strong summer frame for almost all titles, with the exception of select independents, and a noteworthy misfire from the biggest franchise ever. This week saw another miss, while an animated franchise shows it is still going strong. While not an… Read More

Rosenstein Found It Necessary to Interrupt Trump’s Foreign Trip with Info That WAS ALL RELEASED in Previous April House Intel Report

Dirty cop Robert Mueller indicted 12 more Russians on Friday in his ongoing witch hunt to discredit and bring down the Trump administration in a phony collusion scandal. Mueller and accomplice Rosenstein waited to announce the junk charges until the US president was on foreign soil and just days before his meeting with Russian President Vlad Putin. To date 80%… Read More

Trump wants more “rich American people” in space. He’s right

Last night I came across one of those awesome, breaking news stories from Gizmodo on Twitter in which they rocked the world with a shocking discovery about SpaceX boss Elon Musk. Did you know that he not only donated money to a GOP congressional PAC but that he did it because (make sure you’re sitting… Read More

CNN Host Calls Trump’s Statement ‘Dog Whistle,’ Tacitly Invokes Nazism

<p>On Friday’s Edition of <em>New Day</em>, co-host John Berman took serious issue with one of President Trump’s statements made about immigration in an interview with the British tabloid, <em>The Sun</em>, calling Trump’s comments a “dog whistle.”</p> Full Story Here Newsbusters 2 July 15, 2018 4:27 pm Support Us

CNN’s Sanders Wrongly Claims Obama Did Not Put Illegal Kids in Cages

<p>On Thursday’s <em>CNN Tonight</em>, the show not only repeated the debunked myth that the Trump administration treats illegal immigrant children worse than the Obama administration did, but even one of CNN’s right-leaning analysts added to the media myth that legal asylum seekers have their children separated from them without making the distinction that those who… Read More

ABC Comes to Strzok’s Aid, Touts His ‘Searing Defense’ Against GOP Lawmakers

<p>Sparks flew on Capitol Hill Thursday as House Republicans grilled anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok about his bias and its possible influence on the high-profile investigations of Hilary Clinton and President Donald Trump. The hearing was basically a zoo between Democratic outbursts, Strzok’s righteous indignation, and Republicans holding them back. Of course, liberal media outlets… Read More

Top Democrats Panic – Demand Trump Intel Chief Keep Info Classified on Trump Campaign Spy Halper

Top congressional Democrats wrote National Intelligence Director Dan Coats to demand the Trump administration keep classified information on Trump campaign spy Stefan Halper. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-Va.), and House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), said the wider… Read More

NK Generals Meet With United States Leaders in Historic DMZ Moment

U.S. and North Korean military officials reportedly met Sunday to discuss the repatriation of the remains of American war dead. The U.S. team was led by Air Force Maj. Gen. Michael A. Minihan, the chief of staff for the U.N. Command, and the North Koreans sent a two-star general to the negotiations, according to South Korea’s Yonhap…… Read More

Tragedy: Small-Town Police Chief Dead of Opioid Overdose

The recent death of an Ohio police chief was the result of a fentanyl overdose, an autopsy report released Friday by a local coroner determined. Authorities in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, found Kirkersville Police Chief James Hughes Jr. dead in the bathroom of his home on May 25, along with a plastic sandwich bag containing cocaine residue and two syringes…… Read More

Twitter Makes Major Change Following Russia Indictments

Twitter has suspended Guccifer 2.0, the account allegedly used by Russian military intelligence officials who were indicted Friday as part of the special counsel’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign. Guccifer 2.0 had operated since June 2016, when the account began linking to a website operating under the same name to release…… Read More

When Race Relations Get Trivialized

========= =========Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Promotion does not imply endorsement. ========= ========= What follows are some stories of interest that caught this writer’s attention recently in the area of race relations in the United States.  To hear some people talk and write, I was unaware the country was a seething cauldron of racial… Read More

Facebook Flags Gospel Song “What Would Heaven Look Like” as Political

Before the 2016 presidential election users on Facebook could choose their content. Today Facebook chooses for you — and Facebook makes certain you are not viewing any conservative, pro-life, pro-gun or pro-Christian content. Facebook has completely shut down the conservative internet since 2016 – banning and blocking several of the top conservative websites. And now… Read More

CNN Loses In Quarterly Ratings To Home And Garden Television

CNN sat at tenth for primetime behind networks like ESPN, HGTV, Investigation Discovery and History. In total viewers, CNN finished seventh behind Nickelodeon and HGTV, among others. In primetime, CNN didn’t even hit half as many viewers as Fox, managing just an average of 929,000 viewers. Fox Business Network also bested competitor CNBC, marking its seventh… Read More

Former DNC Chair Brazile: DNC Allowed Russian Hackers to Steal Data

Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officials days before President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rosenstein also planned his press conference at the same time President Trump was meeting with the Queen of England. With the 12 Russians indicted Friday, the corrupt Mueller team has now indicted 31 individuals and… Read More

FBI Veterans Blast Strzok ‘How is He Under Office of Professional Responsibility Investigation and Protected by FBI Counsel at the Same Time?’

Peter Strzok; face of the swamp FBI veterans blasted Peter Strzok this week after his disastrous Congressional hearing on Thursday. FBI counsel has been working very hard to aid and protect the disgraced former top bureau official. During Strzok’s closed-door deposition a couple weeks ago, FBI counsel intervened and prevented Strzok from answering many many… Read More

Network Coverage of Wildfire Ceases Once Suspect Is Revealed as Illegal Alien

Network news outlets have abruptly stopped covering the Spring Fire in Colorado, which previously had been receiving consistent airtime since late June. The dearth of new reporting is not due to the story having flamed out; on Monday morning the fire was declared the largest in the state, and it remains only five percent contained. Interestingly, coverage across ABC,… Read More

Sanders Goes Off the Cuff, Demolishes CNN in a Way Only Sarah Knows How

Host of CNN’s “State of the Union” John Tapper took to Twitter Saturday noting the plans for national security adviser John Bolton’s appearance on the show fell through. Citing President Donald Trump’s press conference “attack” on CNN and their White House correspondent James Acosta, Tapper’s tweet was a clear attempt to skew the story in…… Read More

VIDEO: Employees Beat Up Would-Be Robber At Tucson Restaurant

Yes, that’s a chair being rammed into the cranium of Jerry Evans Madril. It was at that moment that Madril realized he had made an unfortunate mistake. It all went downhill from there, as Madril’s plan to rob the Mi Nidito restaurant in Tucson with a knife began to fall apart, as several large employees… Read More

Missouri’s teen marriage law is a fair compromise

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a new bill into law this week which alters the state’s requirements for marriages involving children under the age of 16. Critics hoping for a more restrictive cutoff may see it as only trimming around the edges of a very real problem, but the state was also at risk of… Read More

“The Blue Cross”

Has it never struck you that a man who does next to nothing but hear men’s real sins is not likely to be wholly unaware of human evil?… Between the silver ribbon of morning and the green glittering ribbon of sea, the boat touched Harwich and let loose a swarm of folk like flies, among… Read More

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t recall groping reporter

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he didn’t “remember any negative interactions” on the day in 2000 when he’s accused of groping a reporter at a festival in British Columbia. Allegations against Trudeau re-surfaced last week when a Calgary law professor posted a picture of an article claiming the then-teacher engaged in inappropriately “handling” a… Read More

NY Daily News mocks Trump as a ‘clown’ on Independence Day

One of President Trump’s hometown papers mocked him on Independence Day by depicting him as a clown. The New York Daily News’s July 4 cover features an edited image showing the president in full clown makeup, wearing a shattered gold crown. “The clown who plays king can’t overthrow the bedrock values this nation was founded on… Read More

Democrats’ Fourth of July Message: America Sucks and It’s Trump’s Fault

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez Issued A Bleak Message For The Fourth Of July, Portraying The United States As A Deeply Troubled Nation, And Suggesting That President Donald Trump’s Policies Are To Blame. “As we celebrate our nation’s independence, we recognize that America’s founding promise remains out of reach for too many families. Too… Read More

Right Before July 4, First Lady Melania Trump Makes a Surprise Visit to Wounded Troops at Walter Reed

The day before the United States celebrates the Founding Fathers declaring their independence from Great Britain, first lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to the wounded service members recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Trump’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, made the announcement shortly after they had arrived at the hospital: “I had a wonderful… Read More

Anti-Trump FBI Agent May Ignore Congressional Subpoena, His Lawyer Says

Embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok may ignore a subpoena demanding his testimony before Congress July 10, his lawyer said Tuesday. “My client will testify soon, somewhere, sometime. We just got this subpoena today, so I don’t know whether or not we are going to be testifying next Tuesday in front of these two particular House… Read More

Can you pass a DHS citizenship test?

The process of naturalization, or legally becoming a U.S. citizen, entails a lengthy application process through the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency and is outlined in the Immigration and Nationality Act. See if you can pass an official USCIS 20-question sample test: PRACTICE TEST 1. The House of Representatives has… Read More

Seattle house displays ‘countdown clock’ showing days until Trump’s term ends

A house in Seattle has taken to displaying a daily protest aimed at President Trump in the form of a “countdown clock” displaying the number of days until his first term ends. Local news station KIRO 7 reports that an anonymous homeowner in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood set up the clock shortly after the president’s inauguration last year and that the… Read More

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti teases potential 2020 run against Trump

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, set off Independence Day fireworks on Twitter Wednesday when he declared that he would run for president in 2020 if President Trump seeks re-election and if Avenatti believes no other candidate can win. Avenatti tweeted Wednesday morning that “only a street fighter has a chance… Read More

Nunes on the indictments

(Scott Johnson) I posted the indictments obtained against 12 Russian military intelligence officers by the Special Counsel this past Friday here. This morning Maria Bartiromo interviewed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes about the indictments (video below). Nunes cited the March 22 Intelligence Committee Report on Russian Active Measures that was released the following month… Read More

Former Kavanaugh Law Clerk Reveals What He Was Like Behind the Scenes

This is the kind of look at President Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court that Democrats don’t want America to see. In a piece for Fox News, a former law clerk for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh portrayed a man both deeply devoted to the law and his family. Amit Agarwal, who served as…… Read More

DiFi in the WiFi Era

(Steven Hayward) We noted here the other day that California Senator Dianne Feinstein could be facing a tough race in November from a candidate to her left, State. Sen. Kevin de Leon, and this will make her ratchet up her antics in the forthcoming confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. (Feinstein is the ranking member of… Read More

Nunes: Mueller Indictment ‘Would Look Ridiculous’ If Trump Had Taken This One Step

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday that the special counsel’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers “would look ridiculous” had President Donald Trump declassified portions of a congressional report that laid out Russian efforts to steal and disseminate Democrats’ emails. That’s because, according to Nunes, an Intelligence Committee report released to the public… Read More

60 truckloads of ISIS fighters sneak into Iraq

Next stop, Europe. We have President Trump to thank for sparing us these savages coming to our shores. In no less than a year, President Trump decimated the Islamic group who had captured huge swaths of Africa and the Levant under President Obama. Remember, the Islamic State (ISIS) did not even exist until Obama became… Read More

WATCH: ABC News host tries to compare Trump to Putin — John Bolton immediately shuts him down

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” John Bolton, national security adviser to President Donald Trump, rejected comparisons between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin and the suggestion that Trump’s attitude toward the media “contributes to the authoritarian effort to undermine the free press.” What happened? Noting that Putin’s government jails journalists critical of the… Read More

Cyber Attack is imminent warns DNI Chief Dan Coates

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates gave a stern assessment of the cyber war that other countries are waging against the United States and used an analogy famously spoken before 9-11. The “lights are blinking red’ Speaking to the Hudson Institute on Friday, July 13, 2018, Coates has this warning to give on the eve… Read More

Trump’s opportunity at the Putin summit

President Trump is on his way to Helsinki, Finland for his one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The negative media hype over this summit (if we can really consider it a summit when the two leaders have already met twice) is off the charts, but it’s not entirely unwarranted. The opportunities for this to… Read More

Joe Biden Blames Mitch McConnell For Russian Interference in the 2016 Campaign

The revelations, via FOIA and declassified documents and Congressional testimony and media reports and Mueller’s various indictments, that the Obama administration knew about the rather feeble attempts of the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election and did absolutely nothing. For instance, Mueller’s first indictment that had any relationship at all to his mission,… Read More

Walk of faith: Sunday reflection

This morning’s Gospel reading is Mark 6:7–13: Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over unclean spirits. He instructed them to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick— no food, no sack, no money in their belts. They were, however, to wear sandals… Read More

Sharia France: Devout Muslim who brutally beat Jewish woman to death screaming Allah Akbar and reciting Quran “not fit to stand trial” despite evaluation

The status of the Jews in France reflects the growing islamization of the country. In Muslim countries, non-Muslims are dhimma, a sub-class status denied basic human rights. And sot it is in countries with growing Muslim populations. For those interested in learning more about the 1,400 years of dhimmitude under Islam, I recommend Ishmael’s House:… Read More

Anti-Trump protests, baby Trump balloon follow president to Scotland

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Scotland when they departed from London. Staying for a couple of days at TrumpTurnberry, the golf resort, Trump was able to get in a round of golf Saturday before he heads to Finland for his summit with Vladimir Putin. As was the case in London, protesters marched… Read More

Gender Follies at the University of Minnesota

(John Hinderaker) The University of Minnesota has published in draft form a new “gender identity” policy. The Star Tribune headlines: “He, she or ze? Pronouns could pose trouble under University of Minnesota campus policy.” Using the wrong pronoun could turn into a firing offense at the University of Minnesota. The U is considering a new… Read More

California Democrat Party Rejects Dianne Feinstein and Embraces Socialism

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, is questioned by reporters as she leaves the Capitol following votes, in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018. The Senate Judiciary Committee is finishing its investigation into the meeting between Russians and President Donald Trump’s campaign in June 2016 — and Chairman Chuck Grassley,… Read More

John Cynn Wins the World Series of Poker

Occasionally you just need to take a step away from the daily grind of political writing and watch the grind of people trying to win a bunch of money doing something a lot of us have done. Play poker. In an epic showdown Saturday night, Sunday morning in Las Vegas John Cynn of Indianapolis bested… Read More

Knife-wielding Muslim on Paris metro STABBED multiple passengers metro screaming, ‘I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics’

There is no English coverage of this jihad attack. Knife-wielding Muslim on Paris metro screams, ‘I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics’ “His threats caused great panic.” But not for Macron, Merkel, the Pope or the European Catholic Bishops planning pro-migrant media offensive. Faites attention je sors des rails du métro d’une autre station y’a… Read More

Abolish ICE! Wait, what?

(Scott Johnson) The call to abolish ICE is the Democrats’ hot new thing. I first heard it touted by Minnesota Fifth District congressional candidate Ilhan Omar on June 17 without realizing it was already on its way to achieving the status of a battle cry, if not a cliché. As the Democrats seek to retake… Read More

California shocker: Democrats deny Feinstein endorsement

This November, California Senator Dianne Feinstein will be running for a fifth full term in the upper chamber, capping off a career on the public payroll dating back to her time as Municipal Supervisor of San Francisco back in 1970. She’ll be facing fellow Democrat Kevin de León, who she bested by a wide margin… Read More

‘F*** Donald Trump’ Rapper Busted on Felony Robbery Charges

The rapper behind the controversial single “FDT” (or “F*** Donald Trump”) has been charged with felony robbery after an altercation in a Las Vegas casino, TMZ reports. Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson — better known by the rap sobriquet “YG” — was one of the two people behind the controversial, threat-laden 2016 song in which he…… Read More

Sunday morning coming down

(Scott Johnson) Boz Scaggs came through town again last week to perform on Tuesday evening at Minneapolis’s State Theater. Sitting in front row seats as guests of our friends Tom and Randy Edelstein, I snapped the nearby photo. Where we sat the sound was perfect. I could not believe how great Boz sounded. He must… Read More

No Filter: Is Trump Royally Beefing It in Europe?

Did Donald Trump make a doofus of himself in the UK? Some think so. During an interview with The Sun published Thursday, the President criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May. It should be noted that Friday, during a press conference, Trump claimed The Sun’s quoting was “fake news” (speaking of that, here’s some; and some… Read More

Sunday morning talking heads

Duty calls this Sunday morning for John Bolton, who’s been enlisted to defend two forms of diplomatic outreach with which he’s privately not thrilled, I’m sure. He’ll be on “This Week” to preview Trump’s meeting in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, knowing that the rosy post-summit soundbites to come from POTUS will sound even weirder in… Read More

This Day in Liberal Judicial Activism—July 15

2005—More mischief from the Wisconsin supreme court. This time, the same four-justice majority as in Ferdon (see This Day for July 14, 2005), in an… Full Story Here National Review July 15, 2018 6:12 am Support Us

Your Other Body

In her brief and rather notorious story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” Ursula K. Le Guin describes a beautiful, flourishing city that depends for its wealth and stability on the torture of a child. Everyone who lives in Omelas understands this cost, and some, unable to accept it, leave. “Omelas” is a useful… Read More

Giving Up on Baseball

I think I’m just going to have to accept the fact that I am no longer a baseball fan. This is a difficult admission for me to make, because baseball was extremely important to me for many, many years. As a child I was an Atlanta Braves fan, because they were the team nearest my… Read More