BREAKING: Citizen dumps The One True Channel!



What David Von Drehle said: In today’s column, David Von Drehle says he spoke to three non-journalist friends in the past week.

We were struck by what the third friend said. The third friend told him this:
VON DREHLE (6/13/18): The third [anecdote] involves a friend who says flatly, “I hate Trump”—yet adds that his TV is no longer set to MSNBC. “They’re just so biased and slanted, it has become painful to watch.”We agree that The One True Channel is sometimes painful to watch. A times, the work is utterly foolish. CNN can be worse.

At tribalized times, members of tribes may differ from Von Drehle’s friend. They’ll be able to see the lunacy Over There, perhaps not where they themselves live.

More on The One True Channel tomorrow. Kat Stoeffel’s piece in the Sunday Review was painful to read but important.

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