BREAKING: Lucid and concise, the blurbs said!



By page 4, the truth had emerged: Anthony Kenny’s book about Wittgenstein was published by Harvard University Press in 1973.

Did we purchase our copy that year? We’re not sure, but we’ll guess that we probably did.

If we did, 1973 was the year in which we finished our fourth year teaching fifth grade in the Baltimore City Schools. We were continuing to study topics like Kenny’s on the side, from deep inside a painful exile, with two more exiles to follow.

People who purchased Kenny’s book may have read a set of upbeat blurbs about the book’s vast greatness. On the back of the book’s dust jacket, that famous university’s press had published excerpts from four reviews. As we look today at our hardback edition, the first blurb reads like this:
From the reviews:
“Dr. Kenny is a first-rate philosophical scholar, and he explains lucidly the motives and reasoning

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