BREAKING: Everyone’s going to write the same column!



Bruni already has: Frank Bruni wrote a column today which everyone’s going to write.

They’re going to write it because it’s there. Also, because they’re never happier than than they are when They All Say The Same Thing.

They love the chance to All Say The Same Thing. They’ll all be saying it now.

Bruni’s column repeats the instant script about Bill Clinton’s interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin. In the part of the sliced-and-diced interview which NBC actually aired, Melvin asked Clinton, roughly six times, if he has apologized, or thinks he should have apologized, to Monica Lewinsky.

Melvin asked again and again. He’s a man of deep moral beliefs:
MELVIN (6/4/18): Did you ever apologize to her?

MELVIN: I asked if you’d ever apologized, and you said you had.

MELVIN: You’ve apologized to her?

MELVIN: But you didn’t apologize to her.

MELVIN: Do you feel that you owe her an apology?

MELVIN: And you don’t think

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