BREAKING: Drum is flummoxed by what he sees!



He’s seeing the soul of our species: Yesterday, Kevin Drum said he was flummoxed by what’s going on around him.

Though he cited no specific examples, he seemed to refer to press and pundit reaction to Donald J. Trump’s “historic” summit, the one which has saved the world.

“I feel like I’m in some kind of parallel dimension or something,” Drum wrote. He referred to “folks who are suggesting this is a ‘good first step,’ or we’re ‘no longer on the brink of war,’ or ‘maybe Trump really does have a new relationship with Kim.’ “

“Have I lost it completely?” Drum asked. “Where is this stuff coming from?”

We’re happy to say that Kevin Drum hasn’t lost it at all! But we can explain where that stuff is coming from:

The current ludicrous behavior is coming, live and direct, from the soul of Homo sapiens. We simply aren’t built for

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