• Republican Senator Doubts “Red Flag”, Background Check Bills Will Become Law
    by Cam Edwards on August 20, 2019 at 21:00

    AP Photo/Susan Walsh Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, says it’s unlikely we’ll see Senate passage of any gun control legislation, including “red flag law” proposals and bills aimed at expanding background check requirements. The Wisconsin Republican said that a background checks measure based on the bill written by Sens. Pat […] The post Republican Senator Doubts “Red Flag”, Background Check Bills Will Become Law appeared first on Bearing Arms.

  • Three Things To Consider When Buying Vise Grips
    by The Editors on August 20, 2019 at 20:55

    Locking pliers are simple tools, but they get the job done when you need to securely grasp something like bolts or nuts. Clamp them on and they won’t let go until you activate the release mechanism, freeing up both of your hands to take on your chosen task. With all the different offerings available, ask yourself a number of questions when making a selection.

  • Three Reasons to Use LED Bulbs in Your Car or Truck Interior
    by The Editors on August 20, 2019 at 20:20

    LED bulbs put out stronger light than incandescent bulbs, without generating much heat. Switching over your vehicle interior bulbs to LEDs makes it much easier to locate items throughout your vehicle and its trunk, and decrease the likelihood of the battery being drained because a light was accidentally left on. They also last much longer than incandescents, so you may never need to replace interior bulbs again.

  • NBC: Blaming Shooters Just A Talking Point For Gun Rights Advocates
    by Tom Knighton on August 20, 2019 at 20:00

    AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews The ultimate blame for any mass shooting rests on the shooter themselves. While we can discuss any outlying factors, such as hateful rhetoric inciting such an attack–you know, like calling ICE detention facilities “concentration camps” just days before someone attacks one–the ultimate responsibility for pulling a trigger on a human life belongs […] The post NBC: Blaming Shooters Just A Talking Point For Gun Rights Advocates appeared first on Bearing Arms.

  • Addicted to SEALs: Overdependence on SOF units is dangerous
    by Stavros Atlamazoglou on August 20, 2019 at 20:00

    It is an undeniable fact that since the twin towers went down on 9/11 the role of Special Operations Forces (SOF) has changed. The gradual change saw SOF shift from their traditional role of supporting conventional forces to that of being supported by conventional units. With increased frequency, conventional elements fulfil secondary tasks during operations

  • Truckers Say Trump Is ‘Killing’ Them
    by Taegan Goddard on August 20, 2019 at 21:01

    Business Insider: “A Verdant Labs analysis of Federal Elections Commission data found that nearly three-quarters of truck drivers are Republican — one of the most conservative jobs in America, along with surgeons and farmers. And truck drivers supported Trump in droves, according to an Overdrive magazine survey from 2016. About 75% said they planned to

  • Meaningless D.C. test results!
    by <b>bob somerby</b> on August 20, 2019 at 20:55

    TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2019Meaningless promises made: Annual test scores have been released for the D.C. public schools. This seems to mean all `D.C. public schools, traditional public and charter.If you read the Washington Post’s hard-copy report today, the headlines were mainly upbeat:”District students improve on exam,” the largest, boldest headline said. Perry Stein’s news report topped the front page of the Metro section, beneath this triple headline:District students improve on examsPARCC SCORES SHOW GRADUAL GROWTHHurdles remain in efforts to close achievement gapThat third headline was the kicker. You had to read to paragraph 10 before you got any actual data. But when you finally got there, you encountered these passing rates:Passing rates, DC public school studentsPARCC tests, 2019Math tests, all grades combined:White kids: 78.8%Black kids: 21.1%Reading tests, all grades combined:White kids: 85.0%Black kids: 27.8%District students may have “improved.” But those gaps seem remarkably large.That said, those giant gaps may not be massively meaningful. D.C.’s public schools tend to serve a standard population of urban black kids, offset by a smaller, vastly more advantaged population of upper-end white kids. The black kids often come from low-income homes. The white kids typically come from wealthier homes, not uncommonly from double-PhD families.For that reason, we may not have a lot to learn from those large achievement gaps. That said, the black kids’ passing rates do seem extremely low.With that in mind, we’ll take a guess. These remarks from today’s report may not be real meaningful either:STEIN (8/20/19): D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee said that after seeing the math scores, he plans to rethink math teaching strategies and will increase access to interventions for struggling students.Ferebee said that fewer students scored a 1 or 2 on the exam—the lowest scores on the test—an encouraging development not captured in passing rates.Taking nothing away from Ferebee, is he really going to “rethink math teaching strategies,” given results of this year’s math tests?Last year, an even smaller percentage of D.C.’s black kids passed these same math tests. Ferebee is new to the D.C. schools, so he wasn’t present to rethink strategies in the wake of those passing rates.That said, what sorts of changes in strategy might he have in mind? The Washington Post doesn’t seem to have asked. Nor can we say that we really expect much of a follow-up.Then again, we have the way “city leaders” responded to these “improved” results. Starting right there in paragraph 1, Stein tells us this:STEIN: The percentage of public school students passing a critical standardized exam in the District is gradually growing, according to results released Monday showing that students across all demographic groups improved on the English portion of the test. Progress in math proved more modest.[…]In announcing the results, city leaders celebrated the progress while acknowledging that further improvements are needed, particularly in the way the District approaches math. They stressed that achievement gaps are not closed overnight and that the goal is steady growth each year.“For the fourth year, we are seeing continued, steady improvements, which means more students are performing at higher levels,” Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said at a news conference at Whittier Education Campus, which registered double-digit gains in the English and math portions of the exam.“The achievement gap is still too wide,” Bowser said. “We can build a fairer and more equitable city when we know that our African American and Latino students are achieving at the same levels as their white peers.”How “gradually” are those passing rates growing? Last year, 20.7% of D.C.’s black kids passed their grade’s math test. This year, the rate climbed all the way to 21.1%! That is extremely gradual “progress.” With apologies, Mayor Bowser is speaking the way a person speaks about things which simply don’t matter.We’ll say this for former chancellor Rhee. She said this sort of thing isn’t good enough every single time. In our view, she never seemed to have real ideas about the way to make things better. But in her favor, she never pretended that “continued, steady improvement” like this was anything like good enough.You won’t hear about this on “cable news.” Of one thing you can feel quite certain:On “cable news,” nobody cares. They don’t waste your time with this. They talk about Donald J. Trump.Growth on the reading tests: Last year, 24.7% of D.C.’s black kids passed their grade’s reading test. This year, the passing rate rose to 27.8%. “City leaders celebrated the progress.” As recorded above, 85.0% percent of the system’s white kids passed.

  • Quote of the Day
    by Taegan Goddard on August 20, 2019 at 20:48

    “I think that any Jewish people who vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” — President Trump, quoted by Axios.

  • Groups Sue Trump’s EPA in Response to ‘Nauseating’ Approval of Bee-Killing Pesticide
    on August 20, 2019 at 20:28

    Eoin Higgins, staff writer”Pure pro-pesticide politics.”

  • Trump Refuses To Provide Flu Vaccinations To Detained Migrant Families
    by Jason Easley on August 20, 2019 at 20:27

    The Trump administration is trying to create a flu epidemic among detained migrant families by refusing to provide flu vaccinations.

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